05.05.2013 Scans from Metal Hammer /May 2013/ by Anastasia, Zillo /April 2013/ and Metal Hammer fanpack edition by Marina.



20.11.2012 Scans from Sonic Seducer /february, march 2010, november 2012/, Zillo /november 2012/ by Anastasia and Marina. Interview from Revolver /November, 2012/.

04.11.2012 Interviews for 2012. Scans by Anastasia and Marina: Big Cheese /april-may 2010/, Metal Hammer /november 2004, 2012/, Orkus! /february, june 2010, november 2012/. Updated Diary /october, november, december/.


30.09.2012 Added interviews for 2011 and 2012, scans from Magazines Demi /2000/ and Kerrang! /#1294, #1301, posters/ by Anastasia. Some updates in Diary.

16.09.2012 Interviews from Bryanreesman.com /February 2010/, By Campus Philly /March 2010/, The Edmonton Journal /April 2010/.

02.09.2012 Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice reviews, interviews from Alternative Press /February 2010/, ARTISTdirect.com /February 2010/ and Daniel Lioneye UK Street Team /December 2010/. Scans from Kerrang! /#1080-2005, #1205-2008, #1219-2008/ by Anastasia.



25.03.2011 Scans by Anastasia from Metal Hammer /april 2004, march 2010/. The text "The Cage" is corrected.


18.02.2011 HIM photos from Ollesummer festival 2010 by Marina and Sydney /22.02.2010/ by Korrobory. Daniel Lioneye at Tavastia /22.01.2011/ by Marina. Some updates in Diary.



22.11.2010 Scans by Anastasia: K! Icons + Kerrang! /#1102 april 2006, #1293, #1295, #1296 january 2010, #1299 february 2010, #1303 march 2010/. Updates on Ville's tattoos page.


10.10.2010 Added many scans from Kerrang! /#970 august 2003, #1073 september 2005, #1110 june 2006, #1118 july 2006, #1174 september 2007, #1182 october 2007/ by Anastasia, and that's not all, expect more scans in the next updates ;)


21.09.2010 Promo-pictures 2009, scans by Anastasia: IN #7 /2010/, Dark City №№ 55-56 /2010/, Dark Spy #33 /2010/, HUCK magazine #8, WOM journal #2 /february 2000/, ОМ /2001/, Sumerki /september 2010/. "Scared To Death" CD-single added in Disco.

01.09.2010 Updates in Disco, Sideprojects. "Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice" lyrics. Scans by Anastasia: Zillo /february, march 2010/, Break Out #1 /2010/, Rolling Stone №3 /2010/, Rovesnik №6 /2010/.


17.05.2010 Pictures from Sydney /21.02.2010/ by Korrobory. Interview with Linde by Himbrasil /March 2010/.


20.04.2010 Scans from Close-Up /January 2010/ and Ilta Lehtiviikko /29-31.12.2009/ by Anastasia. Interviews: Bloody-disgusting /January 2010/, The Aquarian /February 2010/.


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10.01.2010 Photos from Helldone /29.12.2009/ and Helldone /30.12.2009/ by Marnie, Helldone /31.12.2009/ by Marnie, Ekaterina Chernova and Victoria Tomilina.



20.12.2009 Interviews and articles: Metal Hammer /07.11.2009/, Metal Hammer /13.11.2009/, Metal Hammer /16.11.2009/, Metal Hammer /24.11.2009/, Rockoon! /November 2009/. Updated Diary (November, December 2009/February, March, August 2010).


21.11.2009 Scans from Molotok /2004-2007/ by Anastasia.

08.11.2009 Scans from Yam! /2001/ by Anastasia, interviews from MTV.de /october 2006/ and Our Diabolikal club /12.03.2006/.


25.10.2009 Transcription of video interview at Roskilde Festival 2006, interview from Serbian Bravo /february 2006/.

11.10.2009 Added scans from RockHard #6, 9 /2000, 2001/ by Anastasia, interviews from Roadie Crew /july 2009/, Spin Earth /june 2009/ and Jyrki /1997/, some updates in Diary (July, August 2009/February, March 2010).


23.08.2009 Added scans from Rockcor /2001, 2005-2007/, Rock Oracle №4 /2005/, Teen`s /2004/ by Anastasia, interviews from Finnish Radio Nova /27.07.2009/ and from Sonic Seducer /april 2006/.

08.08.2009 Added scans from magazines Kruto №22 /2003/, Rovesnik №8 /2009/, Metal Hammer #10 /2005, 2001-2006/ by Anastasia. Articles and interviews: Metal Hammer /may 2006/, www.projo.com /november 2005/, www.telegraph.co.uk /january 2006/, interview with HIM in Australia /april 2006/.


18.07.2009 Scans from magazines: Metal Edge (november 2005), Мой Кумир (My Idol) (2006).

06.07.2009 Scans from Magazines Rovesnik, Painkiller №5 /2005/, Play /january 2007, october 2005/ and Suosikki /2003, 2004/ by Anastasia. Articles and interviews: Iltalehti /october 2006/, Live-metal /may 2006/, Mix Magazine /july 2006/, YAM! /march 2006/. Review from gig at Artmania Rock Festival 2006.


21.06.2009 Added scans from magazines Cool (Russian) /2001-2005/, JOY /2004/, Breakout №4 /2003/ by Anastasia, interview with Ville at Euro-Rock Radio /10.06.2009/ and Heartagram Club interview /february 2006/, review from gig in Salt Lake City, UT (USA) /24.05.2006/ , article from Ilta-Sanomat /24.10.2006/. Has updated Diary /june 2009/.

07.06.2009 Added interviews with Ville Valo: Swedish Slitz /may 2008/, Sonic Seducer /september 2008/, Up Magazine /may 2008/ .


17.05.2009 Pictures from gigs in Tilburg, Netherlands /29.02.2008/ and Cologne, Germany /04.06.2008/ by Medusa. Scans from Rolling Stone Magazine by Anastasia и Bellatrix. Article from Rockoon /june 2008/, "Love Metal Archives Vol. 1" DVD review and some "Digital Versatile Doom" DVD reviews.

01.05.2009 Interviews and articles: Dsire Music /may 2008/, Ultimate Guitar /april 2008/.


11.04.2009 Pictures from gigs in Rosengarten Mozartsaal /Mannheim, Germany, 17.02.2008/ by Martin Hohne and Paradiso /Amsterdam, Netherlands, 28.02.2008/ by Medusa. Scans from Bumerang #3 /march 2009/ from Sue. Interviews and articles: Shoutmouth.com /october 2007/, Interview with Burton /february 2008/, Swedish Aftonbladet /14.02.2008/.


29.03.2009 Pictures from gigs in Civic Hall /Wolverhampton, UK, 20.10.2004/ by Simon and Nalen /Stockholm, 13.02.2008/ by Robert Norgren. Scans from Classic Rock Magazine/october 2005/ from Anastasia. Interviews and articles: Kitsap Sun /november 2007/, Unknown Spanish magazine /november 2007/, Sue Magazine /august 2007/, Ultimate-guitar.com /october 2007/, Rockoon /november 2007/, Eurobands.com /may 2006/, Chord Magazine /january 2006/, PhoenixNewTimes.com /june 2006/, Helsingin Sanomat /14.10.2006/, Formula As /august 2006/, UltimateGuitar.com /2006/, New Zealand Herald /april 2006/, MeNaiset /march 2006/, HIMFinland.net /2006/.

14.03.2009 Photos from gigs in Hamburg, Germany /26.03.2004/, Hannover, Germany /14.02.2006/, Hamburg, Germany /27.02.2008/ from Torsten Volkmer. Scans from Play by Anastasia. Interview with Ville and Mige by Avelina de Moray and Von Lehmann, interview from Rock Sound /august 2007/. Updates in Diary (january, february and march 2009).


28.02.2009 Photos from concert in Dortmund, Germany /23.02.2008/ by Torsten Volkmer. Scans from 1ROCK /october 2008/ from Anastasia. Interviews and articles: Rockinwords.com /04.06.2008/, Interview with Ville in Cologne /04.06.2008/, Euro-Rock Radio /august 2007/, Ilta Sanomat /09.05.2007/, MTV.com /april 2007/, Revolt magazine /november 2007/, Rock 1 Radio Show /may 2007/. Review from gig in Congress Theatre, Chicago /25.10.2007/.

15.02.2009 Photos from festivals Ankkarock 2008 and Ilosaarirock 2007 by Lina, scans from magazine Rovesnik #2 (2009) by Anastasia, Ville's autograph /2007/ from Anastasia. Interviews and articles: Euro-Rock Radio /07.02.2009/, IQ magazine (Croatia) /2001/, Loka /october 2007/, PlugInMusic.com /october 2007/.


31.01.2009 Photos from Berlin, Germany /27.06.2008/ by Torsten Volkmer, Maag Event Hall, Zurich, Switzerland /21.03.2004/ by Shelley Jambresic and from festival Gampel Open Air, Switzerland /15.08.2003/ by Shelley Jambresic. Scans from Soundi #8 /2007/ from Marnie and Bravo (Russian) #3 /2009/ from Anastasia. Interviews and articles: Soundi /january 2009/, Domination TV /2008/, Kaleva.fi /29.12.2008/, Aamulehti /december 2008/.

16.01.2009 Pictures from Helldone Festival 2008 in Oulu /29.12.2008/ by Marnie and Cassandra, in Tampere /30.12.2008/ by Marnie and Agata (Marginess), in Helsinki /31.12.2008/ by Marnie and Cassansra, and photos from gig in Munich /18.02.2008/ by Agata (Marginess). Article from Kerrang! #1170 /august 2007/ and interview from Kerrang! #1182 /october 2007/.



27.12.2008 Photos from conserts in Tilburg, Netherlands /29.02.2008/ by Bert and Mannheim Rosengarten, Germany /11.02.2006/ by Robert Jaenecke. Interviews and articles: Close Up! /февраль 2007/, Close Up! /august 2007/, Edmonton Journal /september 2007/, EFE /september 2007/, The Gauntlet /may 2007/, The Gauntlet /september 2007//, Image /august 2007/, Judakris /october 2007/.

19.12.2008 Photos from festival Ruisrock 2008 from Aleksandra Semyonova and Arto Soini, Tuborg GreenFest 2007 from Aleksey Vitvitckiy and from festival Artmania 2006 from Petru. Scans from Bravo (Russian) #33/2008 by Anastasia. Interviews and articles: Aquarian #2-40 /october 2007/, Daily Herald /november 2007/, Kerrang! #1147 /february 2007/, Nowtoronto.com /august 2007/, Revolver /march 2007/, Revolver /august 2005/, RockSound /july 2005/, Sonic Seducer /october 2005/, Soundi /june 2005/, Truth Explosion /november 2005/.

10.12.2008 Scans from magazines Sobesednik #5 /2006/, SUPER #2 /2004/, Alternative #7 /Nov/Dec 2007/ and Astan #23 (2006) by Anastasia. Photos from Tuborg GreenFest 2007 by Sergey Belyakov. Interviews and articles: Helsingin Sanomat /18.10.2005/, Ilta Sanomat /juny 2005/, Metal Edge /december 2005/, Metal Hammer /октябрь 2005/, NYT /september 2005/, OK! /october 2005/. Update in Diary (december, 2008).

02.12.2008 Photos from concert in Cologne Mobile Arena at Sudstadion /04.06.2008/ by Sandro Griesbach. Interviews and articles: Aftonbladet /august 2005/, City /september 2005/, Decibel /november 2005/, Rumba /september 2005/, Close Up /august 2005/, Nighttimes.com /september 2007/, Inpoc /july 2007/, Suosikki /november 2008/, Alternative Press /november 2005/, Unknown German magazine /august 2005/, Helsingin Sanomat /29.12.2005/, Ilta Sanomat /22.10.2005/. Review from gig in Cologne Mobile Arena at Sudstadion /04.06.2008/ by Darkmoments.de. Updates in Diary (november, december).


15.11.2008 Photos from Big Top, Luna Park (Sydney, AU) /25.03.2008/ by Avelina De Moray, also interviews: Imhotep.fi /10.2005/, Greek Rock & Roll Magazine /10.2005/, unknown Japanese Magazine /12.2005/, Afisorama /10.2005/. In Sideprojects has been added info about Save Nuta, updates in Russian Editions and Diary (november, december).


17.10.2008 The info on Ville, Linde and Barton has been updated in Bios, also Ville's tattooes page. Happy B-day Burton!


29.09.2008 Photos from festivals Ruisrock 2008 by LoudArts Photo Gallery and HeadBanger and Ilosaarirock 2007 by LoudArts Photo Gallery. Scans from Huligan #05(14)/may'2003 magazine by Anastasia. And also Download 2008 review from State Magazine, reviews on Love Metal (USA release), Dark Light and Uneasy Listening Vol. 2 from Stalker and some Venus Doom reviews.
Updates in FAQ
Added english language Guestbook in Interactive. Wellcome!

17.09.2008 Photos from Ankkarock festival 2008 by Tina Solda. Scans from Dark City #42/2008, Bravo Russian #29/2008 and Zillo 04/2008 by Anastasia. Also transcription of Lowlands 2008 interview and interview from Suosikki /1998/. Updates in Disco, Diary (july, august and september and Links (Our friends and partners).


29.07.2008 Scans from Sue #109, 2007 and Suosikki #9, 2007 magazines by Anastasia. Updates in FAQ.


27.05.2008 Scans from Bravo (russian edition), Kerrang!, Metal Hammer (December 2007), Ilta Lehtiviikko (2.1.2008) added. Thanks a lot to Anastasia!


29.04.2008 Scans from Bravo (russian edition) №31 (2007) by Polaris & ~Ann_no_Lucifer~, from Bravo (russian edition) №16 (april 2007), and from other issues by Anastasia, scans from Kerrang! and Metal Hammer by Anastasia


19.03.2008 Scans from Bravo (russian edition) by Anastasia.


20.02.2008 Photos from gig at Nalen (Stockholm) on 13 february and 14 february by Marnie. Scans from Heavy Rock Stars Magazine /2007/ by Anastasia. Review on Helldone 2007 by Whisper.

15.02.2008 Scans from Dark City #40 (september/oktober 2007) by Polaris & ~Ann_no_Lucifer~, from Metal Hammer 05/2007 by Marnie. Autographs by ~Glum Moon~ and Bellatrix from Moscow /february 2006/.


24.01.2008 Scans from Dark City and Cool Magazines by Anastasia and scans from Image 07/2007 by Marnie. Updates in Links

09.01.2008 Photos from Helldone 2007 by Marnie.



01.12.2007 Added: Pix from gig in Moscow, Luzhniki Hall on 04.02.2006 by ~Glum Moon~ and scans from Play magazine №2 /february 2007/ by Bellatrix.


25.11.2007 Updates in Articles. Pix from St.Petersburg, Moskovsky Rail Terminal on 01.02.2006 by Anastasia.

21.11.2007 Updates in Diary, Lyrix, Articles, Links. Promo-pix, pix from Helldone 2005 and Helldone 2006 by Marnie, from Signing Session in Moscow on 03.02.2006 by ~Glum Moon~, from Tuborg Greenfest in Moscow on 18.07.2007 by Polaris & ~Ann_no_Lucifer~.



25.02.2005 Scans from russian Bravo, Molotok and Kerrang! from A-Nusya and Linda, and also Ville's sign.


27.01.2005Pix from Tavastia 30-31.12.2004 by Anna & Loved.

16.01.2005 Scans from Bravo (russian edition), Molotok, 7 paivaa by Linda & Mariette Abyss.



10.12.2004 A scan from Cool #48 and two scans from Bravo #49 russian edition sent by Linda. And some links to the pics from last two Russian Heartagram love-metal parties in Moscow club Relax in HIM-party section - including pics of Finnish bands Viola and Iconcrash.


11.11.2004 Scans from Molotok#40 & #42 by Linda and Scans from MiX by Mariette Abyss.


20.10.2004 Scan from russian Bravo #39 sent by Linda. More info in Diaries: August, September, October, November and December.


8.09.2004 Scans and acticle from Kerrang! May 2004 sent by Himera XXX. New article from Helsingin Sanomat sent by Ines. Scans from Cool #35 and "Molotok" #31 sent by Linda


26.08.2004 Scan from Cool #34 and scan from russian Bravo #34. Thanks to Linda.

18.08.2004 Summer is almost gone... :) Scans from Russian magazines "All Stars" and "Motolok" sent by Flower of Evil and Linda.


02.07.2004 HIM@Rockwave Festival Review by Klio ; Pix from Provinssirock'2004 by Nata ; Scans from All Stars, Bravo (russian edition) by Mariette Abyss & Linda.


15.06.2004 Scans from "All Stars" ## 129, 131 by Linda.

05.06.2004 Scans from "All Stars", "Molotok" by Flower of Evil.

02.06.2004 Updates in Diary, FAQ, Links.


21.04.2004 Scans from "Bravo" (russian edition), "All Stars" by Linda; "Stalker" by Susanne.


26.03.2004 Scans from "Rovesnik" by Р.В.С. , "Bravo" (russian edition) by Linda.

21.03.2004 Review on HIM gig @ 013, Tilburg from Teun. Scans from Demi, Helsinki Sanomat (weekend edition), Ilta Lehtiviikko, Ilta Sanomat by Pascalle.
New bootleg from Alex'HIMik.


21.01.2004 Pix from Tavastia NY"2004 by Seda иand Nata, Radio "Maximum" and "Maxidrom'2003 /Moscow/ are added.

14.01.2004 Pix from Tavastia NY'2004 by Pascalle. Scans from "7 päivää" by Тanya; "Cool" by Linda; "Demi", "Ilta Sanomat", "Ilta-Lehti" by Pascalle.



24.12.2003 Added: Pix from Radio "Maximum" /Moscow, 16.05.2003/; scan from "Molotok" #1'2004 (sent by Linda).

5.12.2003 Added scans from Astan and Sonic Seducer (sent by Susanne) and from 7 paivaa, Yam! and RockSound (sent by Pascalle), and screen-shots from DVD Schattenreich taken also by Pascalle.


26.11.2003 Pics from A Day at The Border taken by Alessia Cifali.

19.11.2003 Scans from Kruto, Vse zvezdy and Cool magazines added. Thanks a lot to Linda!


31.10.2003 Added: Scans from Tätowiermagazin /#11'2003/ by Pascalle.

27.10.2003 Scans from Elle Girl, Cool, Dark City by Linda.

01.10.2003 Scans from Kerrang #30,  Big Cheese by Pascalle.


17.09.2003   Scans from : Cool Girl by Jutta ; All Stars, Bravo (russian ed.), Molotok by Linda; Mix Mag #9 (2003) by Pascalle. Pix from Ruisrock'2003 by Nata ; Pics of Burton, taken by Pascalle and Klio during interview for Russian Heartagram.

11.09.2003 Pix from Terremoto /29.08.2003/ by Pascalle, scans from Molotok # 33 by Linda. New bootleg DVD "HIM Video Collection" from AlexZ HIM'ик & Helven are added.


26.08.2003 Pix from Ankkarock'2003 by Slash. Article from Metal Hammer by Pascalle and scan by Jozefina. Scans from Orkus by Susanne. Additions in Diary'2003 by Melamory.

19.08.2003 Ankkarock'2003: Exclusive Review from Klio and Pix from Pascalle. Scans from Ilta Sanomat from Pascalle, RBX & unknown edition from Susanne; and 2 videobootlegs from Evil.

13.08.2003 Interview with Jani /Ankkarock'2003/ from Klio, screenshots from"The Sacrament" by Hella, scan from Bravo (Russian Edition) by Linda.


29.07.2003 Pix from Ruisrock'2003 by JP Ramone, from Gig in Moscow/2001/ and Маxidrom/2003/ by Lemmy. Scans from Soundi by Marla. Additions in Bootlegs by Dark Love, Lisa, Evil.

22.07.2003 Added: Pix from Ruisrock /05.07.2003/ by Kris. Scans from Molotok, Bravo (russian edition) by Linda; Metal Hammer, Ilta Sanomat by Pascalle. Screenshots of Join me (ice) by Homiak. Article "At home with HIM" /Metal Hammer #7'2003/ from Pascalle.

13.07.2003 Screenshots of "Gone with the sin" /Rock'm'Ring' 2001/ by Egalite.

10.07.2003 Scans from Rovesnik, KP and All Stars by Linda ; pix from Total Show /16.05.2003/ by Janne & Rockolor.

02.07.2003 HIM in Moscow : pix (press-conference, private party etc.) from Janne & Rokolor, a couple of autographs from DSL.


29.06.2003 Article "Cold Fusion" from 'Metal Hammer' by Angel ; scans from Bravo /18.06.2003/ by Pascalle.

12.06.2003 Scans from finnish magazines 'Apu', 'Rumba', 'Tuhma' by Pascalle. Scan from Bravo (Russian Edition) , memorabilia from Linda.
Pix from Presentation of russian book "Love Metal Story" (Moscow, "Relax", 29.05.2003).

10.06.2003 Pix from Moscow /19.05.2003/ by Heartless; autographs from DSL and Heartless; screenshots of Top of the Pops and MTV Select by Helven.

07.06.2003 Added: Scan from NME #12, 2003 by SweetHeart, AudioClub by Evil; Info about " Live in Berlin 2003", "Love Metal", "Greatest Loversongs vol.666" bootlegs from Lisa.

05.06.2003 Added: Article from Metal Hammer by Pascalle, screenshots from Buried Alive by Love by Homiak. Info about "Buried Alive by Love" and "The Sacrament" added to Singles section.

  02.06.2003 Pix from : Maxidrom'2003 by Tess VV, Evil, Eldorado Baby; Signing session /29.04.2003/ & Semifinal /29-30.04.2003/ by Klio.
New link : AlexZ HIMik ART Site.


30.05.2003 Pix from Maxidrom'2003 from Evil & Sergeo; scans of Funeral of Hearts Single (russian edition) by Helven.

29.05.2003 Scans fromYam!, Top of the Pops; pix from Amsterdam /08.11.2000/ & Antwerpen /16.11.2000/. All by Pascalle.

27.05.2003 Added: Pix from Maxidrom /17.05.2003/ by Loo and by Serpent; Articles from Rock Sound #48 from Pascalle and Kerrang!. Update in Diary for 2003.

20.05.2003 Pix from Private party in Moscow /Club B-2/18.05.03/ by Nash, pix from Signing session /Free-Record Shop /29.04.03/ by Nata. Scans from Demi, Ilta-Sanomat, Rumba, Bravo (Czech) by Pascalle.

17.05.2003 Pix from Total Show (MTV Russia, 16.05.2003) from Key. New Links: 'Funeral of Bootlegs', www.H-I-M666.com.

13.05.2003 Pix from Semifinal gig,27.04.2003 from Melamory. Scans from Breakout, Yam! by Susanne; Bravo Russian, Cool by Anna.

11.05.2003 Pix from Semifinal gig,28-30.04.2003 from Pascalle. Scans from NME by Linda; Metal Hammer, Rytmi by Pascalle; Rumba, Johnny Kniga, Soundi, Sue .

07.05.2003 Pix from Signing Session /29.04.2003/, by Pascalle. Scans from Bravo, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Reinbahn Express by Susanne.

06.05.2003 Some new translations: chat with Ville Valo from Krone.at by Pascalle and interview with Ville Valo from russian music magazine PLAY by SoulInLove.


28.04.2003 Added : Scans from Demi, Report & Style by Pascalle; Legacy, Rockhard, Yam!, Zillo by Susanne. HQ Promo'2003 from Melamory.

23.04.2003 Scans from : MiX , Trendi , Ilta-Sanomat и Ilta-Lehtiviikko by Pascalle ; Orkus, Music Express by Susanne. Love Metal cover & "The Booklet" also added.

18.04.2003 "Love Metal" lyrics (special thanks to Susanne!). Scans from Close Up by Moa the Ander, Molotok by Linda, Kerrang! by Laila, Sonic Seducer by Susanne; Metal Hammer & Yam! by Pascalle.

09.04.2003 Scans from Bravo and Yam! by MaryW. Video Funeral of Hearts from 'Top of the Pops' (RTL, 05.04.2003) (11.8 Mb).

07.04.2003 Scan from Molotok by Soul In Love; scans from Bravo by Maryw & Susanne, scans from Popcorn, Inferno by MaryW. Pix from Moscow winter gig'2001 from Coroner.

02.04.2003 Added: "Love Metal" Cover from Susanne ; pix from St.Petersburg gig'2001 from Lonely Soul.

01.04.2003 Scans from Astan, Breakout, MetalHeart, Reinbahn Express, RockHard, Yam!, Zillo by Susanne ; Orkus by MaryW & Susanne. Pix from Moscow summer gig'2001 from Coroner.


25.03.2003 Scans from "Suosikki #3" by Pascalle.

18.03.2003 Pix from Love Metal Preview Party, Hamburg 08.03.03 from Pascalle & Jana Hubner, autographs from Morrigan, scan from 'All Stars' by Linda and screenshots of 'Funeral of Hearts'.

08.03.2003 Added scans from Sonic Seducer /03.03/ by MaryW and more Promo'2003.

04.03.2003 The last scans from Synnin Viemaa are added. Now this section is complete.


25.02.2003 Last night Russian Heartagram celebrated its 100.000th visitor. Thank you all, dear people! All congratulations are welcome :))))

Added: Exclusive interview with Ville and Mige taken at Tammerfest'02 by Melamory; pix from Arena Muzika'2001 by Milena and St.Petersburg gig'2001 by Lonely Soul.

25.02.2003 Big & Beautiful Promo' 2002-2003

21.02.2003 Scan from Oops! by AlexZ ; pix from St.Petersburg gig'2001 by Lonely Soul.

20.02.2003 Pix from Tavastia NYE'02  by Lemmy, scan from All stars by Linda, scan from 5 uglov  by Lonely Soul. Information about Rock am Ring'2001 (version) bootleg  from AlexZ. Additions in Diaris by Melamory.

15.02.2003 All parts from the book Synnin Viemaa have moved to the special section. Please check it up and report to webmaster@heartagram.ru about failed links .

08.02.2003 Pix from HIM gig and press-conference in St. Petersburg in 2001 from Lonely Soul, scan from Molotok from Linda. Additions in Side Projects.

04.02.2003 Some new translations from Synnin Viemaa by MaYu are added: about Autumn tour 2001, about making of DS&BH and about naughty Linde :).


11.01.2003 Pix from New Year Tavastia gig by Melamory, Pascalle, Jana Hubner, pix Arena Muzika Festival, Болгалия, 07.07.2002 by Milena, link to site Lust to Last.

10.01.2003 Videofile of Buried Alive By Love from Tavastia New Year gig was added. File size - 37 MB.

08.01.2003 New HIM song Buried Alive By Love from Tavastia New Year gig was added to MP3 section. File size - 4,26 MB



31.12.2002 Scan from Mix & misc. scan from Marla added.

13.12.2002 New links: Official Italian Heartagram Club и In Joy & Sorrow.

4.12.2002 And again some scans from Synnin Viemaa by Pascalle, article from Ilta Sanomat by Heidi Ekbom, pix from Fuzz, Hand of Doom lyrics by Irina, scans from Dark City by Linda.


19.11.2002 Huge amount of scans from Synnin Viemaa by Pascalle added.

5.11.2002 Pix from Young World, WOM, Reinbahn express, Music, Top of the Pop & Bravo by MaryW, pix from Всех звезд by Linda, pix from signing session 1.11.2002 & scans from Synnin Viemaa (attention- adult content! :) by Pascalle, article from Soundi by Heidi Ekbom, extract from Synnin Viemaa by Heidi Ekbom.

2.11.2002 Scans from 'Vse Zvezdi' & 'Cool' by Linda added, new multimedia link, exclusive Interview with Jyrki at Ankkarock’02 by Melamory.


21.10.2002 Scan from Savon Sanomat \11.4.02\ by Pascalle, scan from Sonic Seducer by Susanne, scans from Image & Ilta-Sanomat by MaYu, scans from Synnin Viemaa by Heidi Ekbom, additions in Clips, Diaries, article from Image & interview with Kaista by Melamory & Heidi Ekbom.

Renovated site HIMOMANIA is up now. Among other stuffs debut album by Daniel Lioneye currently available. Welcome!

03.10.2002 Pix from PowerPlay, RytmiMusiikki, ltasanomat & misc by MaryW added, pix of Jyrki from Ankkarock'02.


24.09.2002 Scans from Metalheart & SonicSeducer by MaryW added; exclusive interview with The 69 Eyes at Tammerfest '02 + photogalery by Melamory & Pascalle.

PS: My apologies for wrong in-view link, it's been corrected.

17.09.2002 Pix from Black Salem gig /7.09.2002/, pix from Kuopio 10.04.-11.04.2002 by Heidi Ekbom added, scans from Tammerfest-booklet by Frozen, scan from Mix by Pascalle, scans from Suosikki & Sheriffi McCoy by Melamory & Marla Singer.

12.09.2002 Scans from Rovesnik by Linda, scans from Mix by MaYu, scans from Hammer, Music Express, RockHard, Sirups, Visions & Yam! by MaryW, corrections in FAQ & Diaries.

3.09.2002 Scans from "All stars" ' by Linda & ValoYossa added, article from "Molotok" by Linda, scans from "16", "MetalHammer", "Orcus" & "Sugar" by MaryW.


29.08.2002 Scans by MARYW added.


27.08.2002 Added scan from Suosikki by Pascalle and our pix from Tammerfest'02(live & interview).

21.08.2002 Pix from IlosaariRock by Sirpa added, pix of Zoltan in Kouvola by Melamory & scans from Popcorn by Linda added.

20.08.2002 Added pix from Tammerfest, 19.07.2002 by Immortality, pix from russian gig (summer - winter 2001) by Maryw and scans from Mix by Pascalle & Kuutamo.

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08.08.2002 Added pix from Pepsi Sziget, 01.08.2002  by Pascalle.

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27.07.2002 Pix from Tammerfest 19.07.2002. Thanks to Pascalle.

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25.06.2002 Original transcript of Ville interview at radio Ultra by Soul In Love & pix from Amsterdam, Melkweg, 19.04.2000 by Pascalle.

14.06.2002 Additions in Diaries by Melamory, pix from Paris, La Boule Noire 4.12.00 & Paris, La Locomotive 26.06.00 by Pascalle, screenshots GWTS (German) by Helene Light and pix from Breakout, Gothic, MetalHammer, MusicNews, MusicExpress, Bravo, Popcorn, Rockor, Rockhard, SonicSeducer, Top of the Pops, Visions, Yam, Zillo & misc. by Linda.

6.06.2002 Pix of winter press-conference & gig by Helene Light & Sur, pix by Pascalle & lots multimedia links by Melamory.


27.05.2002 Pic from Fuzz & information about New Pop Festival bootleg by Linda, pix from Soundi, Suosikki & misc. pix by Pascalle, pix from summer Russian gig & winter Russian gig by Foxie.

19.05.2002 Misc. pix from Angel, pix from All stars & RHIMA screenshots by Linda, misc. pix by Pascalle & Sirpa, pix from Orcus by Pascalle.

10.05.2002 Pix from Demi by Pascalle, pix from Bravo by Valo Yossa, photographic evidences of Ville, kissing with Zoltan, Aki from Torpedo & Skreppers frontman by Sirpa, live pix from Cologne, 24.09.2001, Hannover, 23.09.2001, Heidelberg, 28.08.2001, Oberhausen, 25.09.2001 , Rock im Park, 03.06.2001, Stuttgart, 29.09.2001 by Natalia Ksoll.

7.05.2002 Translation of Liverpool PressConference |16.12.01| added, Tour diaries updated, pix from Popcorn by Yossa, some more pix of winter HIM visit by Света & Анна, pix from Yam by Pascalle.


Site HIM on TV is launched.
The other sites of the RH started at the new adresses:


27.04.2002 Pix of winter HIM visit by Света & Анна, pix from Suosikki by Pascalle & Pretending screenshots by Pink Horse.

21.04.2002 Pix from Tavastia 04.04.02 by Pascalle added, pix from winter Russian gig by J.K., pix from summer Russian gig by Pavel LEMMY Ulanov.

18.04.2002 Added pix from Tavastia 04.04.02 by Melamory & Pascalle, pic from Fuzz by Linda, pix from Turku gig & from Soundi mag by Pascalle, pix from Sonic Seducer & Visions by MARYW.

14.04.2002 Some additions in Diaries, screenshots of In Joy & Sorrow by Linda, pix from Ilta-Sanomat & Seura & misc. pic by Pascalle, pix from Russian winter HIM gig by Sims & pix from Tavastia 04.04.02 by Melamory & Pascalle.

9.04.2002 Site launched!

8.04.2002 Testing site. Please, report bugs etc. in our guestbook.

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