/December 2008/

A rare light

Tampere: With the three-town Helldone tour that ended the year, HIM had everyone jumping with joy.

A skinny boy dressed in black and with a beanie on his head walks towards the mic stand standing in the middle of the stage. The full house shakes on it's foundations as the thousand-headed crowd screams with pure happiness. It's rare that people in Pakkahuone scream as loud as they do now. Maybe the years of waiting have taken it's toll. Now it's time to completely surrender to Ville Valo.
"The wonderful song When Love and Death Embrace is the climax of the gig. Surely we heard other awesome songs during the night. This was a bewildering experience", says Otto Suojanen.
"Ville and the band seemed to be in an excellent shape. Things worked out great and Pakkahuone was a perfect place to perform. For my wife, this was a positive surprise. She says she needs to see HIM again if they come here", Jari Riihimaki says with his wife Paivi Mettala standing next to him.
"The band had a fresh face. It was the best HIM show we've ever seen. Both the artist and the crowd got along well. Professional, quality stuff with spontaneous action. We're all friends of metal music, and this rare opportunity had to be used", Says siblings and friends Jussi Kaijalainen, Mikko Pohls, Markus Haataja and Elisa Hyvarinen, Eeva Pohls, Anna Pohls and Hanna Hamalainen.

And in the pink box it says

Evaluation: "It was a really positive trip, a very good show. Extremely well-build setlist, there was new and old in a very good scale. I'm actually surprised the band played this well. I also have to thank that they didn't play the songs exactly as they do on records. I saw HIM for the first time tonight, and the band is a favorite of mine, so I have to give ten points for this show".

And then the captions.
On the big pic of Ville it says "As Ville Valo moped happily on the stage of Pakkahuone and loaded the songs Wings of a Butterfly, Wicked Game and Join Me to the people, you couldn't really resist it. All the people from ages 15 to 50 were melted wax in front of Valo".

The first pic of the fans say>br> "Our daughter in the front row must be terrified because her parents are on the newspaper because of a HIM show", Jari Riihimaki and Paivi Mettala laugh.

And the second
"A charistmatic singer, great songs and a band that plays well. You can't resist HIM", Otto Suojala and Laura Pohtala admit.

And the last one
"This is the best way to spend time in polar time", Says Jussi Kaijalainen (on the left) Mikko Pohls, Markus Haataja and Elisa Hyvarinen, Eeva Pohls, Anna Pohls and Hanna Hamalainen.

Translation from Valo Daily

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