Swedish Aftonbladet

"New HIM - Sober and ready"

Gas: I've lost 35 kilo.

That did good for Valentinsday.

The Love Metal-band HIM plays at Nalen tonight also.

- We love our fans, says the swedish drummer Mika "Gas" Karppinen.

It is a little new HIM that is Stockholm.

For the first time in 15 years is the singer Ville Valo,31, sober, after a time in a rehab center in Finland.

- He used to be wasted all the time, now he is his old funny self again. We play much better. And Ville Looks ten years younger, says Mika "Gas" Karppinen,36.

He comes originally from Ekilstuna, But lives now in Helsinki. Even he has changed his habbites for the new tour.

- Plays Love Metal- I'm trying to loose weight. I've lost 35 kilos in one and a half years. I eat better, go to the gym and drink less. I'm much better shape to day.

Besides has Mika "Gas" Karppinen, met a new girl. But she is not with them to sweden, so he has to celabrate Valentines day with his fans.

- We play Love Metal, so to go and listend to us should be the perfect Valentinsday activity. A mix of rockhard guitars, popish melodies and romantic lyricks. It is we that has come up with the grenrename.

You played at Nalen yesterday too, How is the gig tonight gonna be like compaired to the gig yesterday?

- We change a few songs. But we never deside the setlist untill an hour before we go on stage, so I've no idea what songs we're gonna play tonight.

text Ninna Prage
translated by Annki

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