Interview with Jani Purtinen

Klio: How did it feel when they announced to you that you are going to be the opening band for the Ozzy Osbourne gigs?
Burton: Well of course it was great news. I'm happy of course about it. Ozzy is a Metal God or whatever. It's almost incredible. *laughs* He took us to play there.

K: Have you already met Mr Osbourne?
Burton: No, not yet but Ville has met his daughter Kelly in Los Angeles.

K: How will it feel after the massive stadiums appearances to be back in small, crowed and full of smoke clubs as it was announced at your official site?
Burton: Smaller clubs yeah. I feel maybe more comfortable in smaller clubs than in stadiums. Well, it depends, of course. The music is the same. Sometimes the sound is bad in big places like stadiums or big halls. And in small places there's a better atmosphere.

K: What do you do when HIM get a bad review?
Burton: I can't remember one. *laughs* Oh, yeah, there was one in a Finnish magazine. Maybe in Suosikki or Rumba or yeah, it was in Soundi. There's one guy who hates us or something. If you're getting bad reviews it's okay if there's a reason to do, it but sometimes there isn't, so that is bull shit. You don't have to take it. The guy working for Soundi has something against us. I don't know.

K: Which Finnish bands do you like most, which you dont and why?
Burton: Wow ! Well, that's a hard question. Of course I like Suburban Tribe I played in, and Torpedo too. It's sad, but I had to quit them. I enjoyed it much. I don't listen to music that much when I'm home. I don't hate bands or dislike or whatever. I'm not narrow minded. I like music from classical stuff to metal. I don't know Maybe some dance acts are terrible. I don't like them.

K: So if you were offered now to return to your previous band would you accept?
Burton: I like HIM most. *laughs* No going back !

K: You gave a very powerful performance in Athens, Greece a few weeks ago and the fans gave their best as far as I could tell. Was it an all bands choice to have an encore, because Ville said it was not on the programme to have one, and who actually decides about the encores?
Burton: It just comes and Ville did in Greece that we had to play. It was fun. He was backstage and he was like "well, I'm gonna play". It was a fast decision. Ville decides to play encores.

K: Linde already has a precious little girl! Are you next on the line?
Burton: No. *laughs* Not at the moment. I don't want to be father. Maybe someday but not now.

K: What is your favourite holiday destination so far?
Burton: I have been to many places 'cos of the travelling with the band. But I also like to have some holidays abroad of course. Maybe New York. I've been there once before the 11th of September. I don't know if it had changed but then it was very nice. I really like the feeling, atmosphere and people there. You know the Big Apple *laughs*. Not really visit exotic places but Hawaii I would like to visit to do some surfing *laughs* That's my dream. I like surfing but I never tried it. There's no place to try it over here in Finland. The waves are not that big.

K: Which song would you choose to be the anthem of your life?
Burton: That's always hard. Erm at the moment or just erm I've to speak for this day and it could be at this moment - Type O'Negative "I don't want to be me" *laughs*. It's so difficult to be *laughs* but tomorrow it would something else. *laughs* It was a joke *laughs* If I wouldn't be me today I would be keeper of the lighthouse right now. Just in the middle of sea and relax. *laughs*

K: What is your greatest fear?
Burton: Yeah, I've a fear of bees and hornets. The flying things *laughs* with stings. Got stinged when I was a kid. Yeah bees and hornets or..

K: Have you ever read fanfictions (stories that fans write about you) on the internet? And is there the smallest hint of truth in them?
Burton: I know about them but I've never read them. Someone found in the internet one site which was written by some girl or boy, I don't know, it was like Ville's dairy or Burton's diary or something, but that's a bit scary, and I didn't like it. It was so personal and strict and people how wrote it - he or she - had to be aware of things we were doing at that time. He wrote like of the point of Ville "I'm sitting now in a plane" and at that time we were sitting in a plane.

K: Have you ever become friends with fans?
Burton: Well erm Well, not much. Maybe one or few emails every now and then. I gave a girl from Mexico my email address. She's doing something, but I don't know. I've been replying her now and then.

K: Who is your favourite male heroSuperman, Muumipapa or someone else?
Burton: Maybe I would say Phantom.

K: But he is not really a Superhero!
Burton: Okay, Hulk then *laughs* Have seen clips on TV and the movie looks bad, electronic.

K: What is the longest time you can stay in sauna? Normal or smoke sauna?
Burton: Erm never been in smoked sauna. I don't like very hot sauna, more moisture sauna. I can stay in sauna for 15 minutes and then go out. I don't like it too hot. If it's perfect I can stay longer *laughs*.

K: What is the best place and music to have sex?
Burton: Best place erm bed and erm it could be Marvin Gay "What's going on". *huge laugh*

K: Home isa) where your bed is, b) where your heart is, c) in your girls arms.
Burton: All of them, of course. Home is very important place to me 'cos I like to be at home. Not always but it's good to have one. Home sweet Home!

K: What is the longest time you have been away from home during touring?
Burton: Maybe two months or something.

K: How would you like to be remembered? As a ladies man or as a talented keybord player ?
Burton: If I've to choose - a talented keyboarder. Or talented ladies man. *huge laugh*

K: You cannot a) put music during sex, b) get married, c) watch "Salatut elamat" or other soap operas.
Burton: I hate soap operas. I don't watch them. I never watch "Dallas" or whatever. I don't know what the clue is in those soap operas. Well I guess it's just entertainment but not for me.

K: Have you read the HP books?
Burton: No. Linde and Mige have read them. I haven't. It's not too late to read them but when I saw pictures from the movie Harry I hated the character. The character is very annoying I think. But of course I've to read it first.

K: Would you ever consider doing a naked photoshoot like Peter Steele from Type O Negative did for Playgirl?
Burton: Erm maybe no, of course. I don't have that big penis as Peter Steele.

K: ...even if it was for charity?
Burton: Well, maybe for charity! Okay! *huge laughs* But I can't promise. No promises!

K: In what scenery?
Burton: Well, maybe in sauna. *huge laugh* It's a joke!

K: Everything nowadays changes for better or for worse, what is the one thing you wouldn't want to change? (This question was made by me again in Q &A by fans, but I wanted to see if he will answer the sameand he did! - Klio.)
Burton: Erm that this the thing about sun rise and sun set *laugh* and I answer the same *laugh*

K: Why don't you wear your cowboy hat lately?
Burton: I forgot it at home. *laughs* Maybe you've to change sometimes. But I'll wear it someday again. *laughs*

K: No offence, but do you know that you've a different autograph every year?
Burton: Oh yeah?! Well it happens *laughs* Maybe I'm changing *laugh* all the time.

Fact finding:

The first thing you need to know about Burton is that he is quite nice and kind.

The last thing you'd ever guess about Burton is that I used to dance ballet.

There was a time I was disappointed in the music business because Spinefarm fooled Torpedo.

If I had plastic surgery I would immediately change my pelvis.

What's your culinary speciality? Onion soup.

Breast man or leg man? Breast.

The opposite of sex is My brain is empty now *laughs*

If I had 3 wishes, I'd wish for
a. Peace
b. of
c. mind

Draw a picture of yourself as you're feeling right now ...

File. Puppe

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Interview was taken by Klio and Pascalle

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