/september 2007/

Madrid, 27 sep (EFE). - The group of Finn rock HIM maintains in his sixth album, “Venus Doom”, the essence of his dark songs and the melancholic tone that international fame gave them, although, according to say the vocalista Ville Valo in an interview with Efe, the new disc is “more organic, rough and noisy”.

Under that atmosphere, in which the “guitars sound more noticeable” and the voice of “more powerful” Valo, the vocalista has fitted the melancholy of the nine songs that wrote for “Venus Doom”, whose title is a reference to the myth of Venus - “symbol of the feminine secrets” -, and “it tastes pleasant epico”, according to the Mige bear, that emphasized the possibility, not yet confirmed, to touch in Madrid and Barcelona in the spring.

“It is not necessary to be sad to write a song, but aid, is like one bulimia mental. You inhale as much negative information that you want it to remove: soon you feel like emptiness, but alleviated”, explained Valo, in one of the several reflections during the interview.

For the leader of HIM, the process to record a disc it is “a fusion between intuition and technology”, while the creation “is the wonderful thing”: it is when Valo looks for to put in its letters “the deepest meaning” of particular experiences, a subjectivity that marks to the style “Love Metal” of the band.

“We invented that definition, but it is difficult to say what is the love and what it is the metal. Metal is what LED did Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, the love is something difficult to find and to trust, mainly when one loses it”, said the vocalist, that it will begin in October with Mige, Is contiguous, Burton and Gas the tour of “Venus Doom” by England, Germany and the United States, where they conquered to the public with his last disc, “Dark Light”.

The best thing of tour, says Valo and Mige, is “to sweat and to touch with the public”, although they do not like the long trips and hours of delay in airports, and is more, Valo does not hide that the harassment of the “groupies” bothers to him.

Even so, the group sees direct “the essentials now, in a time in which people absorb the art when unloading music of Internet”, criticized Valo, for that “the band has had luck and follows lives because the fans continue buying discs”.

“The equipment leaves expensive, as well as to record, to publish an album or to leave tour. If people unload the songs, we will not have money for the rent, with which we will not be able to touch and we will look for normal works”, she concluded the HIM leader.

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