Euro-Rock Radio

Interview with Ville Valo

Euro Rock Radio: All right ,everyone this is the Celticangel. You are listening to Euro Rock Radioís Heartagram Day party and we have our very special guest, on the phone now, Ville.
Ville Valo: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey dear people!
ERR: (laughs) All right well, we are very, very thankful for you, for doing this for us and uh really appreciate it.
VV: Well itís just started you know nothingís done yet so uh donít blame me.
ERR: You answered the phone so itís good (laughs).
VV: Well uh you know that was the easy part.
ERR: Yeah.(laughs) So how is it there in Helsinki right now?
VV: Um itís cold. Itís uh I donít know, I donít go out that much. Itís uh, it seems to be snowing, thatís, thatís the thing I can see from my monitors. I havenít been doing the things that I was, trying to get rid of a fever and writing new songs. So thatís uh, thatís my main thing at the moment. Iím working on, you know we, we started rehearsing with the band a couple of weeks ago and everythingís going really well with the new songs and uh-
ERR: Awesome.
VV: and Gas and his lady. They got their first baby about three weeks ago so itís been, been a very positive couple, couple of weeks.
ERR: Well congratulations to Gas. You have to tell him congrats for us.
VV: mmm hmmm.
ERR and VV: (laughter)
VV: Iíve seen, Iíve seen, a couple of pictures and unfortunately it does have a lot of uh, you know, the baby gotÖthe resemblance is clearly there.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: I would have hoped that you know the other way. But uh since you know the wife is sweet, sweet as uh you know whatever. But, but uh you canít have it all it seems.
ERR: (laughs) well, um, speaking of the new album, howís that going? Is it going good?
VV: Um you know ,we just startedÖgot aboutÖworked on 5 songs now and weíre going to demo them in about maybe a month, two months and uh, um Iíll be heading over to the states to hook up with some label people and talk about possible producers and stuff. So itís going be pretty intense for the next couple of, couple of months and uh you know itísÖthe music is not too far from what itís been. Itís not as Sabbath-y, itís more straight to the point, more like um Iím calliní, calling it the 80s-tinged crooner rock with balls of steel.
ERR: (laughs) Cool.
VV: Thatís my,um, so itís,itís not too far from what weíve done before but uh itís tough to say. You know basically at this moment in time, weíre just heading to the rehearsal place every day and uh, and uh picking our instruments and just seeing where the music takes us.
ERR: Well, thatís good. I know you talked recently about deciding where you are going to record. Have you given any more thought to that yet?
VV: Ah. Well Iím quite certain weíre not going to record in Finland. Since uh, since uh with the Venus Doom tour uh we got done with the tour last,when was it? Last, last August or something, you know weíve been pretty - had a lot of time off, and everybody was spending it over here in, in Helsinki, more or less. And uh I wanna, and I uh want to get out. Itís just cold. Dark. I love it here, you know uh my parents are here and Iíve got a couple of friends here and stuff like that. Iíd rather wanna see our band concentrate just on the music than them ,you know, trying to sort out their every day life, you know, like changing diapers.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: You knowÖyou know for Gas.
VV and ERR: (laughs)
VV: not for the baby, I mean.
ERR; (laughs)
VV: So uh hopefully weíll do it somewhere in America and itís all depending on the producer and uh and we still havenít had any you know we. Since I Ďm kinda like waiting for us to be ready to do the demo, weíre gonna demo a couple of songs here in Finland and then once the demoís done, then Iím gonna fly over and hopefully meet some people who are going to be excited working with us. So uh since nothingís done yet, itís tough for me to start bragging about how good the music is and how good the next album is going to be, you know I donít know to be honest with you.
ERR: Oh, Iím sure itís going to be great.
VV: Well uh you know, thank you!
VV and ERR: (laughter)
ERR: Well, um, Venus Doom was very good, Venus Doom was very good.
VV: Yeah but you know, you got try different things out and you gotta take risks and uh, and uh we went fairly far down that path into that sorta of like gloomy,doomy territory so uh, we want to do something a bit more straightforward and direct with uh you know the new ones. You know, all the new songs are clocking under four minutes and theyíre very straight to the point so, so thatís um, so thatís the exciting thing for us, you know.
ERR: Right.
VV: Önot jam for 8 minutes in a row or oh whatever so there is definately not going to be a song like Sleepwalking Past Hope on the, on the forthcoming album even though I love Sleepwalking Past Hope. You know, itís a great song for me to have like 3 cigarette breaks, you know, within...
ERR: (laughs)
VV:Ö the actual song. I can just walk off stage and eat a hamburger if I want. But um there are so many jams, and so many solos in it but I guess you know just for our own sakes, we need to try out things and you know, you know how it is!
ERR: Yeah.
VV: The same old, same old gets boring after awhile and especially a lot of people donít realize the fact that a band works on an album maybe 2 years before it gets released and then they tour with it.
ERR: Right.
VV:Öfor about a year and a half or something. So itís a long time, you know, living with those songs so obviously you want to try out something different, you know, once ,once the touring is done, and everythingÖ youíre just over it.
ERR: right
VV: Yeah (laughs ) so itís like relationships in general (laughs)
ERR: ( laughs) Yeah, touring is something Öuh we, we gave everybody a chance to email in questions for you and weíll...
VV: Cool.
ERR: Öpick some of thoseÖin a while um
VV: hmm hmm.
ERR: We got pretty much over 300 emails but, um, a lot of people where asking-
VV: You gotta be fast then.
ERR: Huh?
VV: We gotta chat, talk super fast then.
ERR: Well, um, Iím not going through all of them.
VV: *inaudible*Ö situation some of that.
ERR: Um, a lot of people were asking about touring though and of course and wondering, when tours are going to start and obviously thatís, that is going to be after the album comes out but um-
VV: Well um donít know, donít know yet you know because you gotta remember the summers are happening and there is going to be a lot of festivals and I honestly donít know. Itís, itís you know within maybe the next two months, we get a rough idea when and with whom we are going to record the album with and then when, when we know that, that enables us to speculate on the possibilities of doing some touring during the summer. Maybe.
ERR: Ok.
VV: Öum, during one of those touring festivals you got in the states or uh, I just donít know.
ERR: Right.
VV: Weíd love to play some, but not too much. I donít want anything to get in the way of uh, of uh making the best album we can.
ERR: Right, exactly. Well I think everybody will understand that. I knowÖyeah, everybody is anxious and I got emails from all over the world saying ď You havenít been here in 10 years, when are you coming back?Ē and uh well itís a hard question to-
VV: Well thatís, thatís so very sweet and you know the only problem with that is if somebody is saying that ĎWhy havenít you been here in 10 yearsí that usually means that that person is the only one wanting us to go there and uh since being in this kind of a band, we do have expenses, we do have you know trust monkeys, we have people setting up the stage and tuning the guitars and they arenít super cheapÖso um
ERR: Right.
VV: We donít have the opportunity of playing everywhere in the world, you know, at all times. Otherwise, weíd be on a constant tour like Bob Dylan or something like that.
ERR: Right.
VV: But um weíre trying to write good materials as well which Bob doesnít have to anymore. So, uh itís a different kind of situation.
ERR: Well um speaking, I guess, of touring and shows, uh Helldone, this past Helldone was bigger than usual. You added some extra shows and what made you decide to do that?
VV: Uhhh ummÖ(pause) to be honest with you, I donít know. Uh, I canít remember who came up with itÖI came up with the idea, oh my god yeah. Um no we obviously we haveÖ in the previous years, we had Fields of Nephilim play here and weíve had a few international acts as well, but unfortunately the time, the time frame of Helldone, you know, with New Years Eve and around that, itís toughest to get any bands to play those dates, you know, out of the year because thatís the only time when all the bands are taking time off from their touring.
ERR: Right.
VV:Öand spending time with their families and stuff like that so it was impossible for us to get anyÖ because, originally weíre thinking of playing a lot bigger venue, not just HIM but making it like a proper big festival here in Helsinki but uh
ERR: hmm, hmm.
VV:Öwe didnít have the opportunity of booking any cool bands. WeÖuh Iíve been trying to get Turbonegro to play the festival for the past six years.
ERR: Oh thatíd be awesome.
VV: But,uh, you know thatís one of my favorite bands of all times. We covered their songs, and you know, they, uh, have been very inspirational on all various levels but uh anyway you know it just that uh didnít work so we wanted to, I wanted to figure out a way to make it more exciting for the band, you know make something new happen rather than just playing Tavastia Club on,on New Years so uh somebody, I guess it was me, came up with the idea of letís play in the northern parts of Finland as well because we havenít been there since like 2001, 2002 something like that so...
ERR: hmm hmm
VV: So for us it was like traveling abroad to a new country we havenít played in ages.
ERR: Well do you-
VV: It was fairly exciting in that sense.
ERR: Do you think youíll do it again this next Helldone? Or no clue yet?
VV: Um you know at the moment, I am basically done with HelldoneÖweíve done, weíve done 10 years in a row and, and thinking about itís already been 10 years it just makes everyone in the band feel extremely old...
ERR: (laughs)
VV: ...and uh itís not necessarily the best thing for a rock band to feel...
ERR: True.
VV:..but uh I donít know, the problem and the limitations seems to be the time frame itís so tough to get you know to get bands to play that festival. So when itís been going on very wellÖ.We want to try out something different of where to go because u know trying to book a band like say Type O Negative from America, one of my favorite bands of all time and the whole bandís. Itís ridiculously expensive to fly one band from Brooklyn, New York over to Finland for a one off. You just play one gig, itís the flight, itís the accomidations, its everything. Itís not worth it because there is not a single band whoís on tour at that time of the year.
ERR: Right.
VV: and uh that makes, it makes the situation even more complicated so uh itís those little things that not necessarily everyone knows about
ERR: Right.
VV:Ö you know the, the, average club goers but people who go to enjoy rock N Roll and beer. There is like lot of things to set up the whole event, it could be easier. You know maybe maybe start, start having the whole party in, you know, like June or something like that a summer festival but uh that sucks too. There over 200 summer festivals in Finland. So I donít think, I donít think, we have the ability to compete with them, the good ones.
ERR: You can come down, do it here because there are not enough summer festivals in the US.
VV: Oh there is not enough good ones.
ERR: Exactly (laughs).
VV: But uhÖI just donít know.
ERR: Yeah.
VV: Thatís festival thing thatís a funny thing and that is a side project of a lot of bands and mine but that is not what I do, you know Iím trying to write songs and weíre trying to make an album happen. You know I could care less about Helldone at this particular moment in time.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: You know you canít do it all at the same time. You just canít. You know you got have your priorities, and you know, you know obviously itís now getting rid of a fever and being in tip top shape for mondayís rehearsals.
ERR: um well speaking of side projects, um Madagascar 2, how did that come about?
VV: Um, well I wish I could have done the English version as well
ERR: Oh, so do we!
VV: but uh something someone gave me a shout from the company who did the translation and asked me to do it and I,you know, grew up watching cartoons and animated movies as everybody does. With Disney and then what is it the Secret of Nimh and love those films . So obviously I though , you know itíd be a fun thing to do and uh there was nothing particularly spectacular about itÖI was asked to do it and I said yes because I wanted to do something respectable...
ERR: (laughs)
VV:Öand itís funny how musicians are not necessarily respected for what they do, but when a musician all of a sudden um, does a few lines, um as a hippoÖ
ERR: Yeah (laughs)
VV: in a kidís animation all of a sudden you do have some sense of creditability.
ERR: Right.
VV: And so now Iím fully credible thanks to a hippo.
ERR: (laughs) a thanks to a hippo that now millions of HIM fans all over the world are worshipping practically (laughs).
VV: well, well, well, well um he seems to be unlucky in love as me so
ERR: (laughs) Aw!
VV: Öwe share a lot of things so it was very easy for me to, I didnít have to pretend or act. It was all me, maybe just a couple of hundred pounds difference between me and himÖthe weight but that is about it.
ERR: Yeah well that has brought up another question that we got a lot of emails, um, asking since youíve done Madagascar and kinda voice-acting anyways, have you ever thought of doing any actual acting in movies or something?
VV: uhh well I love to do like Vampires part 4 with Jon Bon Jovi. Thatíd be great if he ever considers it doing a sequel Öactor make terrible musicians and vice versa. So the fact that you can strum on a guitar doesnít mean you can be the lead in the English Patient.
ERR: (laughs) Right.
VV: I get that.So,so uh I obviously there are people who can do both but uh no,no Itís not my cup of tea. You know I was asked by a friend. Heís been working on a film like a vampire thing for the past 15 years so uh if he even does that I already said yes to just being a random vampire if he ever does that. That would be fine but uh thatís just for fun and for uh you know for a friend.
ERR: Right.
VV: Itís a different cup of tea. Iím not..itís not.(pause) .I hate actors anways. So I you know hate myself enough to become one.
ERR: Well now see,Ödonít say that.
VV: Ah go on.
ERR : (laughs) um with the other emails weíve gotten uh a bunch of questions...
VV: Hmm, hmm.
ERR:Ö about your new tattoos because anything you do people get obsessed over and must know. So, theyíve asked about your new tattoos. Specifically, one of the new tattoos, we saw a video about the lecture you did recently at a university umÖ
VV: Oh yeah.
ERR:..and weíll ask you about that too but um massive amount of emails. In the video we can see a bit of a tattoo above your right elbow and everyone is wondering what that is, what the new tattoo is there.
VV: uh Iíve got loads of new tattoos anyway but um you know itís just um itís something Kat improvised when I was in LA. Itís just a, itís a combination of an hourglass with wings and uh and uh, it says hermit in French.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: Ösince Iíve turned into a hermit. Itís just uh, Itís just like a little tiny combination of a lot, not necessarily inside jokes but um stuff only close friends know.
ERR: Right.
VV: So uh itís like a little puzzle type of thing, more or less.
ERR: And then youíve got the new portraits also right?
VV: Which ones?
ERR: Portrait tattoos that you did, several of them.
VV: Iíve got several.
ERR: I guess (laughs)
VV: Iíve got several but Iím not done with them yet so um I canít ruin the surprise. You know?
ERR: Oh gotcha alright.
VV: Iíve got a few, Iíve got one of Klaus Kinksi, a German actor.
ERR: Hmm hmm
VV: Itís just a cool one. Itís from a picture heís an adult sucking his own thumb, lying on a naked lady.
ERR: (laughs) ok.
VV: So thatís uh, thatís such a psychedelic image and uh it looks exactly like that but uh Kat did that one too and itís on my lower stomach and itís looks really good. Itís guaranteed after that tattoo, Iím never going to get laid.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: Um, so that was my mission to get a tattoo that will uh kill all possible sex.
ERR: Iím pretty sure thatís not going to happen!
VV: Well um you know I guess I need to find a blind chick.
ERR: The other question everybody has. A very small tattoo, but above the heart on your wrist and above where it says DILLIGAF, you got some symbols or numbers or something and everyone is dying to know what that is.
VV: Oh my god! People just uh, uh thatís weird.
ERR: Yeah uh thatís nothing (laughs).
VV: Well that is, thatís so weird though. Itís one of my friends did it. Itís um it says cunto um which means chapter. It doesnít mean anything nasty. Um itís um hold on. Itís from uh Danteís Inferno.
ERR: ah ok.
VV: From kinda the beginning I guess. You know I donít know the different translations but um you knowÖI donít have the Inferno with me now so I canít read the exact line for ya but uh, but uh itís just a line that keeps me going so itís one of those things I just love uh you know love um u know nothing about getting tattoos to much, just going with the flow.
ER: Right.
VV: You always fight with them anyway.
ERR: um ok a whole another random topic now but uh itís something that Iíve come across a lot on the internet and a lot of people have um and I know you have been asked this before but uh weíll do it one more time cause hopefully the people will actually pay attention there a lot of people on places like myspace and facebook, etc. that like to claim that theyíre you and uh
VV: (laughs)
ERR: So the question that people hopefully will listen to is are you actually on the internet, do you have a myspace or a facebook or a beebo or whatever on the social networking sites?
VV: Well uh I donít know. I only know facebook and the myspace thing but uh I donít have anything to do with the myspace, um facebook and thereís like a zillion meís there.
ERR: Oh yeah.
VV: So nobody is the real one and uh and uh I am on myspace but uh itís not under my name.
ERR: Right.
VV: and anybody who can,who can who has been following the HIM situation you know canít find it to hard to find it out whatever it is
ERR: Right.
VV: So itís uh Indiana Jones type of thing. So go for it and search for it, youíll find it pretty easily.
ERR: (laughs) and are you actually adding random fans or only the people you know?
VV: Iíve only got like 3 friends.
ERR and VV laugh
VV: Itís a, itís you know itís, itís just aÖI wanted to see how the whole myspace thing works.
ERR: Right.
VV: And then I got bored with it immediately so uh so uh I donít travel with a laptop and um Iím not glued to a computer besides now when Iím being at home but uh, but uh and, and working on protools stuff andÖ
ERR: Right.
VV: and uh stuff like that and uh itís not my cup of tea. Itís a lot of waste of time so I guess itís better to strum a guitar and if you want to meet people you can just go into a pub.
ERR: Right.
ERR: Alright well uh we just wanted to clear that up for some people I guess. It can, It can get dangerous when there are people out there, claiming to be a celebrity and uh, getting fansí home address and things like that. Itís kinda scary.
VV: Well uh you know, donít donítÖ Iím not you know, Iím not involved in any of that way and that so...
ERR: Yeah we know! We know youíre not but just to let people know do not believe everybody that says theyíre Ville Valo on myspace (chuckles).
VV: Oh yeah, yeah please donít, please donít. Itís never been me so uh
ERR: (laughs) Öwell uh weíll do one of the email questions that weíve got hereÖ
VV: Sure.
ERR: um this one is from um their screen name, I guess I donít know if itís their real name or screen name, but itís Monserrat from Norwalk, Connecticut. Um they say ď Ville since there are so many people who love going to your concerts and would wait hours outside to see HIM perform if you had a chance to do the same for a band or solo artist, who would be your first choice and why?Ē
VV: Well my first choice is to never que up for hours and hours. My first choice nowadays is to make some calls and try to get a VIP but uh, uh I havenít done that in a long time. Last time, that was probably KISS in the mid nineties when they played their first kinda masked back on type of tour and they started to tour from Stockholm and thatís when we took the ferry over to Stockholm and uh que-ed up and had a blast. For like 3 days straight, full blown KISS party. Iím still suffering from it, both mentally and physically maybe spiritually a bit as well.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: Öand not a lot of bands as well not now nowadays. I guess, I guess I love songs but not concerts too much you know Mark Lannegan is always good no matter what he does. I went to see The Gutter Twins a couple of times
ERR: hmm hmm.
VV: On their Scandinavian tour and uh,uh I saw Fields of Nephilim in London, in the UK last summer and uh they played two really special shows at the Shepherd Bushís Empire in uh and that was about it for me I donít go out to see random gigs that much. I donít I, I donít know. Iím just a spoiled brat I guess.
ERR: (laughs) well I doubt that but ok, um another emailÖweíve seen this shirt on you and I think Kat has worn it in a picture or two and so everyone is wondering ď What the heck is The Mercy Fvcks?Ē
VV: Itís uh just go and check out on myspace (laughs).
ERR and VV: (laughs)
VV: So there are my 3 friends.
ERR: Ok.
VV: You can see there ÖItís uh a project of mine. Itís uh a thing Iíve been working on for the past 3 years maybe and I just love that name.
ERR: Yeah.
VV: Somebody actually, somebody actually had the idea that it had something to do with religion and thatís definitely not true.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: Because somebody that that I was very anti-religion just to call people you know with some you know.
ERR: Right.
VV: You know spiritual ideas and called them The Mercy Fvcks and that uh u know, nah, nah that wasnít the idea. Itís uh, itís a band, itís uh kinda a band, you know the only band member at the moment I have is uh is uh I donít have a bass player or a guitar player. I have a pool player and that is Mr.Brandon Novak.
ERR: Ah!
VV: Öfrom Baltimore.
ERR: Ok!
VV: So uh so uh I got a skateboarder/ex-junkie/pool player in the band so what more do you need in rock n roll?
ERR: Exactly thatís it.
VV:Öexcept a couple of songs, I guess.
ERR: Well that would be good toÖ
VV: But uh nah. Itís just, just, just a project you kindaÖ It never took off( laughs)
ERR: Well see all you had to doÖ
VV: I had a lot of time on my hand and I uh I uh was just uh, Itís a band that never performed that kind of a thing. I have a couple of bands like that and uh and uh. Itís healthy to let your imagination run wild and just uh go with the flow and do something totally different from uh from uh what we do with uh HIM.
ERR: Right.
VV: Lindeís been working on a new Daniel Lioneye and stuff and he needs to be recording stuff. Burton, heís been working with his side project. And uh you know everybody gots their thing to do and not say HIM is super serious but occasionally we have to take it a bit seriously. It takes so much of our time. Itís a passion we donít want to fuck it up so for, for the wrong reasons at least so itís cool to have side projects donít necessarily matter that much.
ERR: Right.
VV: And well they donít matter that much, they do matter a lot.
ERR: Right.
VV: When you can take things relaxed and you can just go with the flow and do exactly what you want like something with The Mercy Fvcks.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: Itís just one of those things.
ERR: Alright and since I didnít say from who that question was that was from Sophie in the UK.
VV: Well uh cool Sophie, Sophie used to be one of my friends on myspace. I sent her a t-shirt and she was. She was the first person who found the, the myspace site.
ERR: Oh cool!
VV: You know, one of the, she was the first person that wasnít like a friend and uhÖ
ERR: Right.
VV:Öwasnít in on the joke so uh so uh she actually wanted to you know a myspace friend or whatever.
ERR: Right.
VV: And I was like yeah sure Iíll send you a t-shirt and stuff so uh so uh she was in Finland as well for all of the 3 Helldone acts all over in Finland so sheís a, sheís a real trooper.
ERR: Oh cool well awesome. Sophie! We wanted to come to Helldone this year but itís just so expensive to fly over there from the US.
VV: It isÖyeah we know ( mumbles) what can you do? You know?
ERR: Yeah.
VV: Weíre trying our best. There is a lot of people flying in from all over the world and it is expensive. It takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of effort for just a gig, a couple of gigs or whatever. So thatís thatís the original reason we wanted to start the Helldone thing. You know?
ERR: hmm hmm.
VV: Have just more than one gig. You know originally it wasnít called Helldone and it was just us playing our New Years Eve gig and uh all of a sudden so many people started flying in and so we thought that you know if theyíre flying in for one gig, letís give them a couple of more gigs to enjoy do that was the reason we had 69 Eyes and Negative and all those bands play.
ERR: Right.
VV: uh this year so people can have a lot more to look forward to than just a crappy gig from HIM.
ERR: Your gig is why everyone went (laughs) It wasnít a crappy gig.
VV: Ahh Iím blushing here.
ERR: Aw! Alright well this question may make you blush a little bit more thanÖumm I tried to stay away from any kind of naughty questions because a lot of those came in but uh this one (laughs) have to ask weíve seen video of this and itís been talked about on the HIM forums and everythingÖThe concert in Tilburg during the Venus Doom tour.
VV: Oh with the vibrator?
ERR; Yes, Yes. The lady that threw that up there .. Her name is Wendy by the way um.. she wanted to know what you thought when that came up cause she said your face was priceless when you saw that though.
VV: Itís, itís let say that itís one of the few moments Iíll wonít forget especially when it comes to gigs so, so um. It was fun thing and a great thing since you know she probably knew that Iíve been working in sex shop. I kinda know how those things work. I was checking out the brand and stuff like that. I was, I was uh just laughing my ass off but then the funny thing happened after that, after the gig then. Somehow the Finnish press got wind of that thing and they started speculating since whether I lost my mind. They thought that I brought that vibrator on that gig and Iím using that vibrator as a prop you know during a gig and itís not necessarily a bad idea but itís not necessarily a good one either. So, so that was a punchline to the whole thing. It got totally out of hand.
ERR: (laughs) But it was hilarious though. There is video of it all over youtube.
VV: Oh yeah. It was great. Iím extremely happy for it.
ERR: (laughs) All right here is one more, Weíll do, oh two more of these and then we may let you go.
VV: Sure.
ERR: And enjoy your night.
VV: Fair enough.
ERR; ha, ha this one is from Sophie. Um she says um ďFame seems to separate people in some way and I wonder whether all this attention, makes you feel like an outsider who is somehow separated from the normal people.Ē
VV: uh what do you mean by that? Or what does she mean by that?
ERR: Well uh I think you know uh Itís not so much in Finland from what I heard but uh if youíre, if youíre very famous and youíre walking down the streets in the USÖ You pretty much get mobbed. You canít go anywhere, you got people following you around or like for instance, people that kind of stalk around your house.
VV: uh well thatís that just stupid.
ERR: ( laughs)
VV: I hate those people. You know I donít hate a lot of people but uh, but uh I hate the fact that there is one and only safe haven that I have which is my home and I write all the songs and you know well, well like two weeks ago I had to call the cops on a girl.
ERR: Oh lord.
VV: Since like uh uh she wouldnít leave, she, she kept on knocking. She was full-blown drunk probably under 18. Kept on knocking on my door for three hours straight.
ERR: Oh my god.
VV: And I, you know, I told her to get out, you know itís private property so uh get out . Iím working on a song, Iím working on stuff, stuff that probably made you come here, knocking on my door in the first placeÖ
ERR: Right.
VV: And um so Iíve got my face in a paper and um a vibrator in my hand on stage somewhere in Tilburg.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: So um so itís jus, just that was just so weird you know..címon.
ERR: hmm hmm um
VV: You know? Thatís just terrible. Nah uh you know besides from that itís uh you know itís easyÖPeople do have to respect and we are not that well known and I canít (mumbles) um give a fuck . people, people, people talk to people.
ERR: hmm.
VV: And look at people and if you start feeling paranoid that that doesnít have to do anything with fame.
ERR: True yeah.
VV: You know? Itís itís like one of those things when when you know ( pauses and lets out breath) like letís say a couple of actresses in America, you know how canít you not be seen if you walk with shades the size of the sun on your face?
ERR: ( giggles)
VV: And like brag and have an entourage of a zillion people and uh have like massive bodyguards and like all that, other people are going to look at you and , and think who are you?
ERR: Right.
VV: and they donít even know who you are. But they,they are just thnking who is that crazy girl?
ERR: hmm hmm.
VV: so thatís um one way a lot of people actually um direct the attention towards them because they are so paranoid.
ERR: hmm hmm.
VV: So um nah you know maybe,maybe Iím saving for the money you know cool, cool bodyguards and the shades obviously.
ERR: (laughs)
VV; So uh it will take a while.
ERR: (laughs) well one more question and um we got this from several people that uh they love it when you talk about the books or things youíre reading because you actually have a lot of people who will go out and get them, them and m books you mentioned that you like uh people will go out and buy so uh is there any in particular you are reading right now.
VV: ummm
ERR: Or just something you read recently?
VV: um hold on Iím reading a couple of art books and um and um Iíve started collecting porn you know.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: For the first time in my life but uh you canít you know talk about that.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: I canít say the name of the magazine but that name is sort of fantastic..itís the new, Itís called The New C, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep.
ERR: (giggles) alright ok.
VV: And uh itís so good. Itís from the 70s in Denmark. So uh, so uh Iíve been collecting that stuff now um but um but um hold on Iím just in my bedroomÖtrying to figure out what Iíve been reading.
ERR: ( inaudible in the background - Brandy saying ĎHeís just opened the flood gatesí).
VV: (sighs) hold on, Iím on my bed now uh Iíve got shitloads of booksÖ
ERR: (laughs)
VV: um Iím reading one now on um on an artist called Hans Bellmar.
ERR: ok.
VV: Itís called uh ď Death, Desire and the Doll. The life and art of Hans BellmerĒ by , by uh Peter Webb so check that one out. Heís uh He was a fairly interesting character.
ERR: Oh cool ok.
VV: And uh, you know so I havenít been reading that much to be honest with you Iíve been been uh Iíve just been a, Iíve just been aÖ
ERR: (laughs)
VV: You know working on songs and if you read too much, you get too much in the vibe of a book.
ERR: Right.
VV: And uh and like it does influence youíre writing a bit And I wouldnít to that too much. Just read bits and pieces and usually I read poetry when, when writing songs so uh it helps me out with lyrics and stuff but uh uh I donít know maybe Iíve just been lazy.
ERR: (laughs)
VV: To be honest with you.
ERR: Ok hold on for a second for me. We are going to get everybody back on some music and uh weíll let them listen to a little Killing Loneliness and again thank you very much for doing this.
VV: A pleasure, a pleasure.

Transcribing by Cappie for Euro-Rock Radio

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