Venus doom

With the release of their 8th album on the label Sire Records, the Finnish Rock band HIM has proven to old school and new found fans that they are here to entertain you with a quite impressive new album. According to front man, Ville Valo, this album blended aspects of bands: My Blood Valentine and Metallica. Their music definitely proves an evolution from their ground breaking album "Razorblade Romance". Many fans were hesitant that this album would not meet the same caliber as "Razorblade Romance" after listening to "Dark Light" but after listening to this album it is apparent that these hesitations were ill fated. HIM is a band that proves its toughest critics wrong by improving their sound and evolving into a whole new direction as each album progresses. With each album you can vicariously feel the emotional state that front man Ville Valo was undergoing at the time of recording. Recently, they have had their song "Passions Killing Floor" featured on the motion picture soundtrack for "Transformers" and were invited to perform at the prestigious Projekt Revolution Tour. The outstanding and extremely talented musicians of HIM include: Ville Valo lead vocals; Janne Burton Puurtinen keyboards & backing vocals; Mikko "Mige" Paananen bass & backing vocals; Mikko "Linde" Lindstrom - guitar; Mika "Gas" Karppinen- drums.

HIM originally began around 1992 in Helsinki, Finland. During that time frame HIM was a cover band and had gained notoriety within Finland for their cover songs. Their breakthrough cover song was a cover Chris Isaacs hit song Wicked Games. As the years progressed their sound had evolved and through a few line-up changes they have currently found what works best for their band. The songs on "Venus Doom" are excellently produced and definitely prove that HIM has what it takes to conquer the hearts of old and new fans. With their incredible skill in providing a unique sound that has been lacking in the American rock scene for quite some time you are definitely enticed to listen to the album thoroughly. Once again, the pioneers of Love Metal have proven to us that a great album is always the end product of this magnificent band. Whether or not you are a fan of HIM, there are several songs on this album that will cause you to love this cd.

Venus Doom has a mysterious ability to entice and draw the listener into each song. You may find yourself singing along with the songs and secretly enjoying the entire album. With song titles such as "Bleed Well", "Cyanide Sun", and "Sleepwalking Past Hope" you are exposed to their signature style and intriguing knack for titling their songs. HIMs current hit single "Kiss of Dawn" is not your typical love metal song but by listening to the lyrics over and over you get a really great idea of the emotions being portrayed within the song. It also helps that the strong and powerful guitar riffs accompanied with Villes sensual baritone voice keeps listeners at the edge of their seats desperately hanging on to every word that is uttered out of his mouth. This album is exactly what many US fans look for when it comes to excellent Rock music that isnt afraid to discuss topics such as love and death.

Would I recommend this cd to others? Yes! Why? HIM proves that with their 8th album they still have what it takes to keep their fans satisfied. For all of you out there who havent bought your copy of this album, I suggest you do so immediately. You can drop by your nearest Target, Hot Topic, FYE stores to get your very own copy.

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