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Interview with Ville Valo

CA = CelticAngel (Kelly)
VV = Ville Valo

CA: Ok everybody this is the time youíve been waiting for, so everyone in the chat room calm down. Ville thank you very much for doing this for us tonight.
VV: Very great pleasure. Bright bright morning from Helsinki. Yeah. Thanks for having me.
CA: Oh you are welcome any time of course.
VV: Oh fantastic. Sounds like a proper relationship. I gotta move over in the bed now. *laughs*
CA: *laughs* Oh donít tell me your talking to us from your bed again. You were doing that at Heartagram Day too.
VV: Oh ok well you know, I have a, you know, my short term memory is kind of Fíd. My fascination towards canabis when I was younger. so I guess that I um Iím repeating exactly the same things that I have before and youíve got to forgive me itís 4am and Iíve been watching Twin Peaks for about six hours Iím kinda all bobbed up.
CA: Thatís okay weíll forgive you.
VV: Ah thank you. Excuses excuse, itís excellent you know. Blame everything on Twin Peaks and David Lynch.
CA: Iím going to get right in to what everyone is dying to know. They are desperate for news on the new album.
VV: Sure.
CA: So I guess letís start off with - can you tell us when and where youíre going to record it?
VV: Oh itís going to happen in LA hopefully in the beginning, in august weíre gonna be in the studios I was thinking of flying in before and hanging out for a couple of days and hooking up with Matt, the fella thatís going to produce the album. Matt Squireís his name. And um you know itís just uh, I, met him a few months ago and we had a blast you know heís the same age as me has the same reference points. He loves Depeche Mode, he loves Bad Brains. Heís originally from DC and you know he just appreciates a lot of the same stuff that I do and he has that youthful energy we need after being touring for several years. Weíre a lot older than we should be weíre old and worn out so itís useful to have somebody to kick our butts.
CA: So I was looking him to just see some other stuff heís done, heís worked with umTaking Back Sunday and The UsedÖ
VV: Yeah heís done a lot of poppy stuff you know Iíve had the opportunity of hearing a bit of the new Used stuff and that sounds incredible and itís a great great album you should definitely get it when it comes out. Should be out sometime during in June or July. Itís a really, you know it sounds massive and some of the stuff heís been working on has been fairly, what should I call it, emoish which isnít necessarily my cup of tea but uh heís big on melodies and Iím big on melodies and heís big on melancholy and obviously I am to so uh we just had a blast. I met him for the first time and we talked about U2 and Depeche Mode for three hours. We didnít talk about HIM or the possibility of working together at all. Itís actually a great way of geting to know somebdy and talking about Brian Eno and how he came up with all the crazy sounds for With or Without You and stuff like that.
CA: Excellent.
VV: Yeah good fun.
CA: Can you tell us a little bit about what the new album is going to sound like? You said before a bit punkish. We still doing that?
VV: *laughs* That keeps changing every day. Itís probably gonna be dub reggae now weíre gonna mix in kingston things like that. Um now we have been rehearsing for a bit more and weíve wrote up some demos umÖ I guessÖ somewhere between Rip Out the Wings of a Butterfly, Funeral of Hearts and Right Here In My Arms those are good references. Itís pretty 80s itís really direct, straight forward and very sing a long.
CA: Oh awesome.
VV: Or you know at least I hope thereís someone that wants to sing a long in the world. I will be singing a long to it in the shower but itís just a bit mroe direct. Last time around we were talking about the fact that Venus Doom was a pretty doomy and heavy one with long songs and this time I wanted to edit this one down and make it really punchy and quick and in your face. The album hasnít been done yet its not - we havenít entered the studio yet so itís tough to say but according to the demos itís just um, Iím really giddy, really excited about it. I probably donít sound like that at he moment but itísÖ
CA: *laughs* Itís four in the morning youíre allowed to not sound giddy.
VV: Well yeah you know back in the day I was super excited at this time in the hour but you know Iím a single guy now a days and I donít drink so thereís no reason to be excited - *laughs* on any level!
CA: *laughs* Yeah okay whatever.
VV: *laughs* Yes whatever indeed.
*laughter from both*
CA: Oh lord okay now see you got me all off track.
VV: Yes? *laughs* Well that occassionally happen.
CA: Album name do you have any kind of a working title or any ideas yet?
VV: Yeah well you know itís um.. I was rotating a couple of things in my head but itís going to be called SCREAMWORKS: Love in Theory and Practice.
CA: Thatís different.
VV: Oh you know itís kind of that dark humor we have in our music and then it kind of explains lyrically and melodicly and musicaly what itís all about. You know about the screams of excstacy and the screams of pain can easily entwine and itís hard to tell the difference occassionally and thatís how it is at least in my love life *laughs* in my solo love life. You know - yeah I donít want to tell you the joke about the guys who listen to Coldplay and how they masturbate but uh check it out on the internet.
CA: *laughs* Oh but now you have to tell us cuz you mentioned it!
VV: No I canít because Iím always - Iím the worst at telling jokes cuz I always give the punchline first so thereís no reasaon for me to do that.
CA: Okay everyone listening in the chat go look that up and come back and tell us.
VV: Yeah but youíre probably not going to find that on their official website.
CA: Yeah probably not.
CA: Ok what else can you tell usÖ
VV: About Coldplay? *laughter*
CA: No not about coldplay *laughter*
VV: Golden showers are yellow.
*more laughter*
CA: No not about Coldplay about the album.
VV: Oh ok fair enough. Well you know weíve been at the rehearsal place you know every day and weíve got what 11 or 12 songs now and hopefully itíll be 15 for the album butÖ what do you want to know? I havenít been going out at all Iíve been back home strumming the acoustic guitar writing lyrics down working on pro tools and Linde has been picking me up to go to rehearsals every other day and thatís been my life for the past five months.
CA: Youíre not going to any summer festivals and stuff over there.
VV: Nah I just donít have the time. You know thereís Faith No More theyíre playng Helsinki I guess in a week or something like that and I never got the opportunity of seeing them so maybe Iíll go and check that out, but umÖ I just stay at home and concentrate on clicking the mouse and editing Gasís shitty drum playing. Nah itís not that bad but it could be better *laughs*
CA: Everything could always be better.
VV: Yeah exactly it seems that his drum sticks are a bit slippery from all the diaper changes.
CA: Well heís a dad now you gotta give him some slack.
VV: Well yeah heís getting used to it but say last week.. actually this is Godís honest truth - we were at the rehearsal spot what was it like two weeks ago and we were wondering whatís that smell and we were trying to figure it out you know it really really dirtied the whole rehearsal place and thereís a lot of old kinds of musical instruments there and everything and it smelled like poop and after like 45 minutes Gas figured out that - for some reason heíd stopped by with the baby, changed the diapers and left the diapers on our couch at the rehearsal space and so umÖ
CA: Oh no!
VV: So heís kinda like learning he doesnít know how to seperate rock n roll from babies. Yet. Iím not sure thatís a good introduction for the baby in the realm of rock n roll at that early age. I think the babyís going to be definitely really, really traumataiszed by that. You know. Going to haunt her forever.
CA: Awww. Um do you have an idea of when itís going to be possibly released?
VV: Well weíre trying to get it out on Valentineís. Thatís the idea. Seems logical - we go into the studio in August, itíll take August, SeptemberÖ.
CA: Iím sorryÖ let me interrupt you one second..
VV: Sure.
CA: I lost my stream which has been happening recentlyÖ
VV: Feel free.
*fixes the radio stream and while weíre doing that Ville said it was ghosts that cut the stream*
CA: Alright weíre back.
VV: Oh good! Excellent! Talking about the release date werenít we?
CA: Yes.
VV: Yes Valentineís ValentineísÖ Valentineís was kinda my idea since you know itís easy to remember. When youíre talking about dates. Valentineís day is the same everywhere in the world so weíll start recording early August finish up recording and mixing hopefully before Halloween and then hopefully figure out the cover art work and master the album and hopefuly get the chance to talk to some journalist and people about how good we are for a change and um and weíll see like .. I guess Valentineís seems proper and weíll have the time to do everything, you know shoot a video, you know whatever we need to get done. So that sounds good. For us at least. My idea is to - from now on is to release everything each and every Valentines and on my next Valentineís.. thatíd be so easy for people to remember itís like oh my God itís happening again.
CA: This is true.
VV: And itíd be great becasue basiaclly weíd have our deadlines until.. weíre dead. Weíd know exactly what weíre gonna be up to you know the year 2027 but weíll see about that.
CA: Of course things always change and I guess it depends on the record label too. Venus Doom got pushed back a lot from when they were saying the first date it was going to be release and then it got pushed back didnít it? Or am I totally remembering wrong.
VV: Oh I donít know I think the album just sucked.
CA: *laughs* No it didnít!
VV: Nah occassionally it does happen especially if youíre getting something out in the summer. Thereís a lot of summer releases and weíre not that well known. The label doensít want to release an album the same week say Metallica is releasing an album. Because obviously that kind of major super well known act is going to take, you know, everyoneís eyes are going to be lookign at them. So weíre tyring to pick the perfect time of year when nothingís coming out that we might stand a chance of being recgonized for who we are. Itís sad but itís true.
CA: Well you have a lot of very dedicated fansÖ
VV: Well you know hopefully we still do and weíll see what happens after the album comes out (laughs) Itís not going to be that much different, you know, itís going to be instantly recognizable I just think itís going to be more, not poppy I dontí want to say poppy but more direct. More synthy, less piano and less strings more 80s vibe. We just you know all those old school 80s influences thatís a nastalgia thing for us. Thatís the new thing for us at this point in time.
CA: Alright.
*pauses to think and ville starts humming and making CA laugh*
VV: Yes? Yes? Iím all yours.
CA: Um what - is there anything in particular that youíre most excited about the new album?
VV: Well um I guess getting the whole thing done. Itís been fairly exciting you know. Itís been, I was a bit worried about the fact that I started working on a lot of music sober and that the lack of the Jim Morrison thing, being out of my head, would make it tougher to finish that stuff or make it lack in artistic arty farty quality which it actually doesnít so - you know itís been kind of diary based so itís very direct. Itís like, my way of viewing the world is saying the simplest things as complicated as possible. Thats what Iím up to lyrically and uh thatís been a challenge so Iím just hoping that it turns out to be - Iím just nervous about the whole thing. Itís like being nervous before a date or something like that. Iím just nervous. Weíll see. Iíve got butterflies in my stomach, they started in like January and it doesnít go away.
CA: Well I promise you that there are a lot of people very excited about it and anxious for it to come out.
VV: Yeah well you know take the pity on us.
CA: *laughs* Itís not pity!
VV: Well well! that remains to be seen!
VV: No no you know everyone in the band is super happy and thatís kind of rare. As well. Everyone is feeling very good and weíve actually never rehearsed as much as we have these past couple of months - itís been like 12 hour rehearsals. And you know you canít smoke in pubs anymore so thereís no reason to drink etiher so we just spending time on all the songs and, um, you know theyíre just three and a half minute songs anyway so thereís not a lot to talk about. They have a chorus and they have a verse and they have, maybe some of them have a pre-chorus and they have a middle section that can be called middle eight or a bridge and maybe some (not sure of the name here) rip off 80s heavy metal guitar in between and then itís double chorus and end so you know, itís not rocket science.
CA: Yeah but ití still fun to talk about and all the fans are excited about it.
VV: Well you know Iím excited about it too but I just wish that the album would done as soon as possible and poeple would get to hear it and thatís a good time to start speculating whether itís good or not and whether all the work has been worth it or not. Otherwise weíre gonna you know curl up in a ball and eat loads of ice cream (canít make this part out) and watch Rock of Love.
CA: *laughs* Oh god.
VV: *laughs* Yeah we got into those series while touring the States last time around and, uh, thatís the common thing we share with the rest of the guys. You know morbid fascination to watch Brett Michales *laughs*
CA: See I canít even watch that.
VV: Well you know yeah you should use that as an interregation method as a torture device next time around *laughs*
CA: Ok well I know itís very very early where you are so Iíll let you go so you can get some sleep.
VV: Well yeah itís only what 4:25 I got what like 8 episodes to watch before Iím done with Twin Peaks.
CA: Oh are you going to watch all that tonight.
VV: No no I gotta sleep a bit in between but I like to watch a seris in one go. I watched the whole of, what was it, Six Feet Under in three days so that was like 14 hour days. So I like that once you get in the mood it helps with writing and helps with getting in the mood for the songs and stuff like that and whatís better than Twin Peaks for stuff like that.
CA: Ok well hang on one second here and Iíll get them back onto some music and once again a big thank you from everybody because Iíve gotten several requests from peopleÖ
VV: Well hey thank you. For you know for doing everything you do. You know itís an honor to be a part of this whole opperation.
CA: Well thank you. Ok one second let me get them back on some music and first off that was Ville and weíre going to put you over to some Circle of Fear so here you go.
VV: oooooooo

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