Romanian magazine Formula As
translated by 'Nobody' 

- Why the love you're singing about in your songs is taken to the extreme, so close to death?
I have to admit I haven't been so lucky in love. When you love someone and feel that things go wrong, that you lose what you have, you're going insane, you feel you're melting, that you're simply dying. You can die of hunger, of thirst but you can die of love too.

- Is there possible a love like in Romeo and Juliet in our days?
Our goal isn't quite the love as in Romeo and Juliet, but it surely is the love that can destroy you. Right now for me love is like a great stake, when I am vegetarian. Something that can harm me!

- Is there enough love in your life right now?
There is, and I'm happy to be in the situation where I have the dear ones close to me: I love my band mates, I love my friends, my mother. I'm in love with many other things and many people. I like being in love. It exaltates me!

- Still, your answer is kinda vague. Do you really feel loved?
- Sometimes.. All right, not really. I don't have enough love. Not enough, because I always want more and more and cannot get enough of it.

- What does your life miss to feel accomplished?
Life has its ups and downs, it's like a carussel that drives us up and down, but that's how it is...

- And when the carussel is down? What do you do?
When I'm down, all I want is being able to talk with someone about what hurts me. Either if it is respect, friendship, love.. So I get the phone, call someone and ask if they don't want to go out for two beers together, to talk and maybe laugh in the end."


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