German Magazine
/August 2005/

Ville is in NY with Tim Palmer to do finishing touches to the album. Ville cannot imagine living here, he liked LA better, because the air is better and the people seem more relaxed. They recorded there in a big villa. This Villa was supposed to be haunted according to the owner, but Ville was too distracted by the naked ladies, because there was also a photo shoot for playboy going on. The 14 tracks they recorded sound great (according to the writer) and have all the things Him was loved for when the started. It contains great melodies, that stick in your head. The music touches you, without being over the top. (Really hard to translate, hopefully you get it). It starts with 'Face of god' with an majestic and mystical intro. Wings of a butterfly is melodic, and shows Ville singing capacity more than others do. 'Killing loneliness (they say it's the first single here) has a very melancholic touch because of the piano melody in it. They had most trouble with this in the studio. They liked the basics, but took a long time getting the guitar riffs, keyboard sound and text lines right. Ville says that this song means a lot to him, because it happy, but actually really sad. "When you're an artist, you balance on a thin line between being 'rock' and opening your heart enough to feel sadness. You can sing with a smile about the saddest thing, and that's what we're trying to do with this song. 'Dark light' is a ballad that goes straight to the heart. In the upbeat 'Behind the crimson door' and 'Under the rose' bassist Mige and guitarist Linde get enough room to let themselves go and promises nice battles on stage. A highlight of the album is 'Drunk on shadows', which is an epic song with a dramatic feeling to it. "I like 'Drunk on Shadows'", says Ville, "I took the title form a poem of Charles Baudelaire, which describes the atmosphere of the night. I took the meaning quit literal to be drunk, to be out of it and not know what you are doing. It has a Hitchcock atmosphere. The chorus reminds again of Crosby, Stills and Nash; It sounds like the Beach Boys after an overdose of nicotine and caffeine."

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