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"I can never achieve a total silence"

Musician Ville Valo, 29. "The worst kind of noise is when you wake up in the morning to somebody calling you an asshole. Hard noise is also glass breaking in the morning, if you have a hang-over. But noise can also be music. It just depends on how it's put together.

I can't achieve a total silence. I have had tinnitus in my both ears for years. It's an A sharp note.

Silence is more like a spiritual thing: A moment when your heart can be at peace. Love is silence. The same silence is in reading. When you're doing something that demands concentration, all the noise in the background vanishes.

Background music is really too much in many places. It should be forbidden by law. Why is it so hard to find a restaurant in Helsinki, where you don't have background music. The buzz when a lot of people are talking is beautiful.

When you're doing music as your dayjob, then of course it kind of sucks on your spare time. But of course, if friends arrive to my house, I put AC/DC on stereos.

A quiet place is a view by the lake. And rowing a boat as the waves go by".

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