/March 2010/

H.B. When and how did you start playing guitar? It was your first instrument?

Linde: I started to play the guitar when I was 10 years old. I got my first guitar as a christmas present from my parents. The first time I ever saw a guitar, I was extremely fascinated! And yes, it was my first instrument.

H.B. What style of music you like best? And what are your musical influences?

Linde: I don't have a special music style that I would prefer. I'm open minded when it comes to music. It just has to touch me on some level. I'm a huge fan of Iggy Pop, Strapping Young Lad, Mozart, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, The Doors, Impaled Nazarene and Brian Eno to name just a few...

H.B. How and where the recordings were made of the album?

Linde: If you are talking about the DL album, the recordings were made with the producer Hiili at Hip studios in Helsinki, my home studio and Burton's home studio. First we did the basic drum and guitar tracks at Hip studios in 5 days and then I recorded the bass, the vocals and some additional guitar tracks at my home studio and then Burton recorded his keys at his home studio and then the producer, Hiili mixed it all at his home studio. It was done all over the place!

H.B. How did this project Daniel Lioneye? How and by who the compositions are made?

Linde: I had an idea a while ago to make a really heavy and aggressive album with a lot of little details in it. My best and only friend Bolton is a great metal drummer so I asked him to join in. I did the basic compositions and then we fucked around with them together. Mige helped me write the lyrics and Burton added his keys on later.

H.B. You think about playing somewhere? Do a little tour?

Linde: Yes we would love to do some live shows with this band! Hopefully we have time for that! If it happens, it will be a spectacle, I promise!

H.B. How do you conciliate your work with the Project of Daniel Lioneye and HIM?

Linde: It has gone well so far...

H.B. About H.I.M... How was the transition from Razorblade to the last album, for composing and creating of the musics?

Linde: It hasn't changed that much. Ville normally has a skeleton of a song and then we all collaborate on it together.

H.B. What you know about Brazil? Wanna come's to Brazil someday to play or for Vacation?

Linde: I have to admit that I don't know too much about Brazil. Have never been there but I would love to come! Either to play some shows or just on a holiday! Hopefully that will happen one day!

H.B. Unfortunately there is a bad distribution of HIM albums here in Brazil... The distributor doesnt work right... We have a community here of more than 20 thousand fans who participate in forums and social networking sites in Brazil! What you think about this?

Linde: Well that sucks big time! What else can I say? But thanks for your interest and support anyway!

H.B. Our site www.himbrasil.com.br is completing 7 years of existence in 2010!
Please, send a message to the Brazilian fans, we are thousands here and wanting to many years to see a show of HIM in Brazil!

Linde: Thanks for your support and hopefully we will make it there one day to do some shows! God bless you all!!!

Interview made by: Eric Taylor (Him Archivist-Him Brazil Staff)


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