/october 2006/

The first gig from the band named HIM was around 1995.

- Our public image was really fitting at that time. I used to wear a grey sweater Mige's hair was straight from the Planet of the Apes, it looked like a monkey's hair. Our first gig was to support Kauko Royhka (a finnish singer-songwriter who has a slightly naughty/evil reputation] and funnily, that happened at a time when Kauko Royhka was accused of being satanic and having horns growing out of his head etc. It was really funny when in the poster it said Teatro date time tickets - KAUKO ROYHKA, and under it: His Infernal Majesty. So some people thougth that was Kauko's new title. And when we played our three songs, the sound cut out every 25 seconds and everybody hated us.

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