Ilta Sanomat

Friday, October 14th, 2 pm
- HIM had a day off on Thursday and they went to see Turbonegro at the Knitting Factory and after that they headed to the Crazy Girls stripclub.
- They have a busy schedule before the gig. Reporters from Kerrang and hosts from Sirius satellite radio, such as Eminem, Bam Margera and Howard Stern, are coming. A local magazine of Eskilstuna wants to interview Gas over the phone.
- Valo has been asked to guest star on the new t.A.T.u video that will be shot in L.A. that weekend. Ville asks the Ilta-Sanomat reporter whether he should do it or not.

4:30 pm
- Ville stays in the hotel to give interviews and to get some rest.
- HIM's tour manager Tom Furey believes that HIM might become one of the biggest rockbands ever. "As big as Queen, for example."

5:30 pm
- Mige is being interviewed by an online magazine.
- He mentions that some hockey players and Kelly Osbourne have been to the backstage a couple of times to drink all their booze.

10:08 pm
- The gigs in Los Angeles and New York are the most important ones.
- Michael Goldstone from Sire Records and critics from Los Angeles Times and New York Times are there to see the show.
- After a couple of songs there is clearly something wrong with Valo's mic. He throws it against the wall and loses his temper at the crew: "Fuckin' cunts! Do you want us to stop playing? Should we arrange a new soundcheck now?"

11:45 pm
- The backstage is full of miserable people. Valo is still upset. "Things like that are a part of this. Otherwise people could just stay at home and listen to the cds", Burton comforts.
- Some contest winners enter the backstage and Valo pulls himself together and is as polite as always.

Saturday, October 15th, 2 pm
- Seppo sits in the hotel bar and makes a comment on last night's show: "It was such a shitty gig. And in a totally wrong place."
- A convertable they were supposed to use for a Kerrang photoshoot has broken down and he is helping to try to find a new one.

3 pm
- A costume designer arrives at the hotel. They have a tight schedule because the videoshoot for Killing Loneliness starts already on Tuesday.
- Ville's comment on last night's gig: "I get so pissed off just thinking about it, that I could smash everything around me."
- Ville is the last one to be measured by the costume designer. He returns to the others with a smile upon his face: "They said we're in such a hurry that they won't have time to make the clothes. They're going to buy us clothes instead."

5 pm
- The singer is still thinking about the gig. He says that it is not his fault, if there's something wrong with the technical stuff. He admits that he's never gotten that angry at a gig before.
- During a photoshoot Ville points his finger towards the hill behind West Hollywood. "I would like to get an apartment from there someday." The dream is slowly coming true. A local realtor is looking for an apartment for Ville with three floors and three to four bedrooms. You have to pay one to two million dollars for an apartment like that.
- Ville is still smiling about their 18th position on the US album chart: "I got a text message from Seppo. It caused quite a Cheshire cat reaction in me."
- He is especially happy about the positive comments concerning his lyrics, considering the fact that he doesn't write in his native language.
- "We'll have some time off in December after this tour and before the New Year's Eve gig at Tavastia. I thought that I'd go on a vacation and visit Jamaica with Jonna."

9:30 pm
- There are a lot of people in the backstage of the Wiltern.
- The American band Soil is there to meet HIM. "I'm so proud of the guys. They're giving the cheery Disney-America the kinda gloomy kick that we really need", says the guitarist Shaun Glass.
- Soon a group of Finns arrive and Ville gives them a warm welcome. His dad Kari Valo is there to see his second American HIM gig. He saw the band's performance a few days earlier in Las Vegas.

10:08 pm
- The gig goes well. The band gives an energetic performance, trying to forget last night's failure.
- The record company boss Goldstone says that the gig was a lot better than the one on the night before.
- Ville and Bam leave the backstage pretty quickly. Yet Bam has the time to give his complilation album to a Finnish guest; Rane Raitsikka, a member of the Helsinkian 1980's cult band Smack. Rane's sister is married to guitarist Linde.

Sunday, October 16th, 1:30 am
- Gas is hanging out with four ladies. "I'm the only band member who's single. I have no complaints whatsoever."
- Eventhough Sunday is their day off, the band has a lot to do. On Monday they'll have a VIP gig at The Viper Room and on Tuesday they'll be shooting a video.
- HIM's appearance in the t.A.T.u video has been cancelled due to their busy schedule."

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