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Ville withdrew to Lapland, Levi for two weeks, where he wrote new material for HIM's next record.

- There was snow and nothernlights, helicopter rides and local brewery beer, Valo grinned.

Valo fell in love with the beauty of the North a few years ago when Stefan Lindfors took Valo from Kittilä to Kilpisjärvi to shoot the video for Funeral of hearts.

And according to Ville, the people from Lapland had no attitude problems towards one of the most internationally known finn. Valo thinks he even got a few new friends from the reindeer men.

- People there are a lot more direct, hearty and upright than in the South. It's a whole different world, the reindeer-goings on and all the nice stories. I saw wonderful landscapes. It was minus 7 degrees, snow and a completely clear day.

In Lapland something new was born, too. The songs are in an early state, so Valo characterizes them carefully.

- I think, that in the next record the extremes will be even more emphasized than before.

Valo hasn't been able to only concentrate on the new songs. Yesterday he gave interviews from Helsinki for the 'Uneasy listening Vol1', which will be released in November. The most sensitive rarities from HIM have been collected to that album.

- The record company suggested a collection, I spat on that idea, 'And love said no' came just two years ago. It's nicer this way, it has songs and versions that people haven't gotten from anywhere before, Valo says.

Valo has also been in two very different recordings. He did a duet with Kari Tapio ('Täällä pohjantähden alla') for a record of Finlands most gloomiest songs, which will be released in November. Ville also sings on Cradle of Filth's newest record.

Janne Puurtinen aka Emerson Burton is a proud father of a little girl. Ville Valo says the baby, mother and father are doing great. Her name hasn't been told yet - at least not to Ville Valo.

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