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Let's specify the news we published a month ago. Back then Ville told that he'd gotten engaged at Ruisrock. To celebrate that he and Jonna Nygren got themselves tattoos. The actual engagement ring can now be seen on Ville's ring finger when he's sitting behind the cigarette smoke at the Seahorse restaurant in Helsinki. He has a J on his finger, Jonna has a V.
Other tattoos were gotten too during the wild summer night. For example DILLIGAF, an abbreviation with attitude, that stands for Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck. To show that, Ville needs to lift up the sleeve of his leather jacket. Except for the "J" tattoo, he still keeps the old rule: Ville doesn't want tattoos in places that can be seen when he's decently dressed.

I'm nervous, Ville admits. It's still going to take six weeks until HIM's new album, the first Finnish megabudget album made in America, to come out. It's also the first time for a HIM album to be released at the same time world-wide.
- Of course I'm nervous. Of course we hope that it'll do well in the charts and that everything will be wonderful, Ville says.
- But you never know. It's pointless to brag beforehand. But of course it's interesting, because things can change. Mige can replace his smelly, unworking station wagon to something that works, but smells too. Every album has been a wish for fame and now it's closer.
Ville is enjoying himself even though he's nervous. The whole of HIM are satisfied with the new album and their upcoming tour will take them to new places and to bigger halls.
- If I can explain people who this guy is while we're there, then good, Ville smiles.
A little piece of information on Timo K. Mukka is apparently enough to shock Americans.

Is Ville getting ready to face the all the possible changes? Eventhough he's had the chance to grow his fame little by little, he may have chaotic times ahead of him. Is the engagement a sign of him sticking to a familiar routine? Like in old Finnish films, where a handsome young man leaves the innocent countryside to move to the sinful city and as a farewell gets engaged to his loved one.
- You also have to remember the classic: "rocker and the rocker's chick." Jonna wouldn't marry me until we had a universal deal, in America and elsewhere. That's why this was our aim, Ville jokes.
- But it's good that everything's fine at home. When you don't have to wonder where your heart belongs, you can focus on other things. Success itself doesn't scare Ville.
- It'll be lovely if it does well, Ville exclaims.
- It only means that we can fly our children and wives and girlfriends around the world to come see what the old men are doing. And that we can pay our apartment loans a little faster, that's what it means.

At Ruisrock Ville gave media the chance to listen to HIM's new album. The audio equipment were put together in Ville's own suite in the hotel in Turku. It was almost as interesting as hearing the new music to see what Ville had done with the clinical hotel milieu: the floor was full of DVDs (Betty Blue, Scarface and other gloomy classic) and books of Sylvia Plath, Patrick Suskind and - wow - a book about Mother Amma! Ville probably won't become the new follower of the Indian guru, though.
- Jonna likes that Amma stuff, but I couldn't care less. Jonna left that book in my hotel room so I would read it. I thought she had forgotten about it. But no no no, Ville grins.
- To me Amma sucks about as much as Ior Bock does, who's a good guy, but I have no interest in doing what he and his followers do... But if Jonna gets a kick out of that then it's fine. It's beautiful to have the freedom of thought.

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