October 17 Kaista met the HIM guys in a club in Kallio

Ville: The book is Juho?s point of view on the band. It has humour and it is also realistic, it tells about all the ups and downs.

Kaista: What part of the book can describe it in the best way?

Ville: For example that one where was written about our classic afterparty at my small apartment. There were probably 20 people. Max from Apocalyptica was so drunk and he fell asleep on my mattress. We had to kick him down so others could have some room to sit down. Then he urinated on himself and also on all my records. Patka (The former HIM member. - Melamory.) got so pissed off about this so he through him out from the apartment.

Kaista: What other biography can you recommend?

Ville: Biography about Motley Crue called The Dirt is very good. Also Hammer Of The Gods about Led Zeppelin is good. And I also like Rauli Badding Somerjoki's biogralhy.

Burton: I don't read that much but I once read about Dingo (Finnish very famous group in the 80ies).

Gas: I only read pornmags & Donald Duck

Ville: Yeah, magazines with the pictures. Actually the book is easy to read, there's lots of pictures. You don't have to read the whole book at one time. And it also suits to read in the toilet..

Kaista: What can you say about your next album?

Ville: The title Love Metal describes the music on the record very well. The forth record will be different than the others, much longer and has songs like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath

Kaista: So it's kinda like the 70ies?

Ville: No, but longer songs, at least 5 minutes each. The guys gets to play much more than in the previous ones.

Kaista: Rumour says it will be more like GLS vol 666Е

¬илле: That is not true. Love Metal doesn't remind of any of our albums, it's new kind of HIM.

Kaista: When will you start touring?

Ville: Well the festivals starts at some places already in May. That's why we try to get the album out by March-April. Then we probably do a small club tour, then the festivals and later next fall a big tour.

Translated by Heidi Ekbom

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