Kerrang! 06/2003
"We just had to get wasted! "

HIM's Ville Valo and Bam Margera together againЕ

Finnish rockers HIM gave Kerrang a sneak preview of the making of their video for forthcoming single, "Sacrament".
The "rockumentary", filmed and edited by "Jackass" star Bam Margera, was shot while the band filmed the clip in the Czech Republic.
"We love what Bam did for "Buried Alive By Love", says frontman Ville Valo. "I let him do what he wanted because we always have a lot of fun with Bam".
"The video was filmed in an old mansion outside of Prague, which was the headquarters for the SS in the Second World War, so we had an excuse to get drunk to rid of the bad ghosts", says Valo. "It had a weird aura. We just had to get wasted".
During the short film, Bam reveals a new tattoo, another of his skin tributes to the band, which incorporates HIM's "heartagram" logo.
"He's always stealing my tattoo ideas", laughs Valo. "So now I'm thinking of getting exactly the same one. It was designed by the guy who designed our "Love Metal" sleeve and Bam's skateboards. He was f**ked-up from the pain but it looks amazing".
The single "Sacrament" is out on September 8 and "The Making Of "Sacrament" is being planned for release later in the year, but you can watch it now on


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