Kerrang! #1170
/august 2007/

I had a lively family and Im happy to have a mother and father who are still together and who we can share a dinner with. Its kind of rare, unfortunately. Im still with my oldest mates with the band, so its like touring with your childhood, too. But it was a hell raiser. I beat up a lot of kids. Always the bigger ones! They would try to bully me, and youve got to do something about it. I was a bully to a certain extent as well, which makes me really, really blush and makes me disappointed in myself. But as a kid you didnt know any better. You learn by your mistakes, thats the only way to grow up.

Paolo Coelho, the guy who wrote The Alchemist, I borrowed one of his lines from a book called Veronika Decides To Die for the new album Death frees you from the fear of dying . And seeing a bit of death around me. Im not preferring it either, its not my first opinion. I dont believe in the afterlife, there is nothing. Youve got to do everything now. I dont believe in any spiritual life outside of this existence.

Ive kind of grown out of it. Jealousys for kids. I think that jealousy, thats the fucking serpent in Eden. Why would you be jealous of somebody or something? It sounds stupid. If you cant do it yourself, you cant. If you try your best, and you cant do it, the let somebody else do it. You can only do so much, and if you stress yourself because of jealousy it just makes you weaker as a person. It just drains you out.

The smoking ban
I would rise to the barricades just for the fact that its such a c**ty idea! I understand totally if restaurants where you eat would be totally smoke-free. But imagine you cant sit at the pub, smoke a fag and meet new people? What the fuck are you going to do? Onstage it doesnt really matter because I havent the artistic licence of claiming that its part of my performance. Ill just build my own bar at home. You can smoke whatever you want in my bar!

Love is so many different things for different people. And love is very different with different people. With some people its more spiritual, more platonic and with some people its more sexual. I think, its about sharing, caring and hanging out, having a sense of humor and suddenly having the feeling that you belong. Its a tough topic because everybody seems to see it in a different way.

Growing old
Its beautiful! Ive always preferred older women. It just the aura around them. Its just the same with guys, Ive always been hanging out with older people. Theres more experience. I love wrinkles, theyre all stories. Theyre all there for a reason. I want to be like Neil Young. Have a couple of kids and wooden cabin somewhere in Lapland, playing my guitar and whining about how fucked my whole life is! I love growing older. Its very challenging, though. In your teens you think that things become simpler when you grow older, but unfortunately it doesnt happen that way. The puzzle just keeps having more and more pieces added to it, and it seems to be more and more intricate every second.

Unfortunately your magazine doesnt have enough pages for them! Hanging around with the wrong people, doing the wrong drugs Everybody does stupid things, but its all a learning process. I dont believe that anybody in this world does everything right. If he or she would, he or she would be fucking alien. You dont make mistakes on purpose, but you do make mistakes each and every fucking day. I try to start with good manners, and when Im drunk thats always my excuse!

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