March 20, 2003
Chat with Ville Valo on

von Welcome Ville Valo, the frontman from HIM in the Live Chat.
ville.valo: Hi you all together, how are you doing?

von Ville Valo: A big thanks for your visit. How are you doing today?
ville.valo: I'm very happy

von marina12345: How long do you stay in Vienna?
ville.valo: Marina: Till tomorrow
ville.valo: Marina: P.s evening

von venusintears: Why?
ville.valo: venusintears: I'm in love... and sober.

von blackocean666: Hey Ville, Which cigarette brand do you smoke?
ville.valo: blackocean666: Marlboro light

von devilsgirl666: Do you play a gig in Vienna?
ville.valo: devilsgirl666: Next autumn, hopefully in November.

von noora78: Are you happy about spring time coming up in Helsinki?
ville.valo: noora78: I haven't been in Helsinki for ages, but tomorrow evening I'll see how it looks there.

von marsmachtmobil: And where are going today?
ville.valo: marsmachtmobil: No, I'm gonna to the hotel, take a bath and read a book


von wickedboy: Ville, what does the heartagram means?
ville.valo: wickedboy: The heartagram stands for "Love Metal".

von blackocean666: Ville, is Gone With The Sin still you're favourite song from HIM of do you've a new one?
ville.valo: blackocean666: I've got a new one "Sweet Pandemonium"

von Ville Valo: Early this morning the attacks to Iraq have started. What do you say about this actual situation?
ville.valo: "Make love not war"

von Ville Valo: There are lots of questions about the tour and gigs. Is there a website where we can see all confirmed gigs?
ville.valo: Yes,

von Maja69: Which song from the new album is your favourite one?
ville.valo: Maja69: "Sweet Pandemonium"

von ZaraTheFirst: Ville, When do you celebrate your birthday?
ville.valo: ZaraTheFirst: 22 November 1976

von kuutamo666: Are you sastisfied with the new album?
ville.valo: kuutamo666: Of course I'm satisfied, that the main thing why I'm so happy.

von blackocean666: Do you often use the internet? Do you like to surf?
ville.valo: blackocean666: I never surf and I don't have an internet connection at home.

von lepakko: Where do you have the cool Jack Skellington gloves from?
ville.valo: lepakko: The gloves are a Christmas present from a friend in the USA

von Pattyinfernale: Ville, which plans do you've for the future?
ville.valo: Pattyinfernale: Getting home, get drunk and sleep very long

von Maja69: This is a new cool song... What was the reason why you've worked with Hiili again?
ville.valo: Maja69: Which song?

von blackocean666: Okay a bit discreet but do you like groupies?
ville.valo: blackocean666: I've never ever seen them.

von maytom: What do you think of Marilyn Manson?
ville.valo: maytom: I like his nose

von tapser: Ville, Why do use black make up around your eyes?
ville.valo: tapser: Because I love Marc Bolan

von Ville Valo: Do you write all lyrics by yourself? What is your inspiration?
ville.valo: I write all song myself. My inspiration is bad horror movies from the 60's

von lepakko: We'd like to make a Swiss HIM homepage, would you support this?
ville.valo: lepakko: What do you need there for?

von tapser: Do you've an idol? Music?
ville.valo: tapser: Johnny Cash

von kleineblonde1: Ville, What the release date from the new album "Love Metal"?
ville.valo: kleineblonde1: Das neue Album wird am 14. April erscheinen

von Maja69: Why do you've worked together with Hiili again... just interested 'cos the new songs rock and the new album is great.
ville.valo: Maja69: 'Cos Hiili is cheap and we like Hiili

von blackocean666: Have you watched with the moderator pay TV after MTV Select program?
ville.valo: blackocean666: No, we didn't have time for it. But next time I've to remind that.

von wickedboy: Ville: What the heartagram means - good and evil?
ville.valo: wickedboy: It's a combination from good music and worse art?

von dyanne: When did you decide to make music?
ville.valo: dyanne: It just happened... accidental.

von venusintears: Please answer a question from me. Are The 69 Eyes still an example and friends from HIM?
ville.valo: venusintears: I've copied The 69 Eyes with clothes and yes we're still good friends.

von lepakko: Well we'd like to take as domain, would you allow this?
ville.valo: lepakko: It's possible but send first an email to our website and we can arrange things.

von tapser: This isn't a joke? Johnny Cash? Where is your horse?
ville.valo: tapser: I'm allergic for horses but I love him really.

von noora78: To which music are you listening when you're home? Favourite song?
ville.valo: noora78: I really like to listen to reggae music. I like Jahman Levi.

von blackocean666: Ville, Do you like pocalyptica?
ville.valo: blackocean666: They're good friends of us and on one of our first gigs we've played with them (that was also their first gigs).

von dyanne: You write your songs yourself. Do you write about your life?
ville.valo: dyanne: My songs are all very personal.

von tapser: Do you've a motor? Or isn't this a good hobby in cold Finland?
ville.valo: tapser: I don't have a drivers licence. I don't like cars, motors, planes...

von venusintears: How do you describe your new album? Is it like DS&BH or GLV 666?
ville.valo: venusintears: It's a mixture from our 3 albums.

von Ville Valo: Do you play in Wiesen again?
ville.valo: Yes on 20th of June.

von noora78: We got a "Love Metal" t-shirts from the gig in Hamburg. Are these the offiicial t-shirts?
ville.valo: noora78: Those t-shirts were made exclusive for his gig. They aren't available anymore.

von 6sk6in6: My Finnish translation is right zero but I'll try with a small English mixture. Missa on sinung (favourite) loko?
ville.valo: 6sk6in6: What means "loko"?

von Maja69: Do you play at some festivals in Germany?
ville.valo: Maja69: Yes, hopefully. These dates aren't confirmed yet.

von devilsgirl666: I've got an important question. What the name of the font style HIM use? Or doesn't this exist 'cos of the copyright?
ville.valo: devilsgirl666: I can't remember the font name, but the original font has totally changed.

von schnattchen: Can we expect soon a video from the song "Bury me deep inside your heart"?
ville.valo: schnattchen: No, we don't make videos for the songs from the old albums.

von Maja69: Which band do you wanna have a support band for the tour?
ville.valo: Maja69: CKY

von dyanne: Personal question. How old are you?
ville.valo: dyanne: 26

von tapser: nd how do you travel then? Allergic for horses, fear for cars, planes and etc - do you walk?
ville.valo: tapser: I love to walk but from Finland to Vienna it's a bit too far to walk. I get drunk, get on the plane and then I'll see what happens...

von TinaInfernale: Ville what do you think of Sulpher?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: I haven't heard them yet.

von 6sk6in6: LOKO seems to be place. What's your favourite place?
ville.valo: 6sk6in6: Loukko that the right way to write it : )) my favourite place is my home.
ville.valo: 6sk6in6: P.S Sorry I've made a mistake. I meant luukku.

von maytom: Ever been yelled to you? When and where?
ville.valo: maytom: That kind has happened in Tampere. A black metal fan has spit me in my face. I laughed him out.

von Maja69: Who's is your favourite band at the moment?
ville.valo: Maja69: HIM

von vivid: Which make up brand do you use?
ville.valo: vivid: Whatever I get from my make up artist.

von tapser: What do you drink before you fly? I've got also a fear of planes.
ville.valo: tapser: 3 pint beer and 1 glas whiskey.

von baerbel66: Have you already decided if the book will be translated in other languages?
ville.valo: baerbel66: I don't know. It won't be easy. Some stories can't be translated in other languages. Old stories and jokes, etc.

von venusintears: Do you like to read and how often?
ville.valo: venusintears: Sometimes, when I'm taking a bath. I love to read auto biography books.

von marimaus01: How long do you wanna make music?
ville.valo: marimaus01: Till the day the music doesn't like me anymore.

von Maja69: Which instrument do you play?
ville.valo: Maja69: Every instrument but not good

von venusintears: Do you also wear make up when you go out?
ville.valo: venusintears: Nope, I get a rash when I do that

von marina12345: Will there be a signing session in Vienna?
ville.valo: marina12345: No, sorry not.

von maytom: Which beer brand do you prefer.
ville.valo: maytom: Miller Highlife.

von vivid: Has someone already ask you why you use make up?
ville.valo: vivid: When I don't use make up I look like

von TinaInfernale: Ville do you like children?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: I was a child myself. Do I like them? It depends on the child.

von tapser: What about singing a duet with Johnny Cash?
ville.valo: tapser: Would be wonderful but Johnny Cash doesn't like me.

von lepakko: Ville, is that right that your ancestors are from Hungary, do you speak or understand Hungarian?
ville.valo: lepakko: There's a little truth in this story, the family from my mother are from Hungary. But I don't speak Hungarian.

von kuutamo666: Can you ask him if he knows Janne Ahonen!
ville.valo: kuutamo666: Yes, I know him very well. He's one of my best friends.

von Maja69: Do you play also other instruments beside drums and guitar?
ville.valo: Maja69: A little bit keyboard.

von sandra666: What bars in Helsinki are your favourite ones?
ville.valo: sandra666: "Lost & Found", "Corona", "Tavastia".

von psy1980: What would you like to do when you don't make music anymore?
ville.valo: psy1980: I'm sure that I would become a math professor.

von Ville Valo: Do you often see your family?
ville.valo: Only with Christmas...

von sandra666: Do you like Die Toten Hosen?
ville.valo: sandra666: I prefer the Die Hosen alive

von angeloffire86: Do you've a girlfriend?
ville.valo: angeloffire86: Yes.

von blacky014: What do you most like to do?
ville.valo: blacky014: Making music.

von tapser: What's your next destination when you leave Vienna?
ville.valo: tapser: Going home and relax a few days.

von kuutamo666: Where did you meet Janne? Janne is from Lahti!
ville.valo: kuutamo666: Lathi is only 120 kilometres from Helsinki. You can walk easily to this place.

von wickedboy: Ville, do you've still have contact with Zoltan?
ville.valo: wickedboy: Yes, now and then.

von darkthomas: What do you think of Germany?
ville.valo: darkthomas: I like Warsteiner and the Reeperbahn

von Maja69: Do you still drawn?
ville.valo: Maja69: No, I'm not good in it.

von sandra666: Is the gig in London a big one? Will there be a signing session?
ville.valo: sandra666: We will give autographs when the fans are polite. The gig will be held in Astoria. Don't know how big it will. Maybe for 2000 people.

von psy1980: Which country you wanna see
ville.valo: psy1980: Japan, I love sushi. I would like to eat.... fish and see if I'll survive.

von maytom: Do you ski?
ville.valo: maytom: I always love the ski but I don't have the time for it anymore

von ZaraTheFirst: Ville Valo, where are the other guys?
ville.valo: ZaraTheFirst: Linde is at home and takes care of his daughter who was born 1,5 week ago. Burton is on demonstration in Helsinki against the war. And I don't know what the other guys are doing at the moment.

von schnattchen: Can you dance? Finnish dances?
ville.valo: schnattchen: No, I can't but in the 80's I could dance like Michael Jackson (moonwalk) but I can't anymore.

von iFrauohneNamen: Ville, is it right that you and the other guys are on 14.4. at Viva interaktiv?
ville.valo: iFrauohneNamen: Honestly I don't know yet.

von Ville Valo: Has it been always a wish dream to become a musician?
ville.valo: No, being children we'd played as cowboys and Indians and I always wanted to be an Indian. This is valid for today. My biggest point is to become an Indian. The best from the last Mohicans.

von iFrauohneNamen: Lately we can see you only with a woollen hat? Is there a reason for it?
ville.valo: FrauohneNamen: Yes, I'm getting bald!

von blackocean666: Ville, are you happy with your life or would you like to work again in a sex shop?
ville.valo: blackocean666: I'm not happy with my life but I'll never will work in a sex shop again.

von kuutamo666: What's the name of Linde's daughter?
ville.valo: kuutamo666: She hasn't got a name yet.

von tapser: How old where you in the 80's?
ville.valo: tapser: Between 4 and 14 years.

von TinaInfernale: Cool... can I polish your bald head?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: It was a joke, the woollen hat I've got from my old keyboard player (Zoltan). It's my mascot.

von vivid: Something different, who's your favourite this Sunday at the grand prix from Malaysia?
ville.valo: vivid: Everyone with a... beard.

von TinaInfernale: Why aren't you happy with your life?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: Than more I eat than more hunger I get.

von blacky014: Do you like Jackass?
ville.valo: blacky014: No, not really. But the movie was okay.

von Ville Valo: How does you favourite women look like?
ville.valo: Like my girlfriend.

von gloom: What is Zoltan doing the moment? Anything musical?
ville.valo: gloom: He's playing in several bands and he's owns a bar with someone else in Helsinki.

von kuutamo666: Do you think about marriage?
ville.valo: kuutamo666: No, never. I hate rings.

von devilsgirl666: What's your favourite food? Do you like schnitzel? Do you know schnitzel at all?
ville.valo: devilsgirl666: I've tried the schnitzel already but I don't like red meat. My favourite food is Thai food.

von iFrauohneNamen: Ville, what kind of hobbies do you have beside music, drinking and smoking?
ville.valo: iFrauohneNamen: Making love.

von venusintears: Are you together again with the one who sang with you "Don't Fear The Reaper?
ville.valo: venusintears: No, that girl from "Don't fear the reaper" is only a good friend from school.

von cousinevonchristl: Who's your idol?
ville.valo: cousinevonchristl: Elvis Presley

von Ville Valo: When was the last time you had your holidays? And where have you been to?
ville.valo: 1991 in Bangkok

von gloom: Is there on the new album also a duet?
ville.valo: gloom: No, no duets this time. It's getting boring.

von marimaus01: Which song will be release after Funeral of Hearts?
ville.valo: marimaus01: We don't know yet. Maybe The Sacrament or another one.

von marina12345: Will you be at the ski jumping this weekend in Planica?
ville.valo: marina12345: I love to be there but I don't have time for it.

von blacky014: Do you've any pets?
ville.valo: blacky014: Yes, my girlfriend and my band members.

von TinaInfernale: Ville, How do you smell?
ville.valo: TinaInfernale: Bad, I don't wash myself that often. My skin is too dry for it.

von tapser: Ever thought to join a song contest?
ville.valo: tapser: Defenitly not. Writing songs means is a kind of competition to yourself and to another songwriter.

von:tunrida: Do you play this year in Switzerland?
ville.valo: tunrida: Yes we'll play at a festival but nothing has confirmed yet. Maybe a club gig in November.

von baerbel66: Which person do you wanna known better?
ville.valo: baerbel66: I would like to known myself better.

von vivid: Your favourite colour is black?
ville.valo: vivid: No my favourite colour is magenta.

von tapser: With which famous person would you like to eat... fish?
ville.valo: tapser: With Madonna - that would be like Romeo & Julia.

von Time flies fast and would to thank Ville Valo for her visit to chat. We wish you lots of success on your gigs and futher projects. Hope to see you soon!
ville.valo: Thanx and I hope to see you all at a gig!!

Translated by Pascalle

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