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/october 2007/

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Venus Doom supposed the broke up with his ex, but Ville definitely is very happy with his loneliness and, for now, he prefers to concentrate on his music.

In some video on youtube you said that Dark Light was for sentimental teen girls and for heavy rock metalers too. To whom I dedicated Venus Doom?
V: I think that its for gay people in general.

Do you think on this disc the guitars have the main role?
V: There are much more instrumental parts, many riffs wwith Black Sabbath influences and much longer, but I dont think they have the main role . There are the keyboards, the choir, the voice

This album is some kinda therapy to make the phantoms of the past go away?
V: Yes, I would say that its like a plastic surgery than a purifying process. It is also about how to have a rule in life.

What is your idea about for the perfect happiness?
V: I think happiness is overworthed, I dont believe in the perfect happiness. The people concern too much about being happy without realizing the time is passing by. The key consists in being happy with what you have in this moment. There is not reason to turn around.

What are you mostly afraid of?
V: I am not thinking too much of my fears. If I have to say one, it would be to win against death.

So you are not talking about your fears in your songs?
V: I am talking about a different fear. There are thousands of ways to describe the fear. The scheme has 500 forms. Lets say the word love, and this thing too, can be applied to fear. There are many types of fear, the one I speak about in my songs is the existential fear, about the irrational of existence.

Who is the living person you admire most?
V: I admire my father, my mother, my friends, but I dont consider anyone to be perfect or unique, I dont think there is someone that perfect to can put him on that pedestal. Lets say I dont have famous idols.

What is that you dont like on you?
V: I dont know. I dont hate anything in me, hmmmm (thinking). Nothing.

What would be the most overevaluated virtute?
V: (silence, he doesnt know, he doesnt answer)

What talent you would like to have and you dont have?
V: I would like to dedicate myself to restoration of furniture, take back the beauty of an old chair, of some old furniture. I am fascinated by manual works, to be a specialist in this kind of things wouldnt be bad. It wouldnt bother me to be a chief too, I was good in making tai, but Ive never had time to practice seriously. (he let us with mouths open)

What is your mental state now? What is passing by trough your head?
V: Im waiting, I dont know what is happening with the CD, we have a lot of illusions put in it, in the tour.For now, the selling for the first weeks are surpassing all our expectations, so lets say Im happy, but nervious.

Translation from Valo Daily

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