Liverpool press-conference \16.12.2001\

Journalist_1: From "Exmo-Press". The first question to all members.

Ville: Right

Jouenalist_1: Have you been to St. Petersburg anywhere? Have you seen St. Petersburg?.. Some sightseeing? And second question: do you have any connection with devil?.. Evil

Ville: Mige?..

Mige: No, we haven't seen St. Petersburg Not much We've been driving around.

Ville: Yeah

Journalist_1: Maybe any plans for the future?

Ville: Ay?

Journalist_1: Maybe any plans for the future?

Ville: Hopefully, we'll make it tonight. That would be nice! Make you alive. It would be good

Journalist_2: I have a question From "Aktivist". The question is: how your solo-projects influence on the band music?.. And the second question Linde, I have a question exactly for you! Do you consider yourself as international pussy-lover?

Linde: Yes, of course

Guys laugh a lot! Ville and Mige are in hysteric!%)))

Press attache: What solo-projects do you mean? Guys can't understand the question.

Journalist_2: Their own solo-projects.

Press attache: It's obvious that you mean their solo-projects, but could you name them?

Journalist_2: Guys, have your solo-projects - Daniel Lioneye and all the others - influenced on the HIM music?

Ville: Yeah We understand, but actually we haven't any others Danny is the only

Journalist_2: Have your solo

Ville: Yeah But he's the only one who has solo-project. I'm not sure, he supposes to answer

Linde: Well Not much Actually

Journalist_3: Right now you've passed the girl-fans at the entrance. They gave you some presents. Can we see what is it?

Ville: Well we don't want

Journalist_3: And what did the fans do with you?

Ville: Nothing

Mige opens the plastic bag and takes out the plush toy - two embracing creatures. Then throws it away with simulated aversion. Ville picks it up, looks through closer and throws away too. Everyone is laughing.;).

Press attache: Please, next question.

Journalist_4: Portal Two questions. What do you think of MP3 in internet? And what is your plans for New Year which is coming in two weeks?

Ville: For the New Year eve we're gonna play a gig right in Helsinki, in Tavastia. We have done this for about 4 years. It's like a tradition for our band.

Ville, Mige and Burton start talking Finnish mimicking each other.

Press attache: And mp3?

Ville: I don't really have an opinion about that.

Journalist_4: Are the band members interested in Internet? Do you use internet a lot?

Ville: Ay?

TD: Do you use internet a lot?

Ville: I use it for masturbation.

Crowd laughs.

Journalist_5 (Melamory): Site I have tree questions. The new single consists of the acoustic versions of the songs. Is it those songs that were recorded on the Berlin radiostation? Or are you going to record the new ones?

Press attache: What single do you mean?

Journalist_5 (Melamory): The next one double single.

Ville: We actually have the acoustics recorded at Berlin.

Journalist_5 (Melamory): The same songs?

Ville: Yeah The same. We played them in German radio station and stuff like that.

Journalist_5 (Melamory): The new single will have two new video clips - 'Close to the Flame' and 'Heartache Every Moment'. Did you shoot the new videos? Do you have any plans?

Ville: Ah I don't know, you know Our record company already made a video of live material from our tour this autumn.

Journalist_5 (Melamory): For both videos?

Ville: Ay?

Journalist_5 (Melamory): Live material for both videos?

Ville: We have

Journalist_5 (Melamory): Ville, take microphone.

Ville: Ay?

Journalist_5 (Melamory): Take microphone

The mike is on the table next to Mige. Ville doesn`t take it but bends down to it. It looks very amusing and everyone is laughing.

Ville: We have videos for 'Pretending' and 'In Joy & Sorrow' It's gonna be 'Heartache Every Moment' probably I don't know, you know It's up to the record company.

Journalist_5 (Melamory): Ville, we have a script for 'Close to the Flame' video. It can be a great pleasure for us if you take it. Are you interested?

Ville & Mige: Ah Yeah! Of course! Sure!

Ville and Mige take the paper and begin to read. After the second sentence they begin to laugh;)).

Press attache: Next question, please.

Journalist_6: Will you play any acoustic songs today?

Ville: No, probably. Cos my acoustic guitar is left in a hotel.

Journalist_7: The question is: You said not very good words about Placebo, Brian Molko

Ville: Right.

Journalist_7: Don't you think you should better to learn to play better, than in public to say that words.

Ville: Yeah!

Press attache: The last question, please.

Journalist_8: Can I, can I??

Press attache: Yes, please.

Journalist_8: I have a present for the band!

Press attache: Question!

Journalist_9: I have a question. Do you think to add female voice in your records?

Ville: We've been thinking of our lighting engineer. He's got a brilliant falsetto! It sounds really really female. We'd like to keep in the family. So probably it's gonna be our lighting I don't know doing female backing vocals.

Then so called 'press-conference' is over and so called 'journalists' begin to fight for the right to make a picture or to take an autograph! Thanks god, the guys were evacuated through the nearest back door;)).

Translated by Melamory & Lonely Road

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