Interview with Ville in a Lithuanian radio-station m-1

This interview was given by Ville at Lithuanian radio station M-1 at the 1-st of September 2000 for the program "Gods and Devils". DJs are Tomazas and Marazas. Their English was so poor that Ville even didn't understand some of the questions and asked them to repeat once more. Some questions were totally tactless. I think this interview will interest HIM fans.

DJ: "It's 15:44 p.m. and there is HIM frontman Valo at our studio. And now we'll describe you how he looks like.-(to Ville)-"Say "Hi" to our listeners"
Ville: "Hello listeners!"

DJ: "He is very tall, about 15 cm taller than Marazas and about 15cm slimmer than he is. He looks as fine as on CD covers. His eyes are a little bit red after yesterday concert. He is wearing black clothes of course. Perfectly shaved, with bell-bottomed trousers. And I saw he has a very cool belt-(to Ville)"Show us your belt please"-Oh it's heart-shaped, not with heartagram, but with simple heart. And now all people who sent us Questions, be ready-Ville will be asked these questions, 'cause he came here alone without any guy from his group and it's fine-(to Ville)"OK we can start to talk"
Ville: "OK beautiful"

DJ: "We have some questions and the first one comes from Gintare, a very good question, Do you believe in Satan?"
Ville: "E-e. . Unfortunately no. I'm not religious kind of guy, I don't believe in forces like that. I believe that when we die we will just rot in our graves"

DJ: "So, what about symbols like 666 or Heartagram?"
Ville: "M-m-m... The Heartagram is not satanic in anyway. It's like combination of pentagram and the heart. And actually pentagram used to be a symbol of a man."

DJ: "One preach said : "A Satan found a new way to young people's hearts-through HIM with love."
Ville: "Oh my God! You know Satan brings love, faith and death to young people. It's beautiful, you know, but I don't believe in that, really"

DJ: "Do you like Lithuanian girls?"
Ville: "Hm, I've only met a couple, like a waitress in the bar at the hotel where we stayed last night. She was really beautiful, yeah. But I didn't have time to speculate on them longer"

DJ: "Do you drink before performance?"
Ville: "Drink.."

DJ: "..But not water or juice or.."
Ville: " yeah , I love Jagermeister.."

DJ: "Have you tried Lithuanian vodka?"
Ville: "No, not yet. But I tried some whiskey and it was really good"

DJ: "Did you enjoy your yesterday show?"
Ville: "Yeah, it was beautiful, yeah, and there were a lot of people and they seemed to enjoy, so I can't complain. A very good time."

DJ: "Do you like some pets in your living room in Finland or where you live?"
Ville: "Sorry?. . "

DJ: "Some pets. . "
Ville: "Pets?!"

DJ: "Yeah, dog, cats. . . "
Ville: "No , I'm allergic. When I was a kid I used to have some parrots and everything: dogs, cats and stuff like this. Since I grew up I became allergic. I can't stand animals any more"

DJ: "Did you hear some Lithuanian music?"
Ville: "No, not yet. I heard a couple of tracks yesterday, but I didn't buy any record myself."

DJ: "Is it true you was working in a sex-shop?"
Ville: "Yeah, my father has a sex-shop in Helsinki, so I used to help him a couple of time."

DJ: "This question comes from me - Who cut your hair?'
Ville: "E-e...Me"

DJ: "You? Yourself? Took and cut?"
Ville:"Yeah, but not with scissors, but with knives..."

DJ: "With knives?!!!!"
Ville: "Yeah.."

DJ: "Oh my God! You were drunk?"
Ville: (mysteriously, after a pause) "No-o..."

DJ: "Tell the truth!"
Ville: "Oh, really. I have been cutting them like that last three years ."

DJ: "OK some more questions to you Valo"
Ville: (without any emotion)"Oh my God!"

DJ: "What do you think about the groupies?"
Ville: (semi-mysteriously, semi-playfully) "Hey groupie...I have never seen one"

DJ: "Never had seen? Never contact? Never had sex with them?"
Ville: "Never had sex. I like to know personally ladies I'm with. It's more important for me than to make sex with people I don't know really"

DJ: "You are a kind of a romantic person, yeah?"
Ville: "Well, to a certain extent, yeah"

DJ: "How many girlfriends do you have?"
Ville: "I like to know personally people I'm with, you know. I usually turn to spend time with one person for a long time."

DJ: "You have a girlfriend?"
Ville: "At the moment yeah."

DJ: "You have her picture here with you now?"
Ville: "No, unfortunately no. (after a pause)..But she is beautiful. "

DJ: "So, I think it's all. Thank you for coming Valo. Have a nice show!"
Ville: "WE SHOW!!!"

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