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Ville Valo: This Is Our Most Sexual Album

Youve already read about our track-by-track guide to the new HIM album, now we speak to Ville Valo about what hes calling HIMs most sexual album!

Ville Valo has spoken to Metal Hammer about the bands new album Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice and he describes it as the bands most sexual work to date!

Hammer: It feels like a very horny album.

Ville Valo: Lyrically, its the most sexual one, the most horny one, weve ever made. The horny and the horned. Like the Impaled Nazarene song. Its got that and a sense of immediacy: I want it now, now, now. Its not about being poetic or forlorn about something that is about to happen, its actually about something that is happening at this very moment in time.

I like the immediacy of it. Theres a lot of information put in short songs and they dont let go. That was the whole vibe for me. You should have seen me working the vocals out in the middle of the night, amongst my taxidermy owls in the tower screaming my guts out, unable to stop until 9am and then sleeping on a couch for two hours before starting again. So the whole process of the album is very close to that mental boner that just didnt go away.

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