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/july 2006/

"What do you believe in Ville Valo?"

When HIM performed in Provinssirock Mix met Ville Valo who didn't seem to be bothered by any worries. We took the opportunity to find out how he's doing and asked him about his youth.

How's it going Ville?
- Nothing major is going on. We finished our tour and are back in Finland for a while. Last night we had a good gig at Hultfred, Sweden, the atmosphere there was good. The only negative side was that the sandfield lifted so much dust in the air that I had a couple of asthma attacks...

What is your mood about playing in Finland?
- It doesn't differ from gigs abroad except that the place is familiar. A show is always a show and then you have to give your everything. We haven't played in Finland in a long time so of course it's nice.

How are things going in America?
- Our second American tour just ended. There the distances are so huge that it takes a long time to tour. Everything went fine and there was always a lot of people at the gig's. We did a couple of radio and TV things as well, so the thing is getting bigger there slowly.

What is it really like in there?
- It's nice. for instance when we are in El Paso we don't see anything of the town, just the place where we play and then we move on. the mane thing is that the shows go well. We have had a band from Seatle with us, Aiden.

All sorts of things happen on tour, at least according to magazines. Last fall there was something slipped in your drink...
- Everything was stolen from me but nothing else happened, I still wont start watching my every pint to see if someone slips something in it. You can get really paranoid if you start.

Are the fans different in Europe than in the States?
- Not really. Fans travel for hours in there to see bands play. The only difference is the language barrier. English is still stronger language for me than German.

The teen aged years of Ville

Let's pry into Ville's lesser known youth... Summer is the time for confirmation classes. Did you go to one when you where a kid?
- I don't belong to church. I had (a school subject that you take instead of religion). My father didn't want me to belong into a church because he wanted me to beside later what I believed in for myself.

Did you feel sad when your friends went to the (confirmation)camp and you were left in the city by your self?
- You can smoke in other places as well. For many, at least then, it was a long weekend when you kissed for the first time and drank your first beers. Quite few went there for the religion...

What does Ville Valo believe in?
- I believe in friendship, life, love, music, food, but I don't have any religion that I follow.

What kind of kid were you at school?
- I graduated from junior high school with a 8.3 average grade (my note:10 is best) so I was okay. I had some 5's (D's) in there but I was practicing music so much that I took the bad grades right away so I just passed them. I was in a music oriented class so all most all time went with music.

What were your favorite subjects?
- I liked maths, Finnish and English. Swedish, geography, biology and chemistry were hard for me. Because I wasn't interested in them I didn't have the patience to try learning them.

Were you a good kid or did you spend time in detention?
- I did spent sometime sitting there (detention) Our school was pretty strange. for instance one teacher had been in porn movies some time in the 70, so you were bound to get detention if you joked about it... At grade school I got into fights. I had to show the bigger kids who was who. (laughs)

Do you still know people from school?
- Mige and Linde were my friends in school. I know more people from the time when I went to high school evening line(?) I knew a lot of people from Sibelius high school. those people I hang out with still. From grade school and junior high school friends I don't meet that much. They moved to the countryside and live such different lives than me. Quite few dear friends. All of those who ended up becoming artists I know still.

What was the first gig you saw?
- I saw bands with my father when I was little but the first that I bought the ticket myself was W.A.S.P. show. I remember that I had the worst seats in the whole place.

Three day vacation

Is there any free time in your life this summer?
- I have three days off next week. (grins)

How do you cope with the constant rush that comes with your career? At least it seems like you can take it really easily.
- Well at the moment it helps that I know that I have those three days off next week. And energy drinks help in emergencies. In September I should have more time off.

Have you planned on spending the vacation in Finland?
- I thought that I'd go and meet some of my friends in Stockholm and London but otherwise I'll stay here.

When is HIM coming out with new music?
- I'm sitting down with my guitar in the autumn. I have to go through all the tapes and see what has been recorded on them. I have to calm down first so I can get perspective on things.


(A word test sort of thinggy)

- Peace.
- War.
Native country?
- Adolf Ehrnrooth (famous war veteran).
Being a fan?
- Black Sabbath.
- Having trouble breathing.
- Timo T.A Mikkonen.
- Tom Hanks in Cast Away movie with his ball...
- Almost impossible.
- Joined bank account.
- Mission Impossible.
- And drug abuse.

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