/october 2006/ It's been 10 years since your debut "GLS666" came out. What's it like to look back? Nostalgic?

VV: Allowing myself to feel nostalgic after only 10 years'd mean that I had a very short life expectancy.

mtv: Can you tell us something about your musical evolution in those 10 years?

VV: Evolution, evolution. The bible says, that god is the earth and that he made all creatures. That means he created all of our albums. The evolution-theory is something for smartasses that want to appear as if they were smarter than others. Some may think that I'm a smart*ss, who answers nice questions in this pseudo-psychological way, who misinterprets sophisticated words and that that show my lack of education. F*ck you! I'm not nice and I don't have an a*s.

mtv: On "Uneasy Listening" there are many remixes. What was working on this CD like? Did you think you needed to brush up your old songs?

VV: No, that's not the reason why you make a remix. The reason why you do it, is the fun. Releasing a compilation without improving the music would be rude and dumb.

mtv: What are your future plans? Do you want to continue making musik? In which direction do you want to go with it?

VV: I want to go where the gras is greenest. Wow, that sounds like a Highlander. Maybe it's time to get the backpipe out of the attic. There's no better way to awake erotic nightmares then pressing the bladder of a sheep, to create a horrific sound.

mtv: Is it hard to combine both band-life and private life? How do you manage it?

VV: People always think that those two things are like parallel universes that are only connected through a big black hole in the Proxima Centauri. If a hoover-rep can survive on the street in a f*ckin Datsun for a couple of months, then it should be OK for us to watch DVDs from our sleeping cabins in a 5000 Dollar tourbus, or to drink free beer and curse about the bad satellite connection, that kills the 600 TV channels every 2 - 3 hours.

mtv: Can you tell us about the nicest highlight in your career?

VV: One time when we were travelling from Detroit to Chicago, the satellite connection didn't die. Not once!

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