/september 2005/

How would you like to die?
- By our bass player Mige stabbing me in my bed on the tourbus.

Why is everything bigger in USA?
- It has got to do something with hormones or dining habits. You have to eat all the time while you are there.

Why did you want to tattoo a traditional Black Horse - shirt sleeve on your arm?
- My fantastic idea was to make a gothic-erotic ornament pattern so I wouldn't have to decide what other signs I'd want on that arm. It would be finished at once.

What do you and tour girlfriend want to signal with the tattoo DILLIGAF?
- We are sailormen and -women. That is an old sailortattoo and many other friend of ours has also got one. "DILLIGAF", I mean that's a good pseudophilosophic principle of life. I also need some balance for my Timo K. Mukka- tattoo.

Are you afraid of terrorism?
- Not that, what it could do to me, but what it could do to the world if it submits to fear. I've met many people in London who use the same buslines, and my girlfriend was in New York, five blocks from WTC when the hits took place. You can also say that there is a lot of shit happening all he time. There's not much talking about the bommings of basks but when it happens in England or in USA, a big "fuss"* is being made.

How much money do you have in your pockets?
- Shit, I wish I had like 30k! I have quite a lot actually, we were partying last night. 194 .

Have you ever considerer writing another song?
- What does that mean?

It was an ironic question.
- Is this indicating that we're doing the same thing over and over?

*the interviewer tells the proverb*
- That's the one I'd use right now.

When was the last time you got punched?
- I was with Tidjan from the band called Kwan in a finnish bar singin karaoke and this some dude came to spill his drink and stealing our friends' seats. I jumped on the guy and he punched me once, but I didn't even get a black eye. I was thrown out and dude got to continue partying. This was about two years ago.

What do you talk about wirh Bam Margera's parents?
- We talk about how concerned we are about Bam and his behaviour, future and his workaholism.

When are you planning to go to the army?
- I got the C-papers, so I don't have to go. Apparently my astma is so bad that I can't go. They would have taken me to do some officejobs but I didn't want to go. In the same time there was so muc happening with HIM that if I had gone, it would have killed our careers and prevented us spreading the image of Finland around the world.

What's your favourite drug?
- I think it's Bricanyl. It makes me a bit loose on the feet, espescially if I'm tired.

Would it be much harder for you to succeed if your name was Pentti Tyrvinen, for example?
- I think it would be as hard as for Antti Hulkko (Andy McCoy). Because you can always change your name.

On the scale from 1-10, how hairy is your ass?
- 2

How much do you think citizen should know about the privatelife of the prime minister?
- As much as possible. I mean it's *all fun and games.

You wake up on a sunday morning in a church between Mikko Kuustonen and Pekka Ruuska. What has happened?
- Tommi Lntinen has died.

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