/october 2005/

I adore them. On right forearm is a portrait of Finnish writer Timo K. Mukke. Guy has thrilled me with his depressed verses. Well he killed himself with alcohol when he was only 28. On my finger I have tattooed begining letter of my fiancee Jonna (it's much cheaper than a ring). And the big tattoo on my hand arises one drunken evening, but I don't feel sorry for what I've done. I have Heartagram on backside of my neck, and around left nipple was violin key but now it is another Heartagram. And my first tattoo is heart on my right arm and an ornament on my stomach.

In our group marriage has become a disease. After 3 years of dating I asked Joanna if she would marry me and she said yes. About date we didn't talk yet.

We enjoy on our gigs with new album Dark Light, and we are having great time

I admit long hair has bored me. Expect that I have a ritual: before recording a new album I cut my hair because everything old I want to leave behind me. It's silly but I'm superstitious. Last time when I cut my hair I looked like jerk but cap solved that problem.

It's totally stupid sport. At the end you must to pay everything you have broke. I remember last time we were depressed we wanted to wreak on someone and unfortunately it was hotels room.

...ABOUT AFTER PARTYS ,br> surely we have parties after concerts but these are not parties like they used to be when we were drunk till the morning. Now we are older so we need some sleep, and my throat doesn't let me even a one hard party.

Well, when I was 14 I had a big crush on one girl from my school but I could never collect enough courage to say something to her. When I get drunk on one party I wanted to ask her if she wants to go to the movies with me but instead of that from my mouth spit out liters of beer right on her...

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