/november 2007/

RO: Harder songs and darker Lyrics the result of a hard time, you had to go through?
VV: I had a pretty f. year, on the other site it was great, because I could all this bad things connect with the music. The sound was so dark and melancholic, that I could all that stuff put into the lyrics, and it suits the music!

RO: Kiss of Dawn is a song about a friend of you, which killed himself...
VV: Yes, but it s not a song about suicide, its about more about losing a friend not exspecially cause he is dead. Its a kind of a separation-song. You try ton to stretch your hand after someone, which is unattainable. Some relationships are like that: if the Love is dead and you dont know how it should go on know!

RO: We had that topic in the past: What do you think about suicide the last possibility to excape from life, if you cannot borne it anymore or ist that not applicable for you?
VV: It not a option for me and it never will be. Like Nietzsche said: The thought of suicide is a big comfort: with it you can go over some bad nights. Its concerns to have that option.

RO: Have you written that song cause you have to go over the death of a friend or to write something special for somebody who is not here anymore?
VV: Definitely the last one: It is a song FOR a person, althought he will never hear it anyhow for everyone who like me not believe that a life after the death exists. He was a important person in my life and I was very sad. Its about how I see that all, that he is not here anymore and how I should deal with that. I just think, its great that I was allowed to know this wonderful person. Im one of these persons, which an laugh on a funeral, cause I remember all the good things. The death makes many sad, cause THEY lose someone, cause THEY cannot have something its out of their control. Many people are like that!

RO: And you not?
VV: Of course, sometimes. Humans are owner-seizing and they want to decide what should happen and what not. You should not ruin your own life, cause somebody, who stood close to you, died, I think you should be glad that you could share a part of your life with a wonderful person. I try to see things in a positive light, cause to much bad happens on earth. There are a lot of things you an be sad about and of course from time to time you are! This song is in some way sad and melancholic, aber not darkly and there is hope in it!

RO: Back to the album and with that to the song- and album-title VENUS DOOM. Do you mean the roman godness of Love, which takes different roles, and so is VENUS DOOM one of that?
VV: In this kind. Its about Spoil and Love. VENUS DOOM is for me a kind of model like Kali, the indian godness of destruction and death and also of renewal. Love destroys something in you if she comes in, and when she leaves you happens the same.

RO: There is a Quotation from the Hermann Hesse book Demian: Who wants to be born, have to destroy a world! So you see Life and Love like that?
VV: No, so sees love me. I have my arms open. The track Venus Doom is a kind of Love-song for the love itself. You can light up the darkness, if you keep open your arms and eyes and let her go in, but you have to be carefull, because Love destroy your dreams, Love change you and the world around you. You dont know where it takes you. Normally brings that emotional, intelectually and physical destruction to you sooner or later. You feel tightened of someone and that can you your life pigs. It pulls you away simply and you can nothing do against that, you just want more and more, even if it hurts. Nevertheless it is fantastic and this subject many songs worth.

RO: Let us go one step forward: Your guitarist, Mikko Lindstrom Linde have to say alway ciao to his little child when he has to go on tour do you also want to have a little child, which steal you your sleep?
VV: I cannot sleep anyway. Thats like a daydream. If it should happen it will happen but Im glad that it not happened in the past, because I dont have much time to stay at home. It would be a very hard job for the woman . or, if I marry a man and we have the chance to adopt, it would be a hard job for him and I dont want do that to another person. Im 30 know and I dont know what I want to do. I dont know, where it goes with the band. I cannot say if we are very successfully in five years or if we exist or not. When I fall in Love with someone and we have a great time and we say yes to a child than thats it and I live with that choice. You cannot give away a child or nevertheless and I give my child to Angelina Jolie.

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