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/february 2006/

Ville Valo - "I can't wait to come to Serbia"

Ville valo is not only one of the sexiest guys in the world, he's a looot more charming than you could imagine. We had a chat with him about his band HIM, songs, career, tour and of course coming to EXIT 06!

Even we had a chance to talk to this ultracharismatic guy, we can't help but not noticing that every interview with him is a precious experience. We felt nice during our relaxed chat with Ville, and we believe you'll like it as well...

BRAVO: Even songs from your new album "Dark Light" are still freshand popular, we heard that you have some "rough" versions of new songs.
VV: Yes, I'm still working on them. I did 14 songs until now. But from the publishing of the album, we are all the time on tour, we're going around all continents, these days we're ariving to you guys to Serbia (laugh), therefore we didn't have time nor possibilities to practice (?) new stuff. As soon as we get some free time, we'll concentrate on our rehearsals and we'll see how it all works. Anyway we're not rushing with a new album.

BRAVO: Also we heard that from Dark Light album you have left over a few songs which you intend to put on next album, which should be out till the end of year 2006. Is that true?
VV: First time I hear something like that. Wowww! To be honest we don't have any left over song of Dark Light album. Everything what we recorded is on the album. We never record more than it's necessary, even though lots of other bands do that. We're waiting to finish with our adventures (travelling), and then we will consider planning a new album. Until then - nothing!

BRAVO: Do you see yourself still playing(sorry couldn't find word for that slang) guitar in the age of 80?
VV: Why not? I can imagine myself in that situation.(laugh) Music is my choice, my life. But, I can't say that it won't happen that I wake up one morning and say to myself: "I don't wanna play guitar anymore!" and become a cop. You never know.(laugh) There are all kind of possibilities and ways to waste your precious time.(laugh)

BRAVO: What music represents to you, besides that it brings a relief from hard everyday-life?
VV: Music is catharsis. For me it's the best "drug" to run away from boring everyday life at least for a moment.

BRAVO:Do you think that you evolved from Love Metal (2003) album and Dark Light (2005). Do you have any regrets?
VV: No! For every mistake there is a reason why it's done like that. They are all "nice" mistakes, because they teach you later not to make them again. As much as I try todo one thing right, it will never be perfect. And that's good, cause not all people have same taste, so they'll have different view,they'll feel the song differently.

BRAVO: Do you ever write songs in finnish?
VV: I've been trying before, but it was really hard. Most finnish poets are really impressive in what they do. In finnish music most important thing is to have good quality lyrics. But english is easier, it's global language of rock'n'roll. I mean, to tell you the truth, there are so many sh*tty lyrics in songs which are all the time on radio,in clubs etc. so I never feel ashamed of something what I,maybe, did less good, cause it's a comfort that there is always someone worse.

BRAVO: You've been accused to be "soft" gay band who lives in the past. How is your reaction to that?
VV: I believe that some fans of rock music don't like us cause they're afraid to "embrace" their feminine side, which, wanted or not,we all have. It's normal that not everyone can like us. The fact that not everyone enjoys in red wine doesn't make it bad drink, does it? Maybe the answer is in that that we are not Korn or Lipm Bizkit who sing song about NOTHING, but still try to look mad,angry... We stand behind our words and our songs unlike Slipknot.

BRAVO: Do you enjoy being on tour?
VV: Tours are specific, cause when it's good - it's f*cking good and when it's bad - it's a disaster. You never know what to expect. When someone gets sick on the bus, then it's chaos cause we all get flu and whole bus has diarrhea. In general it's the best to be on tour in summer and in warm countries.

BRAVO: Is it true that on tour you're not with groupies? Why?
VV: Yes, it's true. We prefer group masturbations, cause with those groupies you're never sure is it real chick or a drag queen. We mostly watch porn channels, thank God for that, we set our watches and start with wanking! (laugh)

BRAVO: Could you tell us something about the incident from last year in Minneapolis?
VV: Nothing, they poured in my beer that rape drug and next thing I remember is waking up in a strange hotel room.

BRAVO: Did they do something about it??
VV: Nah! It's enough revenge that in that time I had hemoroids, which often happens when you're on tour. And hemoroids and other sh*ts come often,as you know, in anus.

BRAVO: How you keep your voice in shape?
VV: I'm trying to sleep as much as I can. That's actually the best receipt cause (lit.) I smoke like a Turk (* - it's an expression in Serbian language, probably he said like a chimney) and I drink too much, and that happens mostly on tour. You have no idea how hard it is to sleep in those buses, so you need a "stimulans"(?). I try to sleep at least 10 hours per day.

BRAVO: In the end tell us what you expect from EXIT festival, where you'll be guests?
VV: We can't wait! I'm totally excited about it. We never visited your country, but we heard all the best. Men described your country as a real little "paradise for eyes". (laugh) We heard that partying is spectacular, audience is great, food even better and girls...mmm. I hope we'll get a free moment to see all the "beauties" of your country. I heard that Novi Sad is full of coffee shops with great "view", so I'd like to sit in one, order a beer and JUST enjoy watching. Still, I'm a taken man (* - also means a busy man). (laugh)

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