Venus doom

Ever since Ive saw HIM, supporting Metallica under the "Sick Of The Studio 07" tour, Ive kind of disliked this band. The main reason for that, is that they totally disgraced themselves, under the concert in Stockholm. After their live-performance, which was very, very bad, they threw out some t-shirts and some drumsticks, and guess what? - It all came back on stage, together with some booing.
After that little mishap, I havent been listening to them at all.. Anyway, since they are out with their new album "Venus Doom", I decided to acquire it, to give them a second chance.
After turning on the first track; Venus Doom, I thought that they have given me the wrong record. It could as well have been any Doom Metal record. But this doomy sound only holds for a couple of seconds, before developing to the Gothic/Suomi Metal that it is. The song continues in this typical HIM sound, but yet different, in some strange way. Its kind of hard to describe. But as the end of the song approaches, it changes to that doomy sound again. Nothing bad about it, actually.
Many Metal-heads says that HIM is so corny. And sometimes I have to agree. And when listening to the beginning of "Love In Cold Blood", I first thought that a very good song was about to begin, but then the chorus begun, and I almost pushed the "next" button. Too corny. And then you should have in mind that Im a big fan of this kind of genre.
The next song, "Passions Killing Floor" takes shape, and it comes out to be a much better song than the first-mentioned ones, even if its still a bit corny. It also has its doomy parts, which kind of fits in with how the album is titled, I must say. I dont know if thats the reason why almost every track has its doomy elements.
Almost every track is like this.. Gothic/Suomi style, that develops into Doom and vise verse. Except one song, called "Songs Or Suicide", which is just around one minute long, with only an acoustic guitar, combined with a composed voice of Ville Valo. Almost like a poem.
All in all, this is a typical HIM album, with some extra Doom influences, that comes once in a while. The whole album throughout, is kind of boring, I must say. Nothing I will listen to many times a row, thats for sure. HIM is also known for their melancholy lyrics, and that honour, I cant take away from them.
The album described in a few words; Gothic/Suomi Metal, influenced by Doom Metal. Corny, at some parts, boring at some, but catchy at others. And it all comes with great lyrics.

Robin Bolinsson

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