Sonic Seducer
/september 2008/

VV: We've played more than 120 gigs since Venus Doom, in America, Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe and we're rather happy with it. In august we'll finally be done, and I'm looking forward to it because for the first time, we'll be taking a real break.

VV: I was thinking of spending some months in Brasil, where I have some good friends and because it would be totally different. But then I realized that I only speak Finnish and English - but no Portugese! Furthermore it's a little too sunny there and I'm no beachboy. That's why I'll either make a longer trip through the USA or go to Iceland, Greenland and New Zealand. Just somewhere where the landscape is stunning and where one can see something completely different.

VV: I'm writing (songs) all the time and at the moment I've got material for about 10 tracks. All of them stuff that I recorded via my acoustic guitar and that sound a little more poppy and compact than Venus Doom. But if they're really going to be on the next album is another question. Who knows how where're going to feel in a couple months and if we wouldn't rather do something different. We have to wait and see - and that's what creates the suspense. Just like, will we still be the same band after the break or will we have totally different views? Who knows, maybe we won't even like each other anymore then. Or Mige wants to do a Techno album and we have to throw him out of the band. (laughs)

VV: Amy Winehouse has a beautiful voice and her album is very good. That's why I hope that she can deal with all the fuss around her and that maybe we can record a song togehter sometime - Amy and Ville doing a duet. That's a big dream of mine that I'd stop quit everything else for straight away. [...] Unfortunately she is wearing a little too much make-up. That doesn't suit her. But other than that - I've seen worse!

credit by vajokki

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