/june 2005/

* I'm suffering from a rare disease called fetissius roboticus. So if Captured By Robots, the modern miracle, is not mentioned in this very issue of Soundi, you know that your office walls are soon going to be covered in blood and intestines! Or maybe not because I really like the people working for Soundi, especially [Juho] Juntunen. Except when he wants to suck my hair. What kind of a pervert wants to suck another person's hair? The kind of pervert who puts on lipstick even though his weigh barometer hits red. That's why I come along with Juho so well. And that is the reason I'm writing this. For Juho and the robots. 'Cause no one can't seriously be interested in this kind of shit, right Jesus? I thought so! Thanks for agreeing with me again!

* Everything is so big here in New York. But is it really that cool? Is it cool to have a big head? Or a big cyst on your ass? It's all relative.

* On their US tour HIM is going to concentrate on playing new songs but in Europe they have to play some of their old hits also.

* In California the band developed a new drink called screaming nazi. It's half Jagermeister, half Sambuca. And when the band really wanted to party they flew to Las Vegas on Bam Margera's private jet. Burton even got to try piloting which was pretty good from a guy who's never even driven a car.

* Gas is the most active member in HIM in a sense that he's always seeking for new bands and projects. He loves playing hardcore and he's a drum freak who never gets enough of drumming. Also Mige, Burton and Linde have a therapy band together called Tera Terra & The Plasma Mullets. When they have the time, the group will head to the studio.

* The members of HIM were suprised to see that Ville cut his hair short in California. The band says they understand him though. Ville's an androgyne figure and it's typical for women to cut their hair when they want to change their style. The others say they didn't want to cut their hair because "we are not feminine". Mige, Linde, Gas and Ville wanted to make themselves feel better with new tattoos in California. Linde got a picture of his son [=daughter] and Ville a portrait of Timo Mukka. Gas got a pentagram on his arm and Mige an anchor which said "meat = murder". Mige says he is ashamed of that picture. It's a despicable tattoo that should be covered up somehow.

* I don't know whether it was a wise idea to go fool around in Amsterdam when I was growing up? I became a fat hippie although I should be a slim goth like the boys in Negative.

* A year ago Burton asked oracle-like Linde how long HIM will keep on playing together. He said eight years, so there are still seven years to go.

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