Unknown Spanish magazine
/november 2007/

Ville Valo, the singer of HIM, wears Dolce & Gabanna as well as he changes the clothes with his fans. Well, this time not so freaky.

1.Grandpa hat
The hat I bought from a store from Helsinki (Finland). In a place for grown up gentleman. The brand is called Fredrikson.

2. The scarf from a fan.
The scarf is from a fan from Salonica. From one day when we played in Greece someone gave it to me. As I liked the color very much, well, look, I wear itI dont know if shell know I wear it, but I think thats why she gave it to me, isnt it?

3. D&G jacket
The jacket is Dolce & Gabanna from Sunset Plaza or Sunset Street or however it is called, in Los Angeles. Its a brand store and I bought is from there.

4. Depeche mode shirt
This Depeche Mode shirt I got it also for free because they have the same merchandising company as we have. They are making very good clothes and, moreover, I am a big fan of Depeche Mode, so they gave me a couple of shirts.

5. Skinny jeans
My jeans are from Diesel and I got them for free... from Diesel ( laughs). The fact is when you are in a rock band you reach to meet many people

6. The shoes from Kiss of dawn
The shoes are from a video. We were recording our last single The kiss of dawn. And I bought the shoes. They are from an American brand named Draven, but I am not very sure. Do you see what Im saying? When you are in a band you cannot repaet the clothes very often. You have to do many photo sessions, many videos and many gigs, so you cannot wear the same clothes for three years. You have to renew yourself."

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