Spin Earth
/june 2009/

M: Ville, you said you only slept two hours last night.
V: Maybe a few more, I wasnít counting.

M: What have you been doing lately, how has your schedule been? Have you been rehearsing a lot?
V: Weíve been trying to rehearse like five days a week, maybe twelve hour rehearsals a day and mixing stuff, mixing demos. We record at the rehearsal place. Itís not hard work, but there is a lot of shit to be done and Iím lazy. Not as a lazy bug, but I tend to work constantly on the little things and then I forget about these big fucking pictures.

M:Are you excited to go to L.A.? To start the album?
V: Yeah, Iím excited about starting to record the album, not necessarily going to L.A. Long distances and I donít drive, I donít have a license so itís shit for me.

M: So Matt Squire is a guy whoís worked with more pop stuff. Heís worked with Panic at The Disco, Katy PerryÖ
V: Have you heard any of the new Used album?
M: No, I havenít.
V: Ok, because originally it was supposed to be coming out around this time and I think now they pushed it back and itís coming out in August, but itís a really heavy one. Itís the heaviest one heís done. He has worked with Skindred for example. Itís like a ragga metal band. But the Used album is the one that convinced the guys in our band to wanna work with him. Itís catchy, itís big and all that, but itís more metal.
M: Do you like The Used?
V: No, I like the guys.
M: I like their first albumÖ
V: I donít dislike it, but letís say I donít have any Used albums. I havenít had the time to dive in deep in the realm of The Used. So I donít know shit about them. Iíve met them a few times and I love the people.

M: So if you donít wanna some personal questionsÖ
V: Weíll seeÖ Weíll see what happens.

M: Are you feeling melancholic at this point in your life?
V: Iím always feeling a bit melancholic, but really, I guess the whole term ďmelancholicĒ some people consider to be a bad thing, some people consider to be like a wistful kind of longing, like poetic, you know, the blue moment, in a positive sadness sort of senseÖ So it can be both of those things and I guess I am somewhere in between.

M: Have you been dating?
V: Dating?
M: Yes.
V: Oh, you knowÖLetís say the hooks are in the water, but no fish has really been caught yet. I donít date, Finnish people rarely date, and I hate the idea of dating. So what I do is I usually fall in love and then I spend a lot of time with that person. I donít go out, I donít like meeting people.

M: Bukowski would say that it is easy to love a person when you donít know them too wellÖ
V: Well, in those terms, probably what Bukowski was meaning with that was the fact that itís easier to mirror your own dreams in a person when you donít know them too well. So you can make that dream happen in front of your eyes, and then when you know someone too well it kind of taints the picture, you know?

M: Do you wish to find love again?
V: It depends on love, because I donít believe there should be only one word in the vocabulary for love, which is love. Because love is always different with different people, itís based on different thingsÖ Yeah, I wanna be swiped off my feet and I want to be on my knees. Yeah sure, who doesnít? But Iím fairly patient and I rather wait for it to happen then dive head in first in a place where I donít want to find myselfÖ Again.

M: Are you really releasing the album on Valentineís Day?
V: Trying to. Sure, why not? Not necessarily on the 14th, I donít know what the day of the week is, but yeah, for Valentineís.

M: So youíve been without alcohol in your lifeÖ
V: For two something years.
M: How did you have the strength to stop?
V: Well you know, I guess it came from the fact that I did have the strength to destroy myself fairly completelyÖ See yourself losing a lot of things you like and love in life and the things that make you who you are. Letís say music. That was one of the reasons that gave me the strength to stop.

M: Do you think itís easier to write without the alcohol?
V: You got more energy, but then again there are lots of things you wouldnít do. I donít go out, Iím a hermit. But then again I have gone out and done a lot of weird fucked up stuff, for what? Like twelve years in a row. So I do have a lot of stories. Maybe now itís a good time for me to be a hermit and live in my little place, just to figure out the things Iíve done. And then when Iíve run out of stories, run out of songs, then itís a new time for me to start. Start hitting a crack pipe or something. Make life a bit more interesting.

M: Have you been reading lately?
V: No, I usually read on tour, cause you donít have TVís or anything like that. Itís hard for me to concentrate at the moment.

M: What are your favorite authors?
V: I donít have any. I am one of those guys that has maybe three thousand books at home and I have read five hundred. I liked Palahniuk at one point a lot. Chuck Pallahniuk, the guy that wrote "Choke" and all that.
M: I like him too.
V: Yeah, but then again he keeps on repeating himself.
M: Yeah, I agree.
V: Which is not necessarily a bad thing, itís his signature mark, but it does gets a bit weird at some point. There is this guy called William Christopher, whatever... ďKiss Me JudasĒ, ďPenny DreadfulĒ, and ďThe Anchors of HellĒ. Itís a pretty good one. Youíll like it if you like Palahniuk. Itís like film noir, not film noir, but detectiveÖ Kind of fucked up. Lots of drugs, lots of sex and lots of gross things. But Iíve been really liking childrenís booksÖ

M: Childrenís books?
V: Yeah, books with lots of pictures. Nature books and stuff like that. So there is not a lot of stuff to read actually, but I have a lot of books that I wanna start reading. Iíll probably start.

M: Like what?
V: Is it Scarlett Thomas that released a book called ďMr. YĒ. No, ďThe Story of Mr. YĒ, and now released something I just gotÖ Well, a fascinating writer. A British writer, you should check it out. ďThe Story of Mr. YĒ, which is very meaningful, very different. Itís like a Victorian novel mixed up in time and space. So there are different stories in different places happening at the same time. Itís good, itís interesting.

M: Hey, since our weathers are so differentÖ I am from RioÖ I wonder, do you feel more inspired in the winter or summer time?
V: I donít think that matters. Itís about the season in your heart.

by Mayra Dias Gomes

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