Uneasy Listening Vol. 2


It?s such a thing with compilation CDs. Positive on one hand because it is the ideal and cheap way for fans-to-be to check out a band, on the other hand for die-hard-fans it always comes close to a rip-off if the album does not contain new material. In the case of Uneasy Listening Vol. 2 both potential customers can just go and get it. HIM offer material from their early days and a couple of their well-known hits, yet the latter are rather to be found on Uneasy Listening Vol. 1, a sampler that features the more sentimental aspect of this band. On this album you can find 14 tracks that represent the more heavy-rocking aspect of HIM: Previously unreleased songs (Again, Endless Dark), Remixes (Soul On Fire) and live-tracks that have a lot of 70s-feeling. Especially there Ville Valo turns out to be a versatile vocalist, also capable of dirty-rough?n?tough stuff, and in my opinion he could show this aspect much more often. Remarkable are also the coverversions, e.g. Turbonegro?s Rendevouz with Anus or Hand Of Doom by Black Sabbath. And as far as I know there was just a single-B that contained Sigillum Diaboli, the legendary track from the equally legendary HIM debut EP (back then called Stigmata Diaboli), here in a remixed version. Basically with more than an hour playtime, it?s value for money indeed, so go and get it!

Klaudia Weber

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