HIM @ 013, Tilburg (The Netherlands)

Though rather unknown in the Netherlands HIM Really rocked in 013 last Friday. That HIM has the unfortunate status of weird an unknown here was also shown in the Fact that a news reporter showed up Friday morning to make a commentary about the fans. Articles like "Cold and money are irrelevant to fans" appeared in Saturday's newspapers.

That didn't influence the GIG though, and it was completely sold out. The queue was well arranged, though there was some pushing when the doors opened.

HIM performed very well during the whole GIG. The sound quality was superb, though there was one small technical problem during the GIG, causing some cracking sound the be heard. Because it was carnival a fan sprayed some kind of streak spray on the platform during the GIG. Ville didn't seem to care much and reacted with "ow, that's nice", but Sean came running on stage to clear it up.

Ville was really into it (as nearly always) and did his vocals very well, actually all the guys where. Especially Gas seemed unstoppable, but Linde and Mige performed above standard as well.

Other remarkable thing where the facts that:
Burton was wearing a cap.
Gas gave away unbroken drumsticks at the end.
Mige did some background vocals as well.
Burton gave away some kind of cards at the end.
The audience got to choose the songs they performed as an extra.
Linde threw his guitar on the ground at the end of their performance.

The support act was bad. They played some boring unsurprising music, and their show wasn't worth mentioning.


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