Truth Explosion
/november 2005/

"3 Years In A Sewer"

Now sometimes musicians will turn to something to help get their creative juices flowing, whether its meditating, drinking, indulging in narcotics, etc but I don't think anyone could be prepared for how Finland's love metal mega stars H.I.M get it done. We had the luxury of having our own exclusive private chat with bassist Mige and drummer Gas about the bands "natural high".

Truth.Explosion: So guys, I hear you have a unique experience you'd like to share with us today?
HIM: Yeah, one big thing that has affected our band is that we used to rehearse for 3 years in a sewer.

TE: In a sewer?
HIM: Yeah there was like a big apartment house in Helsinki, we were rehearsing right where there was an actual ....what-cha-ma-call-it...where all the drainage comes...

TE: The sewage tank?
HIM: Yeah, and it had a very peculiar smell and it had a really like...this kind of a.. subterranean feel, kinda like moss in the wall and shit like that...

TE: You had moss in the walls of your jam space?
HIM: Yeah and we used to get really stoned.

TE: Haha stoned from the excreting gases and moss? Wow.
HIM: And we experienced all kinds of weird shit, it makes a lot of new created many...super natural experiences for us.

TE: Did this affect a lot of the writing do you think? Writing material in a mossy stoned
HIM: Yeah I suppose so and plus it's also healthy as the moss has anti-biotics...that's why Ville has such a good voice.

TE: Haha, do you think it also affected how the writing and feel came out?
HIM: I think so yeah, I think we could all agree on that, we've often been criticized that we rehearse in such an environment but I think it really helps build up our characters as we go through the writing process and touring and such.

TE: Wow, I think it's safe to say not many bands can claim they've shared that experience.
HIM: No, but man, I can still remember the smell.

TE: Is it one of those smells that stays with you forever?
HIM: Oh yes, but that experience changed me as a human being, but we don't need to do that anymore haha.

TE: Haha, no doubt, but I know we aren't even supposed to be having a private chat so we'll finish this up here guys, I just have one final question.
HIM: Alright, giver.

TE: What is the TRUTH about HIM?
HIM: Hmm... hmm.....when there's a group of people , I don't think there's ever one single truth but if there would be then I guess that would be the communication between five people musically, I think that's the truth, that's what music's all about.

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