Emerson Burton /Jani Purttinen/

Date of birth 17.10.1974

In HIM plays keyboards


+++ Did you know that +++

In HIM Jani replaced Zoltan Pluto.

Jani doesn't have nor brothers of sisters nor pets.

Actually, Jani is the only HIM member who has classic musical education. He graduated J.Sibelius Academy in Helsinki.

Before HIM Jani played in Sub-Urban Tribe, Cosmos Tango and Torpedo.

Even now Jani sometimes played with him previous band Torpedo.

His favorite music album "Echoes" by Pink Floyd.

And Jani's favourite film is "City Lights" with Charles Chaplin.

Jani's not a big fan of McDonalds, but this can't be said about coffie.

Janis motto is: Niin kaikki muuttuu, en paikalleni voi juuttua. It can be translated like Yes, everything changes, and I cant help it.

Jani likes cowboy hats and Russian traditional neckerchiefs. %)

Jani knows two words in Russian: da(yes) and poka(bye).