Gas Lipstick /Mika Kristian Karppinen/

Date of birth – 8.02.1971

In HIM he plays drums


+++ Did you know that +++

Gas in the most experienced musician among the HIM members.

With the band called “Valvontakomissio” he released albums “Kehtolaulu” (1990) and “Systeemi tappaa” (1996), where he sang and played drums.

In 1991 Gad played in a band called “Dischange” and released album “Crazy Fucked Up Daily Life” where he played bass-guitar.

In 1995 as a member of band “Dementia” he recorded an album with the same name.

In 1997 together with Petteri Hirvamen he recorded album “Project Forever”.

From 1994 till 1998 he played drums in the famous Finnish band called “Kyyria”. They releases albums “Blessed Ravings” (1994), “Alien” (1997) and “Inner Wellness” (1998) and singles “Only Eyes Behind” and “Skinny Rover” (1994), “Mind The Light” (1997) and “Jesus Döner” (1998).

Gad joined HIM in 1999.

In 2002 he takes part in 2 projects: with Timo Kotipelto he’s recording album “Waiting For The Dawn” and works with a band called “Bendover”.

Gas has a tattoo with heartagram on the left calf.

Gad taught Ville to play drums. Ville demonstrates his skills in “Daniel Lioneye & The Rollers”.

The best song on Earth is “Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing” by Discharge.

Gas played in Russia long time before HIM.

Gas is left-handed person.

Gas used to wear glasses.

One of his nick-names is Buddha Cognac.

Gas has cats at home.

His favorite city is San Francisco.

His favorite drink is Remy Martin XO.

Gas in the oldest guy in HIM. He was born in 1971. Sometimes he doesn’t mention his age.


+++ Memorable quotes +++

Gas: We can play music 100%. The thing is that you don’t want to rush to rehearsals after an 8-hour day. We’ve been doing this for 10 years, I hope we can continue at least the next ten, too.

Gas: I like Slayer, older Metallica, Rammstein. Some melodic heavy metal... I guess I am the heavy metal guy in this band – but I also listen to Garth Brooks. Pretty large scale.