Lily Lazer /Mikko Viljami Lindstrm/

Date of birth 12.08.1976

In HIM plays guitar


+++ Did you know that +++


Linde knows Ville for a very long time. They played together in bands B.L.O.O.D. (1986) and Kemoterapia (1989).

His favorite guitar model is Gibson SG Standard.

To his mind, the best song on Earth is Borellus recorded by HIM as a demo in 1995.

Linde is a huge fan of Iggy Pop!

Linde is also a fan of whisky Jack Daniels.

Mige and Ville call Linde alcoholic and say hes boring.

Linde doesnt want to perform in Daniel Lioneye live anymore because of his shyness. According to his words, he cant sing on stage not being drunk. And to sing being drunk he cant because of his conscience.;)

Linde has two tatoos: the first one on his right shoulder (it's a semiabstract sward) and a portrait of his daughter Olivia on the other shoulder.

His dreadlocks are on his head more than eight years already!

His younger brothers name is Jude. It seems he was born in 1984.

Linde, like Ville, has allergy sometimes. Thats why staying in the hotels he asks for synthetic pillows, not made of down.

Linde is very brave. In video Never Been In Love you can see him bungee jumping!

Linde is deeply into Southern and Eastern culture. His favorite place is Luxor. To his eastern trips he always takes Mige. Last time they visited Katmandu. And a year before they had been to Egypt.

Linde practices meditation.


+++ Memorable quotes +++

Question: Do you consider yourself as international pussi-lover?

Linde: Yes, of course.

Question: Did your solo-project influenced on HIM music?

Linde: No, not much.

Question: Do the other members of HIM oppress you?

Linde: No, not really.