Mige Amour /Mikko Henrik Julius Paananen/

Date of birth 19.12.1974

In HIM he plays bass-guitar


+++ Did you know that +++


Miges first band was called Bullshit Ass.

Mige is a crazy fan if Iggy Pop. He says him hi every time he had an opportunity. ;)

Mige also likes Black Sabbath. His most favorite song is War Pig.

Mige calls Ville his best friend and even idol, but to his trips to tropical places he usually takes Linde.

Miges favorite city is Barcelona.

Photography is Miges hobby. His pics are loved by Ville. You can see some of them at the official site.

Mige interested in Catholic churches, architecture, Charles Chaplin, exotic instruments, meditation and pyramids.

Mige doesnt like cruelty, hatred, aggression, ghosts & other night fears, wicked spirits, envy and modern shopping malls.

Mige has tattoos on both his hands.

Mige (or better to say his mother) has a car Lada. He says its exactly what they need for cold Finnish weather.

His parents, like Villes ones, like Alla Pugacheva and still have her vinyls.

Mige has older brother Helmut.

Mige doesnt wear underwear and has aptitude for exhibitionism. ;)