The explanations of Ville's tatoos

The semiabstract violin clef on the left side of chest:

Ville told, that he thought a lot about it. It's a violine clef. And exept it "s" means "sex"

An ornament on the left hand:

First Ville declared that on one of the parties his friend, the owner of the tatoo-store, offered to make a tatoo. And Ville was so drank that immideatly acceded to a proposal and next day couldn't get away with. But in the other interview Ville admited that composed that story for on of the "damned teen-magazines". But in any way it happened by mistake, because in that period Ville was out of sorts.


Yes, that's the logo of the band. Linde has one on the right hand, Mige' on the left. Ville himself invented it, it's stand for a duolism of love.

And heartagram again down his belly. He made it in 1998.

The heart on the left wrist:

It's Ville's first tatoo. He wanted it to be the heart. He explains, that this is simbol of love, respect, sincerity, passion, trust and other pleasant trifles.

"The candle" on the leg:


After long "abstinens" from tatoos Valo made an Egyptian simbol meant the flame. This simbol you can also find on the disc Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights.


Cosmic Pope:

Situated on the right calf. This pic is also inside the booklet of the album DS&BH. Was made at the begining of 2002


Reincarnation "S":


Once upon a time quite on this place was showed off the semiabstract violin clef of the letter *S*. But in 2005 Ville decided to hide it under a yet another heartagram. The author of the tatoo is Kat von D - an american tatoo-artist and Ville's mate. By the way, the other members of HIM were her patrons too and also she paticipaited into the clip for Killing Lonelines (2nd vers.) .


The portrait of Timo K. Mukka:

Ville told, that this tatoo must to became a remember of his radixes. Timo K. Mukka was a Finnish poet and writer, who moved to a tiny hut deep in Lappish forest and step by step till his writing drank himself to death. Less than for 10 years he wrote nine books and various outlines, which were quite depressive, but had it's own advantages
Tatoo was made in 2005, tatoo-artist is Kat von D


The abbreviation DILLIGAF, the letter "J" and a renewa of the heart on the wrest:

On the summer of 2005 Ville and his ex-girlfriend Jonna were affianced after the Finnish festival Ruisrock and made an abbreviation DILLIGAF, which write out as "Does It Look like I Give A Fuck". The letters "J" and agreeably "V" were made instead of the wedding rings.

At the same time was the renewal of the heart on the Ville's left wrest with the inscription 'When I love... I love'

'Nidiot' on the...khm...ass:

Was made in recently told 2005 on the party with paticipating of Bam Margera, who has quite the same one, and Kat von D, who's again the author of the tatoo. Ville: "We got tattoos on our ass cheeks saying 'Nidiot'. It's an old inside joke, and the guy put the pictures on his internet site and some of the tabloids in Finland got them, so they had a spread of my ass in some tabloid. I was laughing my ass off. Literally. But you know, everybody's got an ass. "


The portrait of Charles Baudelaire


Charles Baudelaire - a poet and a critic, a classic poet of French and world literature. The tatoo placed of the Ville's right forearm. Tatoo-artist is Kat von D


The portrait of Charles Bukowski:

Charles Bukowski - an american poet and roman-writer. Tatoo was made somewhere between the end of the 2005 and the begining of the 2006, tatoo-artist is Kat von D


'May' on the right side of the chest.


Among fans there are plenty of assumptions and argues about the meaning of this tatoo. But the real meaning is known only to it's owner. Once, in one of numerous interviews Ville told, that it's the specific name of his ex-girlfriend Jonna's intimate places. To belive or not - make you're own choise ;)


The Eyes of Edgar Allan Poe on the back:

Edgar Allan Poe - an american writer, poet, critic and editor. The founder of detective genre. Valo in his interviews plenty of times told that Poe's one of his favorite writers. In the 2006 the tatoo of Poe's eyes appeared on the His Infernal Majesty's back.


Monogram 'Venus Doom' on the right hand:


Admittedly made by well-known tatoo-artist Kat von D in 2007. This simbols can be seen on the cover of digipak-edition of the album "Venus Doom".


Maya Deren's portrait on the chest:

Maya Deren is a director-surrealist and avant-garde theorist from the forties. The tattoo was made by Kat Von D, the band's permanent tattoo-master.


Klaus Kinski's portrait on the stomach:


Ville about the tattoo: "It's not a simple photo! Kinski sucks his thumb and looks at the naked woman, which is lying near him. It's a perfect artist's portrait for me: an eternal child in eternal searching of unknown. I like Kinski, performing Nosferatu. Though I admit that I haven't seen all his films. I haven't even read his biography to the end. But concerning tattoos I always trust to my inner feeling."


An "anchorite" on the right shoulder:

Kat Von D's improvisation, which was taken during "Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice" recording in Los-Angeles. Ville says that it's a combination of winged hourglass and "anchorite" inscription in French. But it's still a secret, whose 666th eye is portrayed on His Majesty's body.