I.1 What is HIM? 
I.2 How many albums did they release & what's tracklisting?
I.3 Did they release a DVD?
I.4 What's their label? 
I.5 Did they play in any other bands? 
I.6 What are their major musical influences? 
I.7 What are their plans for the future? 
I.8 What's up with their logo? 
I.9 What does abbreviation H.I.M. means?
I.10 What does abbreviation HER means?
I.10 Who's The 69 Eyes?
I.11 What is Daniel Lioneye?
I.12 What is Black Salem?
I.13 Who are Silke and Seppo?
I.14 What instruments the HIM guys play?
I.15 What is Synnin Viemaa?

II.1 When was the band formed? 
II.2 What are dates of their birthdays?
II.3 How many tattoos do they have?
II.4 Who's Susanna & please, can I have a look at her???
II.5 What is the guys sexual orientation?
II.6 What is Tavastia?


III.1 Where could I get HIM mp3s?
III.2 Where could I get video-files with HIM?
III.3 Who writes lyrics and music? 
III.4 Who is the producer? 
III.5 Who did female vocal for GLSV. 666 and "Dark Sekret Love"?? 
III.6 What covers did HIM make? 
III.7 What are titles of non-album tracks & where can I find them?
III.8 Ville Valo apart from HIM
III.9 Where can I get autographs?
III.10 What videos did they released?
III.11 Who's (what's) Cosmic Pope?
III.12 Where exactly in "13th Floor" movie I can hear "Join me'?
III.13 HIM & cinema
III.14 What is Borellus?

III.15 Where did the song "Too Happy to Be Alive" appeared from?
III.16 Who sings the back-vocal in the HIM's songs?
IV.1 Do they have official site?
IV.2 What useful sites can you recommend?



(HIM related Frequenty Asked Questions)
Version: 666.5 beta
Release Date: 22.11.2000
Upgrade Date: 29.09.2008
Authors: Misery, Trix & HIMiks


I.1 What is HIM? 

HIM are:

Seppo Vesterinen manager
Ville Valo vocal
Mige Amour (Mikko Henrik Julius Paananen) bass-guitar
Lily Lazer (Mikko Viljami 'Linde' Lindstrom) guitar
Gas Lipstick (Mika Karppinen) drums (replaced Juhana)
Emerson Burton (Jani Purttinen) keyboard (replaced Zoltan)

Ex-HIM is:

Zoltan Pluto (Jussi 'Juska' Salminen) keyboard (replaced Antto)
Antto Melasniemi keyboard
Juhana Rantala drums

I.2 How many albums did they release & what's tracklisting?

HIM released 6 albums (Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666, Razorblade Romance, Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights, Love Metal, Dark Light, Venus Doom) and 1 EP (666 Ways To Love: Prologue).

EP "666 Ways To Love: Prologue" (1996)
01. Stigmata Diaboli 2:51
02. Wicked Game 3:53
03. Dark Secret Love 5:17
04. The Heartless 7:25

Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666 (1998)
01. Your Sweet Six Six Six
02. Wicked Game
03. The Heartless
04. Our Diabolikal Rapture
05. It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)
06. When Love And Death Embrace
07. The Beginning Of The End 
08. (Don' t Fear) The Reaper
09. For You
66. Bonus track

Razorblade Romance (2000)
01. I love you
02. Poison girl
03. Join me (Album Version)
04. Right here in my arms
05. Gone with the sin
06. Razorblade kiss
07. Bury me deep inside
08. Heaven tonight
09. Death is in love with us
10. Resurrection
11. One Last Time
12. Sigillum Diaboli [3:53] * 
13. The 9th Circle (OLT) [5:12] * 
* Bonus-tracks are only available on German edition

Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights (2001)
01. Salt in our wounds
02. Heartache every moment
03. Lose you tonight
04. In joy and sorrow
05. Pretending
06. Close to the flame
07. You are the one *
08. Please don't let it go
09. Beautiful
10. In love and lonely *
11. Don't close your heart
12. Love you like I do
* Bonus-tracks are available only on digipak edition.

Love Metal (2003)
01. Buried alive by love
02. The Funeral of Hearts
03. Beyond Redemption
04. Sweet Pandemonium
05. Soul on Fire
06. The Sacrament
07. This Fortress of Tears
08. Circle of Fear
09. Endless Dark
10. The Path
11. Love's Requiem *
12. Buried Alive by Love (Video)
* digipak edition only.

And Love Said No: The Greatest Hits 1997-2004
Disc 1
01. And Love Said No
02. Join Me (Razorblade Mix)
03. Buried Alive By Love
04. Heartache Every Moment
05. Solitary Man
06. Right Here In My Arms
07. The Funeral Of Hearts
08. In Joy And Sorrow
09. Your Sweet 666
10. Gone With The Sin
11. Wicked game
12. The Sacrament
13. Close To The Flame
14. Poison Girl
15. Pretending (Album Version)
16. When love and death embrace
+ -
Disc 2 (DVD)*
01. Soul On Fire (Live)
02. The Funeral Of Hearts (Live)
03. Beyond Redemption (Live)
04. Sweet Pandemonium (Live)
05. Buried Alive By Love (Live)
06. The Sacrament (Live)
* Disc 2 is on digi-pack only

Dark Light (2005)
01. Vampire Heart
02. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
03. Behind The Crimson Door
04. Killing Loneliness
05. Dark Light
06. Drunk On Shadows
07. Under The Rose
08. Play Dead
09. Face Of God
10. Night Side Of Eden
11. Venus (In Our Blood) *
12. The Cage **
13. Poison Heart (The Ramones cover)***
This Bonus-tracks are only on:
* - special internet-edition and Japan edition;
** - digibook, special internet-edition and Japanese edition;
*** - single *Wings of a Butterfly* and Japanese edition.

Uneasy Listening Vol.1 (2006 year)
1. The Sacrament (Disrhythm Remix)
2. The Funeral Of Hearts (Acoustic Version)
3. Join Me In Death (Strongroom Mix)
4. Close To The Flame (Rappula Tapes)
5. In Joy And Sorrow (String Version)
6. It's All Tears (Unplugged Radio Live)
7. When Love And Death Embrace (Aormj Edit)
8. Buried Alive By Love (Deliverance Version)
9. Gone With The Sin (O.D. Version)
10. Salt In Our Wounds (Thulsa Doom Version)
11. Please Don't Let It Go (Acoustic Version)
12. One Last Time (Rockfield Madness Mix)
12. For You (Unplugged Radio Live)
13. The Path (P.S. Version)
14. Lose You Tonight (Thulsa Doom Extended Dub)

Uneasy Listening Vol.2 (2007 year)
01. Buried Alive By Love (616 Version)
02. Rendezvous With Anus (El Presidente Version)
03. Sigillum Diaboli
04. I Love You (Joffa Bond - We Miss Ya)
05. The Beginning Of The End (Remix)
06. Again (Hollola Version)
07. Wicked Game (Live in Turku)
08. Soul On Fire (Remix)
09. Beautiful (Hollola Tapes)
10. This Endless Dark (616 Version)
11. Hand Of Doom (Live In Turku)
12. Right Here In My Arms (Live In Turku)
13. Sail On (Live In Turku)
14. Pretending (Cosmic Pope Version)

Venus Doom (2007)
Disc 1
01. Venus Doom
02. Love in Cold Blood
03. Passion's Killing Floor
04. The Kiss of Dawn
05. Sleepwalking Past Hope
06. Dead Lovers' Lane
07. Song or Suicide
08. Bleed Well
09. Cyanide Sun

Disc 2
01. Love In Cold Blood (Special K Remix)
02. Dead Lovers' Lane (Special C616 Remix)
03. Bleed Well (Acoustic) *
Disc 2 exists only on digipak- and special limited-editions.
* - This Bonus-trackis only on special limited-edition.

I.3 Had the band released the DVD?

Yes, The Video Collection: 1997-2003, was released in 2004 year, the content is:
01. Buried Alive By Love
02. The Funeral Of Hearts
03. Gone With The Sin
04. Heartache Every Moment
05. In Joy And Sorrow
06. Join Me In Death
07. Poison Girl
08. Pretending
09. Right Here In My Arms
10. The Sacrament
11. When Love And Death Embrace
12. Wicked Game
13. The Fourth Wall bonus feature
14. Interrogation Footage bonus feature

And DVD Love Metal Archives Vol. 1,was released in 2005. It included video-clips, live-performances, photo, biography and several bonuses.
Disk 1:
When Love and Death Embrace
Wicked Game (1996 Park Version)
Wicked Game (Razorblade Romance Version)
Join Me (Ice version)
Right Here In My Arms
Poison Girl (Live 2000 Video)
Gone With the Sin
In Joy and Sorrow
Heartache Every Moment
Buried Alive By Love
The Funeral of Hearts
The Sacrament
Solitary Man
And Love Said No
Close To The Flame

Wicked Game (Live, Viva Overdrive show 1998)
Your Sweet Six Six Six (Live, Viva Overdrive show 1998)
When Love And Death Embrace (Live, Viva Overdrive show 1998)
Rebel Yell (Live, Provinssirock 1999)
Right Here In My Arms (Live, Berlin Arena 2000)
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart (Live, Berlin Arena 2000)
Razorblade Kiss (Live, Berlin Arena 2000)
Join Me In Death (Live, Berlin Arena 2000)
Join Me (Live, 13th floor party, Koln 1999)
Razorblade Romance Album Review
Pretending (Live, Rock Am Ring, 2001)
In Joy And Sorrow (Live, Rock Am Ring, 2001)
Heartache Every Moment (Live, Rock Am Ring, 2001)
Lose You Tonight (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku 2002)
Close To The Flame (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku 2002)
Heartache Every Moment (Haggard cut Video)
Buried Alive By Love (Live, Semifinal 2003)
The Funeral Of Hearts (Live, Semifinal 2003)
The Sacrament (Live, Maxidrom, Moscow 2003)
The Funeral Of Hearts (Live, Maxidrom, Moscow 2003)
Sweet Pandemonium (Live, Lycabettus Theatre, Athens 2003)
Love Metal Album Review
Your Sweet Six Six Six (Live, Tavastia Club, Helsinki 2004)
Its All Tears (Drown In This Love) (Live, Tavastia Club, Helsinki 2004)
Poison Girl (Live, Tavastia Club, Helsinki 2004)
Solitary Man (Live, Tavastia Club, Helsinki 2004)
Sweet Pandemonium (Live, Tavastia Club, Helsinki 2004)
And Love Said No (Live, Tavastia Club, Helsinki 2004)
Gone With The Sin (Live, Tavastia Club, Helsinki 2004)
In Our Diabolikal Rapture (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku 2002)
Hand of Doom (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku 2002)
The Making Of: The Funeral Of Hearts
Beyond Redemption (Live, Record Release Gig, Hamburg 2003)
Soul On Fire (Live, Record Release Gig, Hamburg 2003)
This Fortress Of Tears (Live, Record Release Gig, Hamburg 2003)
Soul On Fire (Live, Semifinal, Helsinki 2003)
Stigmata Diaboli (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku 2002)
For You (Live, Caribia Hotel, Turku 2002)

Greatest Love Songs Vol.666 Biography
Razorblade Romance Biography
Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights Biography
Love Metal Biography
And Love Said No Biography

Symbian S60 Mobile Phone Extras
Greatest Love Songs v.666 Pics
Razorblade Romance Pics
Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights Pics
Love Metal Pics
And Love Said No Pics

Disk 2, HIM vs. BAM: *
Buried Alive By Love (Bam Margera's making of)
Buried Alive By Love (Promo)
The Sacrament (Bam Margera's making of)
The Sacrament (Promo)
And Love Said No (Bam Margera's making of)
And Love Said No (Promo)
Bonus Material:
Solitary Man (Promo)
HIM EPK (Interview)
HIM TV Spot - Love Metal
(Making of) Buried Alive By Love (Trailer)
The Sacrament (Trailer)
Solitary Man (Trailer)
* Disk 2 exists only on limited edition

The first live-DVD Digital Versatile Doom: Live At The Orpheum Theatre XXXVII A.S. appeared in stores 28.04.2008.

01. Intro (Blood Theme)
02. Passion's Killing Floor
03. (Rip Out) The Wings of A Butterfly
04. Buried Alive By Love
05. Wicked Game
06. The Kiss of Dawn
07. Vampire Heart
08. Poison Girl
09. Dead Lovers' Lane
10. Join Me in Death
11. It's All Tears
12. Sleepwalking Past Hope
13. Killing Loneliness
14. Soul on Fire
15. Your Sweet Six Six Six
16. Bleed Well
17. Right Here In My Arms
18. The Funeral of Hearts
19. V.D.O
Ville interview
Photo gallery

Also, the disk Poison Arrow, exists - unofficial band's biography

I.3 What's their label?

HIM worked with Gun/Supersonic (subsidiary of BMG in Germany), with MG-Finland, with local BMG-companies, with BMG-Russia and with Universal Music (USA). Since 2005 they are released by Sire Records company, belonged to Warner Bros. Records. In Finland their albums are released on Heartagram lable, referential to HMC (Helsinki Music Company)

I.4 Did they play in any other bands? 

Ville started at 7 and played in some bands. The first one called Kemoterapia. Mige and Linde also played in different school bands. Gas was a drummer of Kyyria before HIM. Zoltan played keyboards in To/Die/For (ex-Mary Ann), now he plays in New Dawn Foundation. Burton played in Sub-Urban Tribe, Cosmos Tango, Torpedo.

I.5 What are their musical influences? 

Ville likes melodical rock and Kiss. Mige likes Black Sabbath. Gas likes heavy metal music (something like Kamelot). Linde likes Iggy Pop.

I.6 What plans do they have for the future?

This autumn guys finally take a break after a long tour. Ville recently said that he had alredy written 10 new songs and soon they would start to work on it to be able to go to studio in the 2009 begins.

I.7 What's up with their logo?? 

The logo is called heartagram. Its a combination of pentagram and heart. This is HIM original logo.

I.8 What does HIM abbreviation means?

HIM stands for His Infernal Majesty. His Infernal Majesty is the original name of the band. Nowadays the band is called just HIM.

I.9 What does abbreviation HER means?

HIM had to take this name for USA promotion due to copyright restrictions as in USA the band HIM alredy exist. HER appeared in the middle of 2002, is distributed only on US territiry & doesn't stand for anything (except the joke about Her Evil Royalty). Later HIM bought name HIM from American HIM for good money.

I.10 Who's The 69 eyes?

Its another one gothic rock band from Hellsinki. Ville helped them to record Wrap Your Troubles In Dream, Wasting the Dawn, Blessed Be & Paris Kills (check III.7).
Official site - poko.fi/69eyes/
Fan-site - the69eyes.ru

I.11 What is Daniel Lioneye?

It is HIM side-project. Main characters are Daniel Lioneye (Linde) - vocals & guitar, Bill (Ville) - drums, Michael Eros (Mige) -bass-guitar, also The Skreppers' singer Dr. Skrepper and some other musicians. Daniel Lioneye recorded only one album - The King of Rock'n'Roll (2001), and the band perfomed at three fests. Linde was the one who imagined and produced this joke. He is also an author of all the songs on the album, except covers.

I.12 What is Black Salem?

Black Salem is a band, which band-members are Lux Airam (Ville), Miguelo (Mige) and Daniel Lioneye (Linde). On September 7, 2002 Black Salem played in Tavastia as a support band of The Skreppers. Black Salem played there 6 new, yet unknown and unreleased, HIM songs: BABL, Beyond Redemption, Sweet Pandemonium, Soul on Fire, The Sacrament, Funeral of Hearts. Before the show Ville explained that the guys use this name temporarily, because of disagreements of HIM and HER.
It's also known that Lux Airam, Miguelo and Daniel Lioneye are recorded on back-vocals on The Skreppers' album called "Hedonist Hellcats", and Ville and guitarist Reinaldo are the authors of the song Soon Someone is Crying.

I.13 What instruments the HIM guys play?

There're two authentic documents about it: booklet of Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights and book "Synnin viemää". In the booklet we can read this :
"S.Ieni (Mige) exclusively uses Lamb-egg, Bender and a 500$ pedal he bought from New York . Buddha Cognac (Gas) gets free stuff from Tama, Paiste and Aquarian if he puts their stickers on his drums and appears in their ads. Burton gets a quite good discount from Koro. Elvis sang to a Shure microphone and so does Don Vitto (Ville). Danny (Linde) loves Laney and adores Gibson".
These instruments are mentioned in the biography book:
Linde - Gibson SG, Laney VH 100 R, pedals fuzz, wah, tremolo, octave ect
Mige - Fender Precision, Ampeg SWT - II Pro, David Eden, Fender, Ampeg, pedals fuzz, robot ect
Burton - Korg Triton, Prophecy, K&M
Kaasu - Tama Starclassic Maple, Paiste
Ville - Shure

I.14 Who are Silke and Seppo Vesterinen??

Seppo Vesterinen is a HIM's manager, who's been working with them since 1996. Before this union Seppo's fosterling was another Finnish band, which got the international renown - Hanoi Rocks. Silke is HIM's promoter. She played a great role in producing HIM in Germany after release of the Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666. Nowdays both Silke and Seppo work with HIM and they're often could be seen on the photos and videos from tours.

I.15 What is Synnin Viemää?

Synnin Viemää is an official biography of HIM, which was released in Finland. Presentation of the book took place in Helsinki in October 25, 2002. There was an autograph session with HIM guys and, of course, with an author - Finnish journalist Juho Juntunen. Synnin Viem ää was publish in Finland only and it's written in Finniash language. There's no official translations to any other languages. To read some fan translations here. Scans of illustrations are here. The name of the book can be translated like "Gone With The Sin".


II.1 When was band formed? 

In summer 1995 Ville Valo and his school friends Mige and Linde organized a band and called it His Infernal Majesty.

II.2 Birthdates of the bandmembers?

Ville: 22.11.76
Mige: 19.12.74 
Lily: 12.08.76
Gas: 08.02.71
Burton: 17.10.1974
Zoltan: 26.09.77

II.3 How many tattoos do they have?

Linde has something like a sword on the right shoulder and the portray of hes daughter Olivia onthe left.
Mige has stylized heartagram on the left forearm and two snakes on the right one.
Gas has heartagram on the right leg.
Ville has plenty of tatoos: heartagram on the stomach, inscription *May* on the breast, eyes of Edgar Poe on the back, the letter *J* (meaned Jonna) on the ring finger of left hand, the heart on the right wrist (later in 2005 he made the inscription *when I love I love*), the abbriviation DILLIGAF ( do I look like I give a f*ck - old sea phrase) and on the same hand are Ville's Favourite poets - Sharle Bodler, Timo K. Mukka and Charles Buckovsky, simbols from the cover of digipak-edition Venus Doom on the right hand, an ornament on the left hand, heartagram which hides the letter *S* over the left nipple, heartagram on the neck, something like candle on the left leg (Ville insists that it's the ancient Egypt simbol of the fire), creature known as Cosmic Pope on the right leg, and a few.
Zoltan has heartagram right in the center of chest.

II.4 Who is Susanna?

Susanna is a phantomlike ex-girlfriend of Ville (Susanna is not Sanna Jun Hyde which voice is recorded on GLSV. 666!) >>>

II.5 What is the guys sexual orientation?

The right answer is known to the guys only;)
As Ville said once, they are bisexual but without experience with male-partners.

II.6 What is Tavastia?

Tavastia is a cult club right in the center of Hellsinki, where HIM plays their traditional New Years Eves gigs. And since 2005 it turned into Helldone Fest


III.1 Where could I get HIM's mp3?

In stores. Some rare songs can be found on our forum.

III.2 Where could I get video-files with HIM?

We have special topic on our forum, only for video: -. Also you can find a lot of videos on YouTube.

III.3 Who writes lyrics and music?

Ville Valo does.
"The Beginning of the End" and "Our Diabolikal Rapture" were written by Ville together with Linde.

III.4 Who is the producer?

"Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666" is produced by Hiili Hiilsemaa
"Razorblade Romance" by John Fryer
"Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights" by John Fryer and Kevin Shirley
"Love Metal" - by Hiili Hiilesmaa
"Dark Light" - by Tim Palmer
"Venus Doom" - by Hiili Hiilesmaa and Tim Palmer

III.5 Who did female vocals for GLSV. 666 & "Dark Sekret Love"?

Sanna-June Hyde and Asta Hanulla performed the female vocals on Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666. Sanna-June Hyde sang along with Ville on Dark Sekret Love.

III.6 What covers did HIM make?

(Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult 
Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode
I Just Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew
Temple Of Love - Sisters Of Mercy
Live To Tell - Madonna
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
Take My Breath Away - Berlin
Wicked Game - Chris Isaak 
Mask - Iggy Pop
Rendezvous with anus - Turbonegro
Don't Shake Me Lucifer - Thirteen Floor Elevator
Motor - Motorhead
Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys
Solitary Man - Johnny Cash
Poison Heart - The Ramones
The First Cut Is The Deepest - Cat Stevens
Frozen - Madonna
Lonely Road - Daniel Lioneye
Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
Old Man - Neil Young
Some Kinda Hate - Misfits
We Are The World
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
Hand of Doom - Black Sabbath
Sail On - Bad Brains
More or Less Screaming Trees
You Suffer - Napalm Death (to tell the truth, this song's only about a few seconds ;))

III.7 What are non-album tracks & where I can find them?

Most of the songs can be found @ http://www.himomania.heartagram.ru/.

Demo 1995:
>Borellus demo
> Stigmata Diaboli demo
>The Heartless demo
>Wicked Game demo
>Serpent Ride
>The Phantom Gate

>Stigmata Diaboli (Deleted finnish Release) (EP "666 Ways To Love: Prologue" ) - The first (and the best!) version of Sigillum Diaboli

>Dark Sekret Love (Deleted finnish Release) (EP "666 Ways To Love: Prologue" (1996) - dark gothic song. Female voice of Sanna June Hyde

>The Heartless (Deleted finnish Release) (EP "666 Ways To Love: Prologue" (1996) - 7 minute track for people with good nerves :-)

>Beginning Of The End [Tandeberg B74 Mix] ( "Your Sweet 666 ") - "tough" remix of the song

>Beginning of the End [satanik Love Mix] ( "Your Sweet 666 ") - "soft" remix of the song

>Wicked Game (666 Remix) (Single "Wicked Game")

>When Love And Death Embrace (AOR Radio Mix) (Single When Love And Death Embrace) this version of the song is taken for video

>It's All Tears (unplugged live at Radio Extrem) ( Single "Join me" ) unplugged-version of the song

>Join Me [13th Floor Mix] (Single "Join me") mix from soundtrack for "The 13th Floor"

>The Heartless (Space Jazz Dubmen Mix) (Single "Right here in my arms") mix has been made by Dirk Riegner@Radar

>Gone With The Sin (Orchestra Version) (Single Gone With The Sin)

>I've crossed the oceans of wine to find you (Right here in my arms single)

>For you (Acoustik Version) (Single Gone With The Sin single) acoustic version of the song

>When Love And Death Embrace (Amnt Mix)( "Wicked Game ") - (Single "Wicked Game") if you can find the difference from the album version, let us know :)

>The Heartless (Serdlidlm Edit) ( "Wicked Game ") - (Single "Wicked Game") the same: if you can find the difference from the album version, let us know :)

>Pretending (The Cosmic Pope Jam Version) (Single "Pretending") psychedelic mix

>Pretending (Single "Pretending") look the comment for The Heartless (Serdlidlm Edit)

>Please don't let it go (Acoustic version) (Single "Pretending") acoustic version with the strange grunting at the beginning :)

>Loose you tonight (Caravan version) (Single "Pretending") beautiful slow "eastern" version of the song Lose You Tonight

>Again (Single In Joy And Sorrow) simply a good song from a good single :)

>In Joy And Sorrow (String Version) (Single In Joy And Sorrow) acoustic-instrumental version

>Salt In Our Wounds (Thulsa Doom Version) (Single In Joy And Sorrow) - remix (at the best meaning of this word). Must listen!

>Beautiful (Rock Version) (Single In Joy And Sorrow) title says everything. Interesting, that before the release of the album HIM played only this version.

>Salt in our Wounds (acoustic) (Single "Heartache Every Moment / Close To The Flame")

>In Joy and Sorrow (acoustic) (Single "Heartache Every Moment / Close To The Flame"

>Pretending (acoustic) (Single "Heartache Every Moment / Close To The Flame")

>Heartache every Moment (acoustic) (Single "Heartache Every Moment / Close To The Flame")

>Close to the Flame (acoustic) (Single "Heartache Every Moment / Close To The Flame")

>The Funeral of hearts (acoustic) (Single "The Funeral of Hearts")

>Soul on fire (Erich Zann's Supernatural remix) (Single "The Funeral of Hearts" Ltd.Edition).

>The Funeral of hearts (Dr. Dagon's Dub remix) (Single "The Funeral of Hearts" Ltd.Edition).

>The Sacrament (Acoustic Version) (Single "The Sacrament")

>Buried Alive by Love (Deliverance Version) (Single "The Sacrament")

>The Sacrament (Disrhythm Remix) (Single"The Sacrament")

>And Love Said No ( "And Love Said No - The Greatest Hits 1997-2004")

>Solitary Man ( "And Love Said No - The Greatest Hits 1997-2004")

>Love in Cold Blood (Acoustic Version) (Single "Kiss of Dawn")

>Passion's Killing Floor (Herpe Rmx) (Single "Kiss of Dawn")

>The Kiss of Dawn (Demo) (Single "Kiss of Dawn", which was sold only in HotTopic magazins, USA)

III.8 Ville Valo apart from HIM  

Lately, Ville recorded two duets with women. The firth is the cover of *Summer Wine*, old hit by Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, it was recorded together with german-polish actress and singer Natalia Avelon. The second is the song *Just For Tonight*, recorded with Finnish singer and Linde's girlfriend Manna.

In 2006 famous Finnish artists met together in the occasion of recording album "Synkkien Laulujen Maa". Ville sang in two tracks: "Kun Mina Kotoani Laksin" (When I Left My Home) and "Taalla Pohjantahden Alla" (Under the North Star).

Ville took part in recording vocal for songs "Something Diabolical" by Bloodhound Gang and "Byronic Man" by Cradle Of Filth.

The song "Bittersweet" by Finnish band Apocalyptica, Ville performed as the author of lirycs and vocalist together with Lauri (Leader of The Rasmus)

Jykevaa On Rakkaus 
Ville sang 3 songs with Finnish band Agents. The songs were recorded at the Rauli "Badding" Sommerjoki tribute. Songs are written on Finnish language and sound very unusual in comparison HIM music.

Valo Yossa (Tuomari Nurmio cover)
Its a cover of a song written by Tuomari Nurmio in the middle of the XX century. This song Ville recorded as a present for his dad.

Ville helped The 69 Eyes to record some of their albums such as: Wrap Your Troubles in Dream, "Wasting the dawn" (tracks: "Lay Down Your Arms", "Wasting the Dawn", "Lazarus Heart", "All-american Dream" & "Hand of God"), Blessed Be & Paris Kills. "Lay down your arms, girl",  "Wasting the dawn",  "Lazarus heart",  "All-american dream"  "Hand of god"

III.9 Where its possible to get autographs?

Try your luck before or after the gigs or during the promo events.

III.10 What videos did they film?

Wicked Game (Finnish version)
Date of release: 1997 | Director: Kaisaniemi Smal | Lenght: 3 mins 55 sec | Filmed in Kaivopuisto park in Hellsinki

Wicked Game (Deutsch version)
Date of release: 1997 | Director: Marcus Walter | Lenght: 3 mins 53. secs

When Love & Death Embrace
Date of release: 1999 | Filmed in Finland

Join Me (The 13 Floor O.S.T. version)
Date of release: 1999 | Director: Robert Wilde

Join Me (ice version)
Date of release: 2000 | Director: Bill Yukich

Right Here In My Arms
Date of release: 14.02.2000| Director: Pasi Pauni

Poison Girl
Date of release: 2000 | Director: Paul Hauptmann | live video (Berlin 29.03.00)

Gone With The Sin (Finnish version)
Date of release: 13.09.2000 | Director: Bill Yukich | Lenght 3 mins 30 secs | Filmed in UK & Germany

Gone with the Sin (Deutsch version)
Date of release: 09.2000 | Director: Ercin Filizli | Filmed in UK & Germany

Wicked game (Int., rude)
Date of release: 2000| Director: Bill Yukich | Filmed in UK

Wicked Game (Int., clean)
Date of release: 2000| Director: Bill Yukich | Filmed in UK

Date of release: 25.06.2001 / in Russia 10.06.2001 | Director: Kevin Godley | Filmed in London

In Joy And Sorrow
Date of release: 12.09.2001 | Director: John Hillcoat | Filmed in London

Heartache Every Moment
Date of release: 14.12.2001 | live video (German tour01)

Close To The Flame
Date of release: 11.01.2002 | live video (German tour01)

Buried Alive By Love
Date of release: 12.2002 | Director: Bam Margera | Filmed in L.A.(USA)

The Funeral Of Hearts
Date of release: 28.02.2003 | Director: Stefan Lindfors | Filmed in Finland

The Sacrament
Date of release: 30.05.2003 | Director: Bam Margera | Filmed in Prague

Solitary Man
Date of release: 14.02.2004 | Director: Bam Margera | Filmed in L.A. (USA)

And Love Said No
Date of release: 07.2004 | Director: Bam Margera | Filmed at a castle "Fonthill" (Pennsylvania, USA)

Wings of a Butterfly
Date of release: 07.2005 | Director: erit Avis | Filmed at the railway station in L.-A. (California state, USA)

Killing Lonelines (1st vers.)
Date of release: 11.2005 | Director: Noble Jones | Filmed in L.-A. (California state, USA)

Killing Lonelines (2nd vers.)
Date of release: 04.2006 | Director: Netan Koks | Filmed in L.-A. (California state, USA)

Kiss of Dawn
Date of release: 07.2007 | Director: Merit Avis | Filmed in USA.

Bleed Well
Date of release: 26.11. 2007 | Director: unknown | Live video from the performances on 14-15 November in L.-A. (California state, USA)

III.11 What (who) is Cosmic Pope?

He looks like Yury Gagarin in bishops habit =).First mentioned on song Dope Danny by Daniel Lioneye:

Nothing seemed to be enough,
I had to take a lot more dope
Then it got all too rough
I had become a cosmic pope.

Then HIM released single Pretending where remix Pretending (The Cosmic Pope Jam Version) is.Finally, the picture of Cosmic Pope appeared on the booklet for Deep Shadows And Brilliant Highlights.
In the beginning of the 2002 king-size Cosmic Pope appeared on Valo's leg.

III.12 Where exactly in "13th Floor" movie I can hear "Join me'?

There are 2 distributive versions of the film: the European release has Join me as credits background music. But American release has "Erase & Rewind" by Cardigans as credits music. In Russia the latter one is more common.

III.13 HIM & cinema

'Mina ja Morrisson' soundtrack featuring Close to the Flame by HIM
HIM made guest appearance in spanish soap opera "The cops".
Razorblade Kiss can be heard in Finnish movie Levottomat by Aku Louhimies.

The Path was written for movie Honey Baby(2003)
Passion's Killing Floor got into soundtrack of hollywood blockbaster Transformers (2007) and even sounds in the movie itself for a few seconds.

III.14 What is Borellus?

Borellus (Giovanni Alfonso BORELLI) is a medieval Italian writer, alchemist, an author of books about occultism and necromancy. Borellus is mentioned in H.-P. Lovecraft's stories "The Evil Clergyman" and "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward". By the way, the last one starts with the first verse from HIM song "Borellus".

III.15 III.16 Where did the song "Too Happy to Be Alive" appeared from?

This song was written in Autumn in 1998 as a demo form the album *Razorblade Romance* (in that time it was named as *Slippery When Dead*). In that times the band was without a drummer so they the drum-machine.

III.15 Who sings the back-vocal in the HIM's songs?

Ville does. The only expunction is the song "In the Nightside of Eden", where together with Ville sing all the members of the band and Tim Palmer.

IV.1 Does HIM have an official site?

Yes, www.heartagram.com
UK site - www.himonline.tv
Finnish site - www.himfinland.net
IV.2 Can you recommend some useful links?

Useful sites:

The Sacrament

Links to the other sites can be found at Links section on Russian Heartagram