Sonisphere Festival, Finland

In August, 7, HIM performed at Sonisphere Festival in Finland, Pori. Bleed Well, Kiss of Dawn, Wings of A Butterfly and other live compositions can be downloaded here. Many thanx olga2188 for these videos.


Sonisphere Festivals photos

Look at HIMs photos at Sonisphere Festival on our board here.


Star dancing

Finnish tabloid Iltalehti`s started the readers poll on a subject Whom would you like to see on the TV-show Star dancing? Ville Valo won the poll in the first round. This event was immediately and circumspectly commented by Seppo, who was pleased to know how many people want to watch Villes dancing, however, bands busy schedule doesnt allow Ville of taking part in this performance; in addition, Seppo noticed that hed never seen dancing Ville at all.(Site admins remark yeap, the real men dont dance!)


HIM in Rock Band 3 game

After making its debut in the computer game Rock Band 2, HIMll appear with their song Killing Loneliness in the follow-on third games part.


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