HIM part ways with Sire/Warner Music

After 6 years and three albums, Finnish rock band HIM and Sire/Warner Music have decided to part ways.

Seymour Stein, founder of Sire Records says: "It was a pleasure working with HIM, and we're very proud to have been their partners for the last six years. Ville is a rare talent, and my relationship with their manager Seppo dates back to the days when he pioneered rock music in Finland looking after the career of Hanoi Rocks. HIM are particularly important because they are the first and only band from Finland to reach Gold status in America. I, along with the entire Sire/Warner Bros. family, wish them continued success in the future."

HIM's discography on Sire includes the 2005 album Dark Light, which reached gold in the US. Follow-up albums Venus Doom (2007) and Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice (2010) charted both in the US and Europe.

"We're ever so grateful for having had Seymour and Co as the generous hosts on our extended first stay in the New Country. It's been a Blast Royale but now it's time to clean up the rubble and start anew", comments Ville Valo of HIM.



Seppo Vesterinen commented HIM parting with Warner

Entertainment News MTV3.fin reach the band's manager Seppo Vesterinen says that the future will be a record company to report during the spring or at the latest before the summer.

- At present, the new company is not known, but explores various options. We were all very well with Warner, and the decision to involve any drama. This is a refreshing variation.

The manager does not exclude the possibility that the band's musicians would set up their own record company. Vesterinen, however, adds that the record company HIM with a long history of cooperation have people got to go last fall.

- Yes, it was one factor in the label's submission. Personal relationships in the long run the real deal.

Manager of HIM is currently the gig break, and the rest will continue at least a couple of months after the guitarist's own projects due.

- It is possible that the disk drive adoption of gigs ahead.



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