The New Year HIMS concert will not take place

For the first time in the 11-years period HIM decided to break their own tradition of performing at the New Years night in Tavastia Klubi. They called the main reason guys wished to celebrate the New Year at home with their families. We hope to see the band in Tavastia next year.

HELLDONE FESTIVAL Takes a Sabbatical

In the year 2010 the Helldone Festival takes a sabbatical. As we all know HIM has taken part in the New Years celebrations at the Tavastia Club since 1998, in the last five years as the masters of ceremonies of the Helldone Festival. This here one-off sabbatical will give the members of HIM a well-earned chance to go out and see the fireworks for the first time in 11 years. The Helldone Festival has brought each year countless HIM fans from all over the world into the dark and cold heart of the Finnish winter. People from places as far away as Mexico and Australia have traveled to the North to witness hand picked selections of Finnish and international bands create that thing we like to call the Helldone Magic. This Helldone Magic will not disappear. So, take care of one another, and see you next year!

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