HIM on canvas by Avelina De Moray

Avelina de Moray plans on contacting Seppo, HIMS manager, with her idea to get their permission to release the artwork. At this stage shed really love to know how many people would be interested in purchasing such an artwork. The canvas would be a massive 36 by 24 museum quality print, selling for approx $100 AUD. This is the first time such merchandising has ever been made available to the public.

If you are interested, please show your support by sending an email to:
Subject: I want HIM on canvas


Elama Lapselle

On September, 9th in Hartwall Areena (Helsinki, Finland) will be held charity concert Elama Lapselle to help to sick children. If you want that HIM played at this event vote here.

For the info thanks to Apocello.ru


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