Ville Valo Will Be Calling In Live On Euro Rock Radio

Ville Valo will be calling in on Euro Rock Radio's HIM Night from Los Angeles! HIM Night will be Tuesday, September 8th: 8-11pm Eastern (thats 7pm Central, 5pm Pacific, 1am UK time and 3am Finnish time).

YOU CAN EMAIL VILLE QUESTIONS! All emails need to be sent to and they will pick a few they think are good and ask him on the air. And yes she will tell him who they are from so be sure to include your name. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT DEEPLY PERSONAL QUESTIONS ABOUT HIS LOVE/SEX LIFE WILL NOT BE ASKED. Dont waste your time emailing those types of questions. They wont get picked.

For those that cant tune in there will be a recording of the interview and transcription as well. More information here.

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HIM At Soundwave Festival In Australia

HIM will be playing at the Soundwave Festival in Australia in February/March 2010. More information will be later.

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