Some news about new album

Ville Valo has told to Metal Hammer what we can expect from the return of HIM. Follow the link.

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Avelinas De Moray myspace background

Now you can use beautiful Avelinas HIM artwork as your myspace background. All codes and instructions you can find here.

Thanks to Avelina De Moray


Interview with Ville from ShockHound

On the you can watch a last year interview with Ville Valo. In first part Ville talks about his haunted tower, his newfound sobriety, and his skepticism of organized religion and in second part he discusses the band's new DVD, the genius of Black Sabbath, and his band mate Linde's transformation into a true guitar hero.

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Mikko Birthday Wishes

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"Dearest Darlings
December 19th marks the birthday of Mikko Paananen, the Heartagram team has created a place for you to send e-cards, video messages, notes or photos.
Please send your warm wishes to:"


"Black No. 1" video

On the 15th of December 2005 Ville Valo took part in the gig deducated to a 25th anniversary of the Record Lable "Roadrunner Records", where he performed Type O Negative's song "Black No. 1". Here is the complete list of executants:
Ville Valo - vocals
Andreas Kisser - lead guitar
Dino Cazares - rhythm guitar
Nadja Peulen - bass
Joey Jordison - drums
Rob Caggiano - keyboards
Back only the audioversion of this song was avalible. Now, finally, you can see the entire performance on the YouTube.


HIM surprise gig in Tavastia

On Monday in the evening HIM visited Tavastia as a holiday surprise. There was a party deducated to a birthday of rather small but rather popular japanis restourant situated in the center of Helsinki. HIM's coming was a impression of respons to the owner of the restourant Yoshiaki "Aki" Takayama from Ville Valo and Ko side.
That performance intrupped HIM's autumn break. Now the band has a vacation after finishing all the gig playing at the end on the summer.
Seppo said, that now it's a plans for a new cd. The material is still on writing. The official date of release is'n announced yet. The band will go to the studio after New Year.

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